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The Quebec, Canada city of Montreal is a strategically positioned city for logistics, due to its proximity to the Canada / United States border as well as the St. Lawrence Seaway, which has many seaports.  Seaports in Montreal include the Port of Montreal, which serves both freight and cruise ships.

Montreal is accessible via highways 15 and 520. The International city boasts a bilingual (French / English) population of 1.78 million people.

Montreal has air access via the Montreal- Trudeau International Airport. The city is also accessible via rail with the Canadian National Railway Company.

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A truly international city situated in the southern portion of Quebec, Canada, Montreal offers many benefits to businesses seeking fulfillment services. With highway access and close proximity to international borders (Montreal is less than 90 minutes from the Vermont border), Montreal offers international access without having to step far over either side of the border.

Located along the St. Lawrence Seaway (the largest navigable channel in the world), the Port of Montreal is just 1,600 km from the Atlantic Ocean and is the shortest direct cargo route in North America from Europe and the Mediterranean. Montreal also boasts competitive local tariffs, so doing international business is often more affordable in Montreal than elsewhere in Canada.

The port of Montreal is a container port, which also serves nearby cities such as Toronto as well as much of eastern and central Canada. This creates myriad options when shipping or receiving goods from overseas.

Montreal boasts a lower cost of living than most of the major cities in Canada, as well as a lower cost of doing business. Rents and business rents are also lower in Montreal. In recent years many venture capital firms and small business initiatives have flocked to the city, making it easier than ever for small businesses to set up shop in Montreal.

Montreal, Canada Fulfillment Companies

Montreal, QC is poised along US I 89, US I 87 and Canada’s routes 116 and 132. The city of 1.78 million is located near many busy suburbs including Laval, Pointe-Claire, and Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC. It is also a short drive from the international borders of both Vermont and New York State. Montreal is less than a day’s drive to Quebec City, Quebec and Ottowa, Kingston and Toronto, Ontario.

This Northeastern gem is a cultural hub which is home to the Port of Montreal. The port processes approximately 1.5 million TEU annually and it has recently entered a partnership that is working to help modernize the way the port deals with everything from cybersecurity to supply chain visibility and more. This initiative is the first of its kind on the globe and when complete will streamline port processes even further, allowing cargo to get where it needs to go faster, too.

Port access doesn’t just mean sea access. The port processes container ships from Lake Ontario, and the channels from the seaway extend to Lake Erie as well, via a network of 40 on and off ramps which are strategically placed to offer streamlined routes to destinations throughout the continent. Montreal’s fulfillment services even have their own website that gives users estimates for how long their cargo will take to arrive at its destination via Montreal ports.

The Port of Montreal also owns its own rail line that connects to the two largest railroads in the country- the Canadian National (CN) Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway, both of which run throughout North America, meaning your cargo can make it across the border in record time.

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