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New Jersey is an extremely popular place for companies to locate their fulfillment operations. Generally considered to be one of the best places for fulfillment and logistics operations on the east coast, New Jersey is home to the largest east coast port and offers proximity to a large percentage of the overall US population. Not only is it a strategic hub in the northeast US, but it is also an affordable option compared to other neighboring areas, such as New York.

New Jersey Fulfillment Centers – What to Look For

But location isn’t the only important factor in finding the best warehousing company in New Jersey for your business. You need a company ideally matched to your requirements. In additional to location, we screen the warehouses in New Jersey based upon the following criteria:

  • Number of Customers
  • Years in Business
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Annual Order Volume
  • Order Accuracy Rate
  • Shipping Accuracy Rate
  • Inventory Accuracy Rate

We know which 3PLs in New Jersey can help large organizations and which companies have no minimums and thus specialize in smaller start-ups and growing companies. And we determine if the companies can handle the following services or commodities:

Alcohol, Apparel, B2B Orders, B2C Orders, Books, Call Center Services, CD/DVD Duplication, Climate Controlled Conditions, Cloud Based Reporting, Cold Food, Contract Packaging, Credit Card Processing, Cross Docking, EDI and Retail Fulfillment, Electronics Products, Food Grade Commodities, Freight Forwarding, Frozen Food, Garments on Hangar (GOH), Gift Cards, Gift Wrapping, Government Contracts and Projects, Hazardous Goods, International Shipping, Kitting and Assembly, Marketing Services, Medical Device Products, Online Reporting, Performance Evaluations, Pharmaceutical Products, Printing Services, Promotional Products Sourcing, Rebates, Sweepstakes, and Contests, Refurbishment Services, Returns Processing, Screen Printing, Embroidery Services, Social Fulfillment Campaigns, Subscription Services, Supplements, Web Store Integration and Creation

New Jersey Small Business 3PLs & Services for Higher Volumes

Because New Jersey has so many 3PL options, there are a wealth of companies that specialize in different sized businesses. New Jersey small business 3PLs will be able to help companies that ship lower than 500 orders per month. Larger warehouses will be best suited for order volumes in excess of 500 orders per month. It’s vital to get connected to the right companies, however. Most large 3PLs in New Jersey won’t help startups and smaller businesses. Thankfully, we know which companies to direct to you for either scenario – whether you’re just starting out and have lower volumes or you’re established with high volumes.

Why Fulfillment Centers in New Jersey are a Great Option for Your Business

New Jersey is commonly regarded as an eastern US transportation hub and that’s because it’s conveniently located along the East Coast. I-95 runs through it, connecting it to New York, Massachusetts, and many of the other states. There are also major highways that connect to the west, as well as an extensive railway line that will help to bring goods throughout the country. The Port of New Jersey, shared with New York, is also ideal for both receiving inbound container freight, as well as sending freight out on barges. Warehousing services are abundant throughout the state because of the diversity that is offered and the great demand for logistics services in the area.

Considering New Jersey and New York have large populations, you can reach a good chunk of your customers living in the northeast. You also have advantages in being close to the Atlantic Ocean where various ports exist to get your products into overseas markets.

The majority of New Jersey warehouse locations are about 2 hours from the port of New Jersey and New York and conveniently located near major freight corridors such as Port Newark, Trenton, Elizabeth, and Edison 3PL warehouses.

Warehouses in New Jersey – Close to Major Ports

New Jersey has one major port (along with three deep water ports) that give you easy routes to many of the state’s major cities, as well as international shipping. With millions of transports every day, you need to know about what these ports offer and their proximity to strategic cities. As with many big city ports, the biggest one in New Jersey allows methods of distribution through several means. This is in addition to advantageous interstate highways for local transportation by truck.

The Port Authority of New Jersey and New York is a significant transportation hub on the U.S. east coast, and one of the oldest. Opened in 1921, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey was the first bi-state agency to create compacts between eastern states. Today, it’s entirely self-financing without requiring any tax revenue to keep running.

