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Nevada is a state commonly known for its expansive deserts and gambling industry. While it is the 7th largest of the 50 states, it is one of the least populated. Nevada’s largest city is Las Vegas; a destination well-known for its opulent casinos and exotic night life. Nevada is also the home of the Hoover Dam, and the country’s largest reservoir, Lake Mead. Aside from being a vacation hot spot, Nevada is also the 4th biggest producer of gold in the world behind China, Australia, and South Africa. In fact, Nevada supplies the U.S. with three-quarters of all the gold mined.

Despite the low population, Nevada boasts some of the top cities for warehousing services in the country. Due to its location, Nevada is one of the key places for companies to position their west coast distribution. From any of Nevada’s top cities, companies can service all of the 8 western states, and easily reach California along the I-5 corridor.

Fulfillment in Nevada May be More Cost Effective than California

If California is where your current fulfillment center resides, or you are thinking of choosing California for your fulfillment base, you may want to consider Nevada. Nevada has the same west coast convenience, but at a lower cost than California. For example, Nevada’s property prices are nearly 50 percent lower than similar properties in California. Lower prices in areas such as real estate mean lower fulfillment prices passed on to you through storage rates. Furthermore, Nevada wage rates and tax laws are more conducive to business, and can help lower costs and streamline business functions.

What to Look For in the Best Fulfillment Companies in Nevada

But location alone isn’t the only consideration when outsourcing 3PL, warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping in Nevada. At, we specialize in painlessly matching you with the best fulfillment centers in Nevada for your company’s specific needs. In addition to location, we match businesses based upon:

  • Years in Business
  • Number of Customers
  • Annual Order Volume
  • Customer Retention Rates
  • Order Accuracy Rates
  • Inventory Accuracy Rates
  • Shipping Accuracy Rates

And performance metrics aren’t the only consideration we take into mind. We also match you with companies that are best suited for the products you sell, the channels you sell through, the technologies you use, and any other requirements necessary. Get in touch with your ideal matches today – fill out a request for quotes or call us for FREE matches and quotes!

3PL Warehouse Companies in Nevada: A New Advantage in Distribution Coverage with a Business Friendly Environment

Perhaps you’ve long written off Nevada as a major hub for a 3PL warehouse, only because of the perceived miles of desolate landscapes. What you’ve missed is that Nevada is actually a business-friendly state, with the wide-open spaces a major asset. You have easy distribution access to eleven west coast states when choosing a fulfillment center in the sagebrush state.

You can still find numerous 3PL warehouse companies in Nevada, despite miles of sometimes endless desert. That’s because of specific areas that give convenient access to major nearby states like California. Northern Nevada, in particular, is the busiest area for distribution due to various economic factors.

The Southern Nevada region also has some distribution strengths, though not as much due to more importing. The blame for this comes from the most famous city there: Las Vegas.

While inland ports are still non-existent in Nevada, it pays to look at the northern and southern portions and analyze the strengths of each. This includes analyzing inter-modal means of distribution near specific cities.

Robust Interstates and Highways Make Nevada 3PLs Attractive

Outside of I-80 mentioned above (that runs from Reno to Oasis), you have I-15 to the south. I-15 runs through Las Vegas and covers surrounding towns like Glendale and Mesquite.

Then you have more regional highways nearby like Highway 50 covering all towns and cities in the central part of Nevada. You can easily ship goods to Eureka with this roadway. Highway 95 covers most of the southern part of the state in a north and south direction.

Highway 93 is an eastern Nevada roadway conveniently connecting to interstates 80 and 15.

Why Northern Nevada Is Great for Warehousing Distribution

This region of Nevada has a lot more going for it in the way of distributing goods. It’s loaded with more inter-modal transportation systems for faster shipping to local regions or in other states. Having a 3PL in the north gives you access to I-80, which is a major interstate covering nearly every state in the Pacific and Mountain time zones.

When you use I-80 as a main truck line, you’ll get goods quickly to places like Reno. Plus, you’re within a day away to San Francisco, or Salt Lake City.

Another great advantage here is being near the Reno-Tahoe airport, which has a particular strong aspect to it you may not have expected.

We’re here to help so you find a 3PL that covers the surrounding Nevada markets you need.

Top Cities for Warehousing Services in Nevada

Reno, Nevada Fulfillment Centers and Tahoe Area Public Warehouses

The Biggest Little City in the World is already a bustling mini Vegas. With 235,000 people there, it’s not quite as competitive to find a 3PL somewhere in the area. Home of many 3PL fulfillment warehouses that have multiple warehouse locations, Reno is a wonderful option for serving western United States orders.

The Reno/Tahoe area is growing into one of the largest areas for warehousing services in the west. Due to its relatively mild climate, Reno is a great solution for storing products in an environment that is low in humidity. Since the weather is fairly consistent, products stored in warehouses are not subject to the drastic temperature changes of other states.

