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What is Full Service Warehousing?


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What are Warehousing Services?

Warehousing services include, but are not limited to, receiving orders from a business’s customers, locating the required products from inventory, preparing the client’s order for shipping, and ensuring the product is shipped to the correct location with the correct documentation and packaging.

Receiving the orders from the business’s clients can be via online ordering systems linked to the warehousing services computer inventory systems or by various other methods depending on the business’s capabilities. Business’s may do their ordering via call centers, catalogs, or strictly through their website.

Locating the products in done either electronically, by hand, or by heavy equipment depending on the products being ordered and the facility’s capabilities. Some orders may use different methods even for the same client.

Preparing the orders for shipping can be done either electronically,  by hand, or a combination of the two determined by the quantities being processed and the conditions required by the product. Some products may need special handling depending on fragility or size.

Product shipping includes managing the shipping methods used or required contingent of client needs and the product itself. Managing electronic tracking procedures and quality control to effectively diminish and report errors. Also, this includes the client specified shipping methods and special procedures requested.

More warehousing services may be offered based on the warehousing company’s capabilities with regards to manpower, space available, and implemented technologies. The above services are fairly universal when it comes to warehousing companies in general as far as the minimum services they should be able to provide.

Companies looking into an outsourced warehousing services solution should understand their wants and needs to ensure the company will be able to provide for their clients in a satisfactory manner.

What are Full-Service Warehousing Services?

A Full-Service warehouse will offer many different possibilities for your small or growing business.  Generally, a full-service warehouse will do more than just simply store your goods. They will perform all of the additional services needed to  ship your goods to your end customers.  What else does a full service warehouse do?

  • Receive Products
  • Pick and Pack
  • Ship Orders
  • Prepare Displays and Assemblies
  • Label Boxes & Pallets
  • Pallet Exchange
  • Kitting Services
  • Fulfillment of Orders via All Channels

Understanding what things warehouse services have to offer, can help you make the right decision on which warehousing company is right for your business.

Is the Warehouse a Public or Contract Warehouse Service?

A public warehouse may store your goods for a limited time.  They provide you with space and you provide the equipment and people to ship items.  Furthermore, public services store goods and products for multiple clients in the same warehouse. A Contract Warehouse handles the shipping, receiving and storing of goods on a contracted basis and oftentimes uses the entire warehouse space for one single client.

The following are basic offerings of a warehouse service:

Pick and Pack

Pick and pack warehouses specialize in processing small to large quantities of product, disassembling them, and shipping the product for each destination and re-packaging with shipping label affixed and invoice included.

Warehouse Storage Services and Warehouse Distribution Services

Storing, Transporting and Shipping Goods.

Warehouse and Shipping Services

In addition to storage, warehouse services offer shipping of cartons (small parcel), pallets (LTL and Truckload Shipping) and container freight shipping.

Order Fulfillment

Examples of fulfillment operations would include operations that process shipments for mail-order catalogs, internet stores, or repair parts.

Finding a Warehouse that offers Full Service can help save you time and money.  There are many companies that offer Pick and Pack, and Order Fulfillment.  What else do they offer?  Do they have the technology present in order to specially label your items?  Are they integrating with the best shopping carts?  How smooth is the integration?

A full service warehouse will offer you many different options and ensure customer satisfaction, from receipt of your goods, to shipping your goods, to handling shipping errors.

Avoid These Three Mistakes When Choosing Warehousing Services

The first step is to take a look at what it costs you or what it will cost you to perform the Storage and distribution yourself. What is the cost of your space? How many employees does it take to run your Warehouse and what are the hourly rates of these employees. Remember to include benefits into this analysis. What are your shipping costs in house? This will be a vital factor in the analysis, as many outsourced companies will be able to offer very competitive shipping rates since they aggregate freight.

But the three most common mistakes people make when deciding between keeping the Warehousing in house versus outsourcing are as follows:

  1. They don’t factor in the opportunity costs. In other words, if the business owner has to pitch in and help ship product, what could he or she have done with that time and would that time been better spent doing something else. For example, could the business have been better off if the owner was selling instead of packaging a product in the Warehouse?
  2. They don’t add all costs of doing the job in house. In other words, they forget to include all of the hours spent in the Warehouse, etc.
  3. Finally, they fall prey to the “hold on to your baby” syndrome. This means that many people are afraid to give up a part of their business for fear that something might go wrong. However, Warehousing companies have been providing these types of solutions on an outsourced basis for years. There are great companies out there that can take care of your baby!

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