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Looking for the best fulfillment center in New York for your business? We can make recommendations on the specific area in New York for you to locate your outsourced fulfillment solution, as well as narrow down the best matches based upon all your specific needs.

Home to a large metropolitan area, several main ports of entries and easy access to neighboring states, New York is a prime location for outsourced fulfillment and distribution services. In fact, 1 in every 38 people living in the United States resides in the New York City area! With proximity to a significant portion of the US population in the northeast US and eastern US, it’s no reason why New York is such a popular logistics hub – and one that many companies choose to anchor their 3PL warehousing and fulfillment operation.

What to Look for in the Best 3PL Warehousing and Fulfillment Services in New York

But choosing the right New York fulfillment location and ultimately the best outsourced 3PL warehouse for your business can be a challenging task, which involves weighing several important key factors. First, location is a major aspect to take into consideration when selecting a fulfillment company. There are certain areas that may serve your business better, such as northern New York for Canadian companies, near the port for northeastern US distribution operations, or upstate New York to achieve warehousing and fulfillment cost savings.

The following are some of the more popular New York warehouse locations to choose from.
We have participating warehouses in New York that we’ve pre-screened in the following areas:

New York City (NYC)/Metro NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Yaphank, Homer, Inwood, Monroe, Albany, Newburgh, Syracuse, Buffalo, Derby, Melville, Lindenhurst, Commack, Holtsville, Long Island, Rochester, Champlain, Ronkonkoma, Olean and more! Sometimes, it even makes sense to choose a warehouse company in other areas of the tri-state region, such as New Jersey or Connecticut.

We can help you make the right location choice.

In additional to location, choosing the best New York warehousing involves narrowing down the types of fulfillment services needed, as well as the quality of service offered by each potential New York warehouse. Regarding quality of service, we screen the companies based upon the following criteria:

  • Number of Customers
  • Years in Business
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Annual Order Volume
  • Order Accuracy Rate
  • Shipping Accuracy Rate
  • Inventory Accuracy Rate

We know which companies can help large organizations and which companies have no minimums and thus specialize in smaller start-ups and growing companies. And we determine if the companies can handle the following services or commodities so that we can match you appropriately:

Alcohol, Apparel, B2B Orders, B2C Orders, Books, Call Center Services, CD/DVD Duplication, Climate Controlled Conditions, Cloud Based Reporting, Cold Food, Contract Packaging, Credit Card Processing, Cross Docking, EDI and Retail Fulfillment, Electronics Products, Food Grade Commodities, Freight Forwarding, Frozen Food, Garments on Hangar (GOH), Gift Cards, Gift Wrapping, Government Contracts and Projects, Hazardous Goods, International Shipping, Kitting and Assembly, Marketing Services, Medical Device Products, Online Reporting, Performance Evaluations, Pharmaceutical Products, Printing Services, Promotional Products Sourcing, Rebates, Sweepstakes, and Contests, Refurbishment Services, Returns Processing, Screen Printing, Embroidery Services, Social Fulfillment Campaigns, Subscription Services, Supplements, Web Store Integration and Creation

Whether you are an established company shipping thousands of orders per month, a startup shipping minimum quantity, or a business in need of overflow pallet storage, will help you find your perfect match. We take our time to screen companies using a detailed criterion to determine the right company for you. Need help in choosing the right warehousing company in New York? Contact us today, and we will help you.

Want to know more about the tremendous advantages of using a 3PL in New York? Let’s explore some strengths and weaknesses of all the areas within the state of New York and the surrounding region.

Why New York Warehouses are an Excellent Location for your Outsourced Fulfillment Services

Choosing the right warehouse solution is crucial since a poorly managed or isolated warehouse could drive costs up and make it difficult to provide your customers with a great experience. The location of your warehouse impacts the cost of having inventory delivered and of shipping products, which is why you need to carefully consider your options.

Selecting a location on the East Coast would provide you with easy access to a huge market, without mentioning proximity to main industrial and transportation hubs.

Here is why you should consider a 3PL solution located in New York:

The state of New York is by far one of the most populated areas of the country. Your warehouse would be near several large cities, including New York City itself, Albany, New Rochelle, Rochester, Syracuse, and Mount Vernon just to name a few. With a total population of 19,378,102 as of 2010, the state of New York represents a huge market. Being near New York City and its population density of 27,012 people per square mile would open a huge market for your business!

Outbound shipping costs to your customers in the New York area will be lower since items would not be shipped far. Considering the JFK airport is a significant port of entry to the United States (as well as neighboring Newark Port in New Jersey), choosing a fulfillment company close to this location could lower inbound freight costs as well.