Reno has become one of the biggest distribution hubs of the west because of its central location. In fact, all the major cities on the west coast including, Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, and San Francisco are all within an 800-mile drive of the Reno area. With easy access to I-80, your product can reach customers quickly, which means an increase in profits for your business. I-80 also intersects with the I-5 corridor, ensuring access to all major locations along the west coast.

Reno also has an international airport, servicing 12 major airlines, and access to the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Railroads. The Reno Airport also has FedEx, DHL, and UPS on-site, making it a huge asset for companies in the area. The Reno-Tahoe Airport has a unique location that’s more advantageous for air freight arriving from Asia. The airport is actually more west of Los Angeles, making flight times slightly shorter. Finding a Reno 3PL warehouse near the airport is smart since the latter is a leader in this region of the United States for air cargo. The economy has had some ups and downs in the area. Yet, this airport still flies out hundreds of millions of cargo every year.

Due to its major advantages, the Reno area now plays host to warehouses for companies like Starbucks, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Las Vegas Pick and Pack Fulfillment Warehouses

441 miles southeast of Reno is the vibrant town of Las Vegas. If Nevada is known for anything, it is the luxurious accommodations and exciting nightlife of the Vegas strip. Even though its proximity is a bit farther from the west coast than Reno, Las Vegas still has a very central location reaching both I-40 to the south, and I-80 to the north via I-15.

Warehousing services in Las Vegas, provide access to much of the west, especially with a direct connection to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and I-5 corridor. With its south-eastern location, Las Vegas also opens up easy access to Arizona and Utah.

Another major reason to utilize warehousing services in the Las Vegas area and Nevada in general, is the taxes. Nevada is famous for having one of the best business tax climates in the entire country. While Las Vegas has been known more as an import city, rather than export, competitive commercial real estate prices are making it more of a contender with bigger hubs like Long Beach and Phoenix. Businesses commonly look for fulfillment centers and warehouses in Las Vegas as a more cost effective alternative to 3PL warehouses in southern California.

Two of the main companies with distribution centers in Las Vegas include T.J. Maxx and Global Experience Specialists.

Carson City for Fulfillment

As the capital of Nevada, it’s always worth trying Carson City as well. It’s a very short drive away from the border of California, making it a good location if cornering Southern California markets.

Top 3PL Companies in Nevada

With the popularity of 3PL companies growing, it’s no surprise to find more and more “top 3PL companies in Nevada” lists proliferating the internet. These pages push write-ups on what they feel are the best 3PLs in Nevada. At first glance, it may look like “love at first site” – an easy source to draw from to pick a top company in your search for the right Nevada 3PL for your business. But upon further inspection, the truth starts to shine.

  1. First, many of the companies writing these pages are 3PLs themselves – and they list themselves as the TOP company! Talk about unbiased!
  2. Second, you have a number of new copycat matchmaking services out there with their version of the top Nevada 3PLs, claiming that they will find you a 3PL at no cost. Unlike our service that truly is free because the warehouses pay us a very small fee to get introduced to you, they charge commission without even explaining that on their website! Imagine a 5% layer of commission being paid to a referral company in an already low margin business – the devastation that could have on your business is catastrophic.
  3. Third, you have software companies producing lists, only showing the 3PLs that use their software, as they benefit from their 3PLs adding new clients. It’s such a biased and profit-filled mixture of greed and self-centeredness, we literally cringe knowing that unsuspecting companies fall for the trap.

So we took the lists, chose some of the companies from these lists and did some digging ourselves to see how objectively “best” the companies actually were. Below are some of our thoughts. These companies are not necessarily in our platform of recommended companies, nor did they pay us anything for our thoughts below.

Smart Warehousing

Smart Warehousing is a large company consisting of 38 warehouses across the US, and over 12 million square feet. They offer Logistics, order fulfillment, replenishment, retail, cold chain, and e-commerce. Smart Warehousing website is user friendly, and they are active on social media. They look to be a very reliable company however they got an average of 3 stars on their reviews, many of them being that their shipments were not on time. For a large shipping company, comments about load time are always a concern. They may be too big for the small mom and pop shops. But the biggest challenge is that they only achieved a 3 out of 5 Star rating.

Ship My Orders

Ship My Orders in Nevada is more than just a warehouse. They Partner with the client to do order kitting, and inventory storage. They integrate with multiple ecommerce platforms to provide customer driven customer service. They have a high customer satisfaction rating with many clients stressing that they are fairly accurate, timely, and build a rapport with their clients. Having only one location could be a hindrance for some as they may become full time to time and not able to handle new clients. Their website is top notch and I like that they offer a quote form, though it might be nice to give a little rundown of the price structure.

