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Find the Best Warehouses, Fulfillment Centers & 3PLs in Houston for Storage, Ecommerce & Shipping

If you are looking for a new location to house your fulfillment operations, Houston is a great option for your business to explore. Houston is located in an optimal spot for national and international reach, and the Port of Houston is a great resource for those looking to cut costs and make global connections. The city is a booming place for tourism and business in general, so moving your operations to Houston would be painless.

How to Find the Best Warehouses in Houston

Often, people run into unreliable lists or rankings of 3PL warehousing services when searching for the best warehouse in Houston. Certain companies pay to have their warehouse or services listed on websites, and this can be misleading to those searching for a 3PL warehouse that best fits their business. The internet is not always a reliable source, so screening potential companies is crucial.

When it comes to finding the best 3PL logistics services and warehouses, we truly vet each company to ensure you find the services that will best benefit your business. The Houston warehousing companies we connect businesses with are screened based on the following criteria:

  • Number of Customers
  • Years in Business
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Annual Order Volume
  • Order Accuracy Rate
  • Shipping Accuracy Rate
  • Inventory Accuracy Rate

We are able to identify the fulfillment services and warehousing companies in Houston that best match your business through our many years of industry experience and our understanding of the level of needs operations of any size require. If you are looking for help in finding the right full-service warehouse or fulfillment company in Houston, contact us today and we will provide any assistance you may need.

Why Use 3PL Companies and 3PL Warehouses in Houston?

Houston has many assets that will help your business thrive and expand.

  • Fulfillment Centers in Houston Offer Advantageous Location—Texas is located centrally in the United States which means basing your operations in the state is optimal for outbound shipping nationwide. Along with this countrywide advantage, Houston is located near the Mexican border. This creates and immediate byway into Mexico for foreign markets. Houston is also only miles from the Gulf of Mexico which ideal for overseas shipping and imports.
  • Order Fulfillment Services Near the Port of Houston—The Port of Houston is ranked #1 in the U.S. for imports and exports. The port leads in the realm of international trade with shipments going to more countries than most U.S. ports. The Port of Houston has the most skilled port workforce in the entire region, and foreign countries often prefer to go through this location because of its superior financial infrastructure. Aside from its infrastructure, the port is popular for bringing in inbound freight that is either procured or manufactured overseas. This port also is designated as a foreign trade zone which can save you money on shipping fees and taxes. In terms of local shipping, the Port of Houston performs well because it is located only 1,000 miles from major cities and border states. Overall, the Port of Houston has many benefits available to businesses.
  • Business Friendly Environment—Texas is a business-friendly state, and this can be seen through the success of cruise lines and influx of tourism in Houston. Moving your operations to Houston would be fairly painless due to the established business culture in the state.

How Many 3PLs and Warehousing Services are in Houston?

According to, there are 11,228 warehouses located in Houston. However, sites like only list 535 for rent. This is still a significant number, so finding an available warehouse space will most likely not be an issue.

How Much Does 3PL Warehousing and Fulfillment Cost in Houston?

Fulfillment rates typically change depending on the state or company, so curating a set cost can be a challenge. Warehousing and distribution services companies in Houston charge differently than other areas of the country. What generally happens is you will receive fees for all services being provided to your business along with a fee for integrating your operations with the fulfillment company. Typically, at the end of each month, fulfillment companies will send you an invoice with each service cost totaled up. The main fees you will encounter will be:

  • Initial Set-Up Fees
  • Receiving Fees
  • Storage Fees
  • Fulfillment or “Pick and Pack” Fees
  • Shipping Fees
  • Returns Fees
  • Other Miscellaneous Fees

Who Are the Best Fulfillment Centers in Houston?

Finding a reliable third-party warehousing provider is a difficult task. When looking for the best 3PL or fulfillment warehouses online, the companies listed have little credibility. As we stated previously, most of these lists are looking for profit, and warehousing services are listed or ranked higher due to the amount of money they spend. These sites further display their drive for money and natural bias by including ads.

Our services can assist you in finding the best fulfillment or 3PL company to help with your warehousing needs. We make sure each third-party warehouse service we recommend is capable enough to aid in your business’ operations. To find the best match in Houston for your business, fill out a form or call our toll-free number for assistance from one of our experts.

Houston Can Be the City for You for Warehousing and Fulfillment Operations

Houston is an amazing option for locating your warehousing and fulfillment centers. The state’s central location and Houston’s proximity to Mexico allows for a wide reach that can create new opportunities for your business. The Port of Houston also creates many opportunities for cutting down shipping costs and global relations. Texas itself is a business-friendly state, so moving your operations to Houston would bring many benefits you may not have access to in other states. Although finding a warehouse space can be a daunting task, utilizing our resources can help make the transition to Houston as smooth as possible.

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