New York Warehousing: A Multitude of Transportation and Logistics Options

Being in New York gives you immediate access to a large market but also means you are near main transportation axes. The CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern railroads run through the state, which means you would be conveniently located to receive deliveries of raw materials from anywhere in the Eastern U.S. This would greatly reduce the cost of transporting these raw materials from the railroad to your facility.

Did you know that 32 interstate freeways go through the state of New York? And with the rich network of auxiliary roads that run in and out of New York city and throughout the state, you would have easy access to any supplier or delivery solution. Being near this huge network of freeways allows you to save on transportation and delivery besides reducing delivery time for your customers.

Being near the port of New Jersey is another advantage to consider. During 2014, 3,342,286 cargo containers went through the port of New Jersey, which represents 30% of all cargo traffic on the East Coast. This is one of the busiest hubs in the country and choosing a warehouse located a few miles away from the port will help you save time and money if you receive containers from overseas or want to start exporting your products.

Warehouses in New York: An Economic Hub of the United States

New York is and always has been a central hub for the country’s economy. Local 3PL warehouses provide competitive warehouse solutions to a wide range of businesses and must stay up to date with the best warehouse management practices and technologies. You will not find the same level of professionalism and experience anywhere else in the country and your operations will greatly benefit from it. You will also have access to a wide selection of facilities and locations throughout the state of New York due to the many industrial and commercial zones available in the area.

Of course, the most popular areas in New York for locating a 3PL provider are NYC (New York City) and Long Island due their close proximity to massive population density, followed by Syracuse and Buffalo due to proximity to Canada, as well as Albany.

Don’t think it’s all about the Big Apple, though. You’ll find a lot of other highly regarded fulfillment centers throughout New York state, and tremendous advantages of utilizing fulfillment services in other areas of New York.

New York Warehousing: What Services are Offered?

Warehouse Storage New York

Warehouse storage in New York is one of the most basic offerings in the logistics industry. Essentially, companies that offer warehousing only focus on storing your goods, be it in crates or on pallets. Usually, you will send them stock and they will receive it, store it, and prepare it for pickup or transportation to a destination. With standard warehouse services, there are “no frills”, such as pick and pack or fulfillment.

Warehousing and Distribution in New York

Warehousing and distribution companies in New York City offer full scale services, usually shipping both B2B and B2C orders. Rather than just focusing on warehousing services only, these companies perform order fulfillment and pick and pack of orders to be sent to your customers.

Ecommerce Fulfillment New York

Ecommerce fulfillment companies in New York specialize in shipping orders direct to consumers (B2C). They usually do not invest in technology related to business-to-business shipping. Ecommerce fulfillment providers in New York can integrate with your shopping cart, and other online marketplaces that you sell through online. Furthermore, they usually also specialize in other closely related services such as subscription box fulfillment.

Top Cities for Warehousing Companies in New York and Order Fulfillment Services in New York

Fulfillment Companies in New York City, NY, and the Port of New York

While the West Coast has a lot of advantages to warehousing and logistics, the East Coast has just as many benefits thanks to numerous ports covering the Atlantic. We all know New York is a great state, especially if you run a business anywhere near New York City. Considering the Big Apple is the true hub of commerce and with a high population, it’s no surprise why any business would work with a warehouse there.

Many advantages come with choosing to work with a fulfillment and warehousing company located in this densely populated area of New York. One of them is that there are many potential prospects all around you. Therefore, you will incur fewer shipping costs as you will not transport the products over long distances.

Also, it has JFK, an important port of entry into the United States; therefore, warehousing costs in this location are low, and you also have access to international markets.

Despite being a very competitive city and potentially an area with higher fulfillment costs, it’s still worth the effort to see if you can find a warehouse in the New York City area. One reason is obvious: You’re near the Port of New York, cited as one of the most important port-related intermodal locations. Currently, the port ranks second to Los Angeles and Long Beach, California.

When you consider the high population in the NYC area, you’ll be able to accommodate a lot of customers without your logistics warehouse having to travel far. Nevertheless, with the Port of New York nearby (shared with New Jersey), you’ll have access to many European outlets, as well as domestically. Many new markets into the Midwest, New England, and Eastern Canada are accessible here.

The port itself notes that 80 million consumers exist in the New York/NJ metropolitan area, giving you all the incentive to warehouse in this region if there’s any openings. New York City (NYC) warehouse and fulfillment centers are a great option for numerous businesses.