With an enormous amount of transportation outlets around the port, you can easily ship cargo out to European and other continental regions. The port also has transparency on their trade stats to show you how much exponential growth they continue to have.

If you have concerns about environmental practices in ports your 3PL uses, you don’t have to worry. The Port Authority places extreme focus on clean air strategies, along with reducing diesel and greenhouse emissions.

3PL Warehouses in New Jersey Have Many Foreign Trade Zones Options

Choosing New Jersey for your 3PL gives you the benefits of having five Foreign Trade Zones. Having your 3PL near an FTZ gives you a break on excessive fees imposed when shipping in ports or through other transportation means. With Port Newark/Elizabeth Marine Terminal being one of the largest Foreign Trade Zones in the U.S., you can see why Newark is a good central location for a 3PL.

Regardless, numerous other smaller ports in New Jersey have the FTZ designation as well. Consider Mt. Olive in Morris County, The Port of Salem, Mercer County Airport, or Lakewood Township in Ocean County.

New Jersey Warehousing Give Access to the Best Roadways

Major highways within New Jersey give you direct routes to many cities throughout the United States. Interstate 95 and the NJ Turnpike is similar to what I-5 is on the west coast. Through I-95, you can reach markets from Maine to Florida.

Interstates 80 and 78 are some of the rare highways that extend across the nation to the west coast. Through truck service, you can reach virtually every major city within just a few days.
For easy local access, the Garden State Parkway extends the entire length of New Jersey.

New Jersey Fulfillment Centers Provide Extensive Rail Network Access

New Jersey offers an unparalleled cargo rail network that covers well over 1,000 miles throughout the entire state and into other states. Look into railways like Norfolk Southern, CSX, or Morristown & Erie Railroad as just a few rail lines traveling locally and across the United States.

When you’re near the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, you even have Newark Liberty International Airport nearby. The latter is near Port Newark/Elizabeth to give you fast air and sea shipping to anywhere in the world.

A New Jersey Warehousing Company Offers Cost Competitiveness Over New York

If you’re considering finding a 3PL warehouse company in New Jersey, you’ve cornered one of the best places on the east coast for distributing goods nearest to New York City.

Many companies initially consider locating a fulfillment center in New York due to the large concentration of population within the Greater New York City area. However, the costs of doing business can be significantly higher in New York – in particular within the New York City and Long Island area.

Because of this, many companies choose to find a fulfillment center in close by and neighboring New Jersey. Both labor costs and warehouse costs can be significantly lower, adding to the bottom line. And there is an assortment of fulfillment companies to choose from in this state, including popular New Jersey warehouse locations, such as Edison, Paterson, Newark, Jersey City, Elizabeth, Trenton, Brick, Teterboro, Lakewood, and Clifton, just to name a few. New Jersey is the perfect alternative to a 3PL in New York, since you’re just a same-day’s drive to New York City.

Outsourcing to an Ecommerce Fulfillment Center in New Jersey Offers Many Benefits

Partnering with an experienced warehousing and fulfillment company frees up your valuable time allowing you to focus on your business’s core — marketing, development of new products, sales, etc. Further, by letting experts take care of these tasks, you often reduce cost by leveraging relationships these companies have with other key players in the industry.

New Jersey also gives access to some of the largest shipping ports In the Northeast U.S., such as the port of Elizabeth and the Port of Newark. This itself is a great benefit to businesses looking to move their products fast.

A variety of major cities are found in New Jersey, making it highly desirable for warehousing services. To help you make a sound decision for the smartest logistics operations for your business — here are the top cities for warehousing and fulfillment companies in New Jersey.

Top Cities for 3PL Companies in New Jersey and Order Fulfillment Services in New Jersey

Warehousing Storage in Jersey City, New Jersey

The second-largest city in New Jersey and near Port Elizabeth, you will be in a strategic spot to move your items smoothly by finding warehouse and fulfillment companies here. The various shipping warehouse services options available to you (both local and international) in this city further make it possible to move your items smoothly to any destination. Jersey City reclaimed its status as the most diverse city in the U.S. as of 2017.

Located in NE New Jersey, you have over a quarter of a million people living in Jersey City now. If you want to go local and capture customers strictly in the state, these cities can give you a good sampling of potential buyers.

Public Warehousing in Newark New Jersey – Port of Newark and Elizabeth Offers Great Access for Shipping

It doesn’t get much bigger or more popular in terms of eastern US ports than the Port of Newark and the Port of Elizabeth. These ports, operated jointly by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, serve as the main artery for shipping in and out of the Northeast US. In fact, it is the largest container port in the eastern US, and the third largest container port in the United States. Because of this volume, the costs of bringing inbound containers into the US is competitive, helping to ease some of the inbound freight costs.

Furthermore, it is no secret that Newark is one of the most famous cities in New Jersey. From producing the biggest shakers and movers in sports to preserving a lot of great history, a lot makes it a famous city.

Perhaps you never knew that Newark is a crucial rail, shipping, and hub in the United States. Over 340 U.S cities are served from here, and more than 30 airlines operate flights out of Newark Liberty. As such, it is a highly sought-after logistics city, and that means you can easily find a reliable warehousing and fulfillment company in Newark, New Jersey.

Elizabeth, New Jersey is conveniently situated between Newark and New York City. There are a number of fun attractions that key people visiting throughout the year. This includes a variety of walking towards, the Ritz Theater, as well as a significant amount of shopping, including all the way down Elizabeth Avenue throughout Midtown.

Newark NJ Fulfillment Services

Newark receives so many accolades because it is only 8 miles away from Manhattan. It is also home to over 277,000 people. There are plenty of ways to get around the area, including roads, waterways, and the subway. The Newark Liberty International Airport also makes it possible to travel the world – which is highly beneficial to international businessman.

One of the most famous cities in New Jersey is Newark, it’s also one of the most important air, shipping, and rail hubs in the United States. This alone makes the city one of the most sought after for logistics.

Warehousing Services Companies in Princeton, New Jersey

Commonly famous for the Ivy League school Princeton University, this city is roughly midway between Philadelphia and New York City and close to major highways such as U.S. Route 1 and Interstate 95. From Princeton, items can be delivered to any corner of New Jersey, the lower New York State, and New York City in 24 hours. Here you can find fulfillment and warehouse companies that will address your needs. You’re in position to reach the lower New York State regions from here, and you’re only a day’s drive to New York City.

Third Party Warehouse and Shipping in Trenton, New Jersey

Trenton, the capital city of New Jersey, is known for many good things. Its premium location plus the Port of Trenton makes it easier to deliver items into New York City and Philadelphia to the South West. If you are moving items to any of these destinations, same-day deliveries are possible from here.

The Trenton Metropolitan area is found within Mercer County, and is bordered by Ewing Township, Hamilton Township, Bordentown Township, and many others. While the government is the largest single sector within the city, there are also a number of other economic areas, including manufacturing. The Route 1 Corridor makes it highly convenient for various industries.

The capital city also offers a number of programs for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The redevelopment corporation makes it possible for new as well as expanding businesses to locate within the Capital District.

It’s worth looking into the capital city of New Jersey, though it’s really one half of New York City. Trenton makes it easy to deliver items instantly into NYC, plus into Philadelphia to the SW.

Warehousing in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City is most commonly known for its high-rises and casinos. It’s one of the few areas where gambling is permitted within the United States, and people come from all over in order to test their luck. Because of this, there is a significant amount of tourism and the economy is bustling because of the number of hotels, restaurants, and other businesses established within the tourism industry.

Warehouses in Paterson, New Jersey

The city of Paterson is conveniently located on the Passaic River, and is one of the more industrial cities within the nation. Its history dates back all the way to 1792 where Alexander Hamilton was responsible for forming an investment group known as the Society of Useful Manufacturers. Manufacturing continues to be one of the top industries, though there are also a number of small businesses – topping out at around 50,000 that have fewer than 10 employees.