Public Warehousing and Fulfillment Services in Long Island and Staten Island, New York

Staten Island has a good deal of fulfillment and 3PL warehousing centers. These centers can save you money and time by storing your products and releasing them at a moment’s notice. Its warehousing and distribution companies serve large companies, startups who want to capitalize on e-commerce, and retailers who want to store their inventory.

Here, most warehousing companies offer month-to-month storage space, a free management system, no long-term commitments, and other beneficial features.

Warehousing Services Companies in Manhattan, New York

It is the most densely populated borough in New York City. And since it is one of the world’s major cultural, financial, and commercial centers, it is one of the best places to choose a warehousing company. Besides, you will incur low transportation costs as most of your clients are within the city.

Also, it is in a great location and can get accessed by many people. It is also safe for business as it is the home of the United Nations.

However, Long Island is not the only area of New York you should look at. Even if you think all the action and the biggest populace hovers around the NYC area, upstate New York is just as advantageous. It’s so close to New Jersey’s port, as well as a short drive to the big city.

Here’s the top cities for warehousing service companies in upstate New York and why it’s such a great area to cover the entire eastern half of the U.S. and potentially Canada as well.

3rd Party Warehouse and Shipping Companies in Buffalo, New York

Moving into upstate New York, you have a few cities you may want to look at as alternatives if you can’t find a warehouse immediately in New York City.

In Buffalo, NY there are many warehousing and fulfillment centers that can help you by providing you with exceptional storage and warehousing services. The city’s proximity to New York City enables you to reach all the important east coast markets easily. But perhaps the main advantage of locating a 3PL warehouses in Buffalo, New York is that It is also close to the Canadian border, which you can strategically use to your advantage.

With Buffalo located along Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, you’re close to Canadian markets. Being in a Foreign Trade Zone, you have access to many shipping opportunities here with discounted rates.

You’re within one day’s travel to 55% of the rest of the U.S., making Buffalo an outstanding central place to reach many states you might otherwise miss. It’s also worth noting Buffalo is near eight international ports of entry, helping you to ship internationally with ease.

Along with three rail services nearby and being near Buffalo-Niagra International Airport, you have virtually every intermodal travel method covered. In Buffalo, you’re additionally equipped to ship to 65% of Canadian customers (near Ontario Canada, and the Greater Toronto area), giving you access like nowhere else in the New York area.

You’ll find several good fulfillment centers in Buffalo, which is a small enough geographic market to avoid over-the-top warehouse demand – resulting in lower overall costs. Yet, it’s near enough to NYC where you can reach all the major east coast markets – and it’s close to the Canadian border, which has major strategic advantages. These also cover other nearby areas, including Ontario, Canada. This is one thing to consider if looking for a fulfillment center in this part of the state: How far can it reach other states and Canadian territories?

Order Fulfillment Services in Albany, New York

The capital of New York State is a hub for many businesses and attracts many people. It has many 3PL fulfillment and warehousing companies to choose from. Its large population also means that your potential clients are nearby, making the costs of transporting and delivering your products lower.

Choosing a warehousing services company here will give you easy access to local and international markets. The city has The Albany International Airport, a major US port of entry, and the Hudson. It is also close to NYC, making product delivery less costly if some of your customers live there.

Pick and Pack Warehouse Fulfillment Centers in Rochester, New York

Rochester, New York is home to many high-quality fulfillment centers. The city offers a good central location which enables you to serve most parts of the east coast. However, vet any 3PL company before choosing to work with them.

Rochester is a great city since it’s located along the shore of Lake Ontario, and in the western portion of New York to cover nearby states.

The vicinity to Lake Ontario makes it easy to tap markets in the Province of Ontario, Quebec, giving you a great funnel to customers in Canada. In addition, you’re not that far by truck or rail to the NYC area if you find most of your customers huddled in this area.

Fulfillment Houses and 3PL Providers in Syracuse, NY

One thing you’ll discover is a lot of corporate stores like Lowe’s pick regions like Syracuse to base their New York fulfillment centers. While you’ll be competing with them, you’ll find many independent 3PL’s in Syracuse. The great thing about this region is you’re near Lake Ontario, allowing you a chance to ship items directly into Canada. Using ports there, you can ship your products into Canadian markets within a short time.

3PL Companies and 3PL Warehouses in New York – Take Your Business to the Next Level

Overall, New York is an excellent choice for locating your fulfillment operation. Not only does it offer an extremely strategic location for inbound and outbound shipping in the northeast and eastern United States, but it also provides an excellent hub for customers based in Canada and Europe. International shipping costs and transit times to Ontario Canada (and the greater Toronto area) is minimized. Similarly, shipping from New York to the European Union (EU) is faster and less expensive than from central and western United States locations.