Choosing the Best Pick and Pack Warehouse Services Near Me in New Jersey

New Jersey is an attractive place to find reliable warehousing, 3PL, and fulfillment companies if you’re looking to save money. It is near to major ports and is highly accessible and passable, making it ideal for quick deliveries.

However, it is important to consider a warehousing fulfillment company that will address your needs to your satisfaction. Cost, reputation, and location are some things you should consider when choosing. We can ensure you find a reputable warehousing and fulfillment company that will get the job done on time. We thoroughly screen all warehousing and fulfillment companies to ensure you pick the best from our network.

What if a 3PL in New Jersey Just Won’t Do?

Sometimes, companies need to find fulfillment services, houses, companies, or centers closer to New York City. In that case, we can help you find the best company for your project in areas such as Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, or Long Island.

Key Fulfillment Data in New Jersey

New Jersey is a very critical state in the northeast for commerce and overall business operations. Below is summary information about New Jersey’s population, number of warehouses, and taxes so that you can make a more informed decision about whether or not the state offers your company the best fulfillment services potential. As is evidenced in the table below, New Jersey does have higher wage rates and taxes for businesses. However, it does have an abundance of warehouse options, and is competitively priced versus other areas of the northeast US.

Population8.885 Million (2020)
Warehouses in State24,000 (from rencomony)
Amazon Warehouses in State19
Average Warehouse Labor Rate$21.80/hr
Sales Tax Rate6.625%
Property Tax Rate2.42%
Personal Tax Rate1.4-10.75%
Corporate Tax Rate7.5-9%

New Jersey has a robust economy with a diverse set of businesses operating in the state. Below is a listing of the top 10 businesses with the state of New Jersey, based upon total number of employees. This will give you a brief idea of some of the more common industries that operate in the state.

Business NameNumber of Employees
Securitas USA355,000 employees
Cognizant296,500 employees
Panasonic Corporation of North America244,000 employees
Wipro USA220,000 employees
Unilever149,000 employees
Johnson and Johnson130,000 employees
Novartis US125,000 employees
BMW US120,726 employees
Hoffmann-La Roche101,500 employees
Conduent63,000 employees

Average Warehousing and Fulfillment Pricing in New Jersey

As you can see from the below table, New Jersey is quite competitive in fulfillment pricing versus the national averages. Fulfillment fees, in fact, are lower than the average across the US. However, pallet storage fees are higher, which is understandable given the higher cost of doing business in the tri-state area. As mentioned previously, however, overall fees are lower than New York.

Average Warehousing and Fulfillment Costs in New Jersey

Pricing TypeNew JerseyNational Average
B2C Order Fulfillment Fee Per Single Item Order$3.13$3.13
B2B Order Fulfillment Fee Per Single Item Order$3.68$4.33
Pallet storage fee per pallet per month$19.40$16.21

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Who are the Best Fulfillment Services Companies in New Jersey? Get Honest Matches to the Best Companies

If you’re looking for the best options for fulfillment companies in New Jersey, you’re likely to find a lot of “top lists” as well as quite a few fulfillment companies claiming to be the best. But which options are truly suited for businesses, with affordable pricing, and a willingness and desire to work with companies of different shapes and sizes? We sifted through some of the most popular options online and provide matches of the best options for your company. Some of the companies are fantastic options, and others may leave you looking to switch. We provide honest reviews based on real data, , and we don’t get paid by any of these companies to be included on this list.


PnPLine is a third party logistics company based in New York and New Jersey. They provide you with a fast and reliable logistics and warehouse experience all while keeping you at ease with our services. The company invested in an IT based inventory system that will provide the most convenient, as well as most accurate numbers in regards to inventory tracking. PNPLine gets some great reviews on Google as well, giving potential users a peace of mind.

Address: Northvale, New Jersey

Overall Rating:


The first thing that stands out with Fulfillrite is that they have built a great reputation with customers. They have a 4.8 Star review rating on Google with a healthy amount of reviews. This high of a rating is rare in fulfillment. They are a bit limiting on who they work with, preferring smaller items, not many SKUs, and B2C orders. But for those that fit into the niche, they are a great option.

Address: Lakewood, New Jersey

Established: 2008

Clients: 250 clients

Overall Rating:

Fusion Fulfillment

Fusion Fulfillment in Brick Township, New Jersey, specializes in order fulfillment and claims to operate a flawless service. They do only get a 3.8 out of a 5 star review online, based upon 10 reviews. This is very limited data, but also lower than higher rated and higher performing fulfillment services in the US. They are a smaller, boutique firm, and do offer a full suite of fulfillment services and help numerous business verticals.

Address: Brick Township, New Jersey

Overall Rating:

Fulco Fulfillment

Fulco Fulfillment in Dover, New Jersey appears at first glance to be a viable option, garnering a 4.8 Star review online. However, the company has only received 6 reviews, which is not enough to make a valuable decision. Speaking in depth with their clients will be paramount in making the right choice. The company has a strict set of criteria for doing business with them and is extremely selective. This could be both a pro or a con of doing business with them. Pricing is not listed on their site, so you will have to submit a formal request for quote to get pricing.

Address: Dover, New Jersey

Established: 2001

Overall Rating:

Amware Fulfillment

Amware Fulfillment operates out of 6 locations in the US, including Dallas Texas area. The company offer omni-channel fulfillment services and has won an award or two for excellence. However, in terms of reviews, the company has some room to grow. Both employee reviews (which give a perspective from the internal company and culture level), as well as reviews from customers online show some significant room for improvement.

Overall Rating:


Shipbob has locations across the globe – the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. The company is venture capital backed and has experienced rapid growth over the last few years. However, the company has struggled with delivering consistently high quality reviews with customers. On most review platform, the company has 2-3 Star ratings out of 5 stars. Furthermore, the company has long been known to specialize in B2C fulfillment. While it has offered B2B options, it’s quality hasn’t been as consistent. While this may likely be one of the most popular names in the industry, the company isn’t a shoe in for small businesses and startups.

Overall Rating:

PSS Distribution Services

PSS Distribution Services in Jamesburg, NJ covers logistics services, from A to Z. They offer the standard suite of services, including warehousing and distribution, but also veer off the standard fulfillment path by offering cross docking and a full spectrum of transportation services. On their site, they boast an 98.6% inventory accuracy, and offers state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution technologies. PSS Distribution Services also specializes in food and grocery products. However, on over 100 online reviews, the company earned a less than 3 star overall review. This is alarming, considering the large sample size of the reviews. Clearly, the customer evaluations leave prospects looking for a lot more data before feeling good about signing on the dotted line.

Address: Jamesburg, New Jersey

Inventory accuracy rate: 98.6%

Overall Rating:

3PL Business

If you’re looking for a high performing specialist in B2C fulfillment, 3PL Business in Edison, New Jersey is a fantastic option. They only work with B2C, so don’t expect them to handle your B2B orders. But for B2C in the northeast US, they operate a tight ship. While they only have a few reviews online, they’re all extremely positive 5 Star reviews. For e-commerce fulfillment, they offer fully automated processing of orders. Their warehouse management systems use Microsoft SQL on the backend. They have the ability to provide daily reports on key issues such as inventory, orders, shipments, and daily receiving. The reporting has the ability to be sent any time of the day. 3PL Business uses API integration, and some of their primary integrations include: Magento, Shopify, Shipstation, Channel Advisor, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Groupon, GMA.

Address: Edison, New Jersey

Established: 2016

Order rate: 99.9%

Inventory accuracy rate: 99.9%

Overall Rating:

Ocean Fulfillment

Ocean Fulfillment, in Lakewood, New Jersey, is a company that has received rave reviews. With a 5 Star overall rating online from over 25 views, you can feel comfortable that you’re getting a company that performs. The company caters to internet retailers, including FBA sellers, and helps companies that are smaller and growing.

Address: Lakewood, New Jersey

Overall Rating:

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