The state also offers a robust economic environment with a multitude of diverse businesses and a solid logistics infrastructure, including ground, rail, air transportation, regional and international airports, and interstates.

Fulfillment Companies in the Tri-State Area and Surrounding Areas

While New York might offer its advantages for fulfillment services, you might consider the surrounding states as well. Northern New Jersey, Connecticut, or southeastern Pennsylvania might provide you with better storage pricing options and competitive labor rates.

Our goal is to help you find the best possible match for your fulfillment needs in the state of New York or surrounding areas. Fill the form out to the left and we’ll connect you with pre-screened fulfillment providers in New York or the surrounding states.

Some of the Most Popular Alternatives to New York Fulfillment Centers

Because we’ve been screening companies since 2005, we know the best alternatives to New York fulfillment services if you find that you need to locate a company in another area. Some of the most popular areas in New Jersey are as follow:

East Rutherford

And some of the most popular areas in Connecticut are as follows:

New Britain

Still other companies decide to go even further west into Eastern Pennsylvania. In that case, they choose fulfillment companies in these cities:


Key Fulfillment Company Data in New York

New York is a very diverse state from a business perspective, offering a set of complex business questions you’ll have to ask before choosing a 3PL warehouse in New York. After all, once you choose to outsource your fulfilment in New York, you will immediately create a warehouse nexus for your company, requiring your business to comply with the states’ tax system. Below, we’ve accumulated some key data about New York, including population, warehouse information, and tax rates.

Population8.38 Million (2020)
Warehouses in State9,072 (from rencomony)
Amazon Warehouses in State3
Average Warehouse Labor Rate$19.77/hr
Sales Tax Rate4%
Property Tax Rate0.88%
Personal Tax Rate4-10.9%
Corporate Tax Rate6-7.25%

Furthermore, it’s important to look at what other businesses are doing in New York. By looking at the top companies in New York, you can see some of the niches and business verticals that exist in the state that might open up opportunities for your business in the future.

Business NameNumber of Employees
IBM 350,600 employees
Bank of China 311,000 employees
Healthfield Operating Group300,000 employees
Deloitte 286,200 employees
PepsiCo 267,000 employees
JPMorgan Chase Co. 256,105 employees
Citigroup 204,000 employees
Moscow Cablecom 170,000 employees
Sheraton Hotels and Resorts 145,000 employees
Verizon Communications132,200 employees

Average Fulfillment and Warehousing Costs and Pricing in New York

It’s extremely important to compare the outsourced fulfillment services pricing in the state of New York versus other location options so that you can make the best business investment. Many areas of New York are cost effective, while costs and pricing in the immediate New York City area can be higher than other areas of the country. Below are some of the fees and pricing for fulfillment services in New York, as compared to averages in the United States. Data is a result of our annual pricing survey of all of the warehouses in our network.

Average Warehousing and Fulfillment Costs in New York

Pricing TypeNew YorkNational Average
B2C Order Fulfillment Fee Per Single Item Order$4.02$3.13
B2B Order Fulfillment Fee Per Single Item Order$5.62$4.33
Pallet storage fee per pallet per month$18.18$16.21

Can You Trust Online Sources to Vet New York Fulfillment Centers?

Online reviews can sometimes be helpful, but most online sources giving info about fulfillment centers are generally biased. It’s a further warning you shouldn’t believe everything you read just because you found it on Google. Now you know why choosing the perfect fulfillment center is never an easy process. You’re going to need a service taking the time to choose unbiased, hand-picked connections best suiting your own project.

No matter what city you choose in New York, you need to vet each warehouse carefully, so you get the quality your business needs. At, we help businesses connect with the right warehouses for 3PL services.

Using to Select a 3PL in New York

Our company takes a unique approach to helping you find the fulfillment center best suited for your business structure. The difference with our service is we screen all 3PL’s so you only have a quality list of the best warehouses in the region.

Thanks to this process, we’ll be able to match you up with the perfect New York fulfillment center so you can continue having a good working relationship. If you really want to stay successful, nurturing a good working relationship with your logistics center is vital. Now you won’t have to worry about the possibility you’ll have to find another fulfillment center midstream after thinking you already had the perfect one.

Regardless of your needs, we can help you out. Fill out a form to the right or call us on our toll-free number to get our expert assistance.

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Top E-Commerce Fulfillment & 3PL Warehouses in New York - Who Truly is the Best?

There are many great 3PL warehousing companies located in New York. Here are a few highly recommended 3PLs in the state, as well as some reviews of some companies without the best track record. provides honest reviews. We do not get paid for these reviews below by any of the mentioned companies - so you can trust the integrity of the recommendations.

Metro Pack

Metro-Pack in Newburgh, NY is a great option for companies looking for a full suite of warehousing and fulfillment services. From FBA prep and e-commerce fulfillment to standard warehousing and packaging services, Metro-Pack is a solid performer. They even offer storage services for food and alcohol related products.

Overall Rating:

New York Fulfillments

New York Fulfillment makes multi-channel selling easy, offering complete e-commerce fulfillment, warehousing and distribution services for companies of all sizes. Their services include E-commerce Order Fulfillment, B2B Order Fulfillment, Kitting & Sorting, Bagging & Labeling, Gift & Promotions, Return Processing, andInventory Storage. While they haven’t received a lot of online reviews, those that have posted are very positive about the company, leaving prospects with a good feeling about what they can expect if they partner with New York Fulfillments.

Overall Rating:

3P Shipping

3P Shipping is located in Farmingdale, New York. They are a smaller, boutique fulfillment company that offers fulfillment services and Amazon Prep services. They company does not publish pricing information online, and requires you to contact them for a quote. Furthermore, the company has no published online reviews whatsoever, which is pause for concern.

Overall Rating:

International Warehouse Group

International Warehouse Group, headquartered in Melville, New York, has locations throughout the US (including California, Maryland, Nevada, and New Jersey). The company can help with a multitude of different services and product types, including food grade options. Review information is strong and positive, ranging from 4.2 to 5 star reviews. The reviews are limited in number, but they are solid – averaging above 4 stars.

Overall Rating:

Public Pallet Storage

Public Pallet Storage Inc is a family run operation in Inwood, New York. The company has a wealth of experience (65 years+) and has an extensive service offering and robust technology suite. They do have 135,000 square feet of space in-house, which could be a bit of a limit for bringing on new clients, given the lack of additional capacity in the region. Public Pallet Storage received a 4.4 online review rating based upon only 5 reviews. One would definitely like to see more reviews in order to make a significant conclusion.

Overall Rating:


ShipLogx, based in Brooklyn New York, offers a fulfillment suite of fulfillment including subscription box fulfillment, retail and etail fulfillment, multi-channel fulfillment, and crowdfunding fulfillment. The company appears to be extremely geared towards small businesses and startups. They do claim to offer shipping discounts, and publish a somewhat reasonable and competitive set of fulfillment pricing. They only have 1 online review, with was a 1 star review online. This is definite pause for concern given the rating and the limited reviews online.

Overall Rating:

Ruby Has (a ShipMonk Company)

Ruby Has Fulfillment started their operations in Bay Shore, New York, but expanded into other locations in New Jeryse, Nevada, and Kentucky. Furthermore, the company expanded into other areas (Florida, Southern California, and Pennsylvania) as a result of being acquired by ShipMonk. Ruby Has is very geared towards larger volume clients, to the point that they will not even speak with smaller order volume customers historically, without great promise for growth in the future. The company has a 3.7 star review rating online, with is lower than higher performing companies and is the result of over 50 reviews. This provides sufficient data to make conclusions.

Overall Rating:

Lincoln Distribution

Lincoln Distribution operates warehouses in Buffalo and Syracuse, New York, as well as Tampa, Florida. While the company has a moving and freight division, it is competent in fulfillment and shipping operations as well. It is challenging to find review information online for Lincoln Distribution, most likely because they recently rebranded. Nonetheless, if you are considering them it will be wise to ask them for references to get a better feel for their services, quality, and reviews.

Overall Rating:

Prompt Warehousing

Prompt Warehousing & Logistics is located in Brooklyn, New York (with operations in Los Angeles California as well). The company only has a couple of reviews, but they are positive and strong – averaging over 4 stars. In addition to short-term and long-term storage services, the company does offer order fulfillment as well.

Overall Rating:


Shipbob has locations across the globe – the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. The company is venture capital backed and has experienced rapid growth over the last few years. However, the company has struggled with delivering consistently high quality reviews with customers. On most review platform, the company has 2-3 Star ratings out of 5 stars. Furthermore, the company has long been known to specialize in B2C fulfillment. While it has offered B2B options, it’s quality hasn’t been as consistent. While this may likely be one of the most popular names in the industry, the company isn’t a shoe in for small businesses and startups.

Overall Rating:

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