Speed Commerce

Speed Commerce is an end-to-end provider of scalable solutions for retailers and manufacturers. Located in Las Vegas they just recently moved their headquarters. The new, larger space allows them to take on many more clients and service their current clients well. One pro for the company is fast delivery. Speed Commerce’s delivery network reaches 94 percent of the U.S. within 2-3 days via ground shipment. But a con to using Speed is the location. There are no reviews online and customer testimonials on their website appear computer generated with no names attached to them. This is not helpful in establishing trust. Furthermore, the company has multiple locations, and many companies of this nature shy away from helping smaller and startup companies.


ShipHero is both a shipping software company (first and foremost) and they also offer fulfillment (secondary service). Offering both can be a good and a bad thing. Good – if everything works, you have everything under one roof. Bad – if you use a different software or if one of their two services don’t end up working out – how do you unplug from one without the other. Historically, some of these software companies have been hard to work with startups. They do not make this very clear on their website. As a small business I would evaluate whether this large company would offer the best pricing strategy for my needs and compare them with other fulfillment companies before deciding.

RubyHas (now ShipMonk)

Ruby Has Fulfillment is a fast-growing ecommerce fulfillment and logistic provider. They offer same day shipping from their fulfillment warehouse using integrated technology and multiple distribution centers. Ruby Has employs over 500 employees and manages over 1,000,000 sq ft in warehouse space. Their geographic location makes it easy to reach over 90% of the US within 2 days – including a location in Las Vegas, Nevada. While they are now almost fully automated, their fast growth has led to a decline in customer service. They offer phone and email support, but a chat function would be very helpful for faster service. They also show very little pricing on their site, and you would have to request a quote to get any info on how their pricing structure works. It’s important to note that Shipmonk’s Nevada location garners a 3.5 Star rating on Google on 47 reviews, which is below the ideal. Furthermore, feedback we’ve received on this company is similar to the reviews, with many companies unhappy with overall performance. Finally, the size of the company makes it a bit challenging for smaller businesses and startups.

Pyramid Logistics

Pyramid Logistics is a warehousing and fulfillment company that has been in the business for over 25 years. With locations in California and Las Vegas, Nevada, Pyramid Logistics has offered clients reliable logistics support and helps companies drive sales, increase brand awareness, and offer low-cost services of high quality. Pyramid Logistics has many online reviews and has proven to be an extremely reliable company for clients, according to their reviews. Overall, Pyramid Logistics has been a trusted partner for over 25 years and continues to offer high value services to customers.

Your Logistics Corp

Your Logistics Corp is a warehousing and fulfillment company that utilizes smart strategies to deliver clients’ the best possible logistics services. Your Logistics Corp has multiple state-of-the-art locations inside the United States including Las Vegas to handle your 3PL needs. Your Logistics Corp increases speed, lowers cost, and is dedicated to offering high value services. Your Logistics Corp has had very few reviews and they tend to point to a consistent reliability. With few reviews it is very hard to decipher whether a company is reliable or not, so it is up to you to contact any companies you are looking into using for logistics services. Overall, Your Logistics Corp seems to be an average logistics company.

Warehouse Las Vegas

Warehouse Las Vegas is a warehousing and fulfillment company focusing on storage, fulfillment, and distribution. Warehouse Las Vegas has been dedicated to offering high value services for over 20 years and specializes on providing logistics services that lower costs and meet your needs better. They are FDA and TSA certified. Warehouse Las Vegas has a good number of online reviews and is said to be a very reliable company. For over 20 years, Warehouse Las Vegas has offered high value logistics services that are seen as reliable by customers, lowers cost and exceeds the expectations. They do not list any pricing strategies. Doing so will help make them more competitive with other warehouses. Las Vegas is also not the best location for warehousing as they are not central or located on or near any ports – but they could be an inexpensive alternative to Los Angeles California fulfillment companies.

Santa Fe Fulfillment

Santa Fe Fulfillment is an e-commerce fulfillment center in Las Vegas, Nevada and located close to five major Amazon warehouses. Santa Fe fulfillment offers secure storage, returns management and kitting assembly. If you use Google the business pulls up as an active service, but using Bing it says they are permanently closed. This is usually due to an SEO issue, and possibly because of the address change. We located a couple of negative reviews pointing out that once they requested quotes they were never followed up with. There were also comments about damaged goods that were never covered or remedied. Other than a few negative reviews there were also numerous positive reviews priding the staff and quick service. Most felt customer service was very responsive to client needs. Overall, the verdict is still out.

Saddle Creek

Saddle Creek Logistics is a fulfillment solutions company based out of Florida and has many warehouses around the US. Saddle creek provides a variety of services such as, order fulfillment, warehousing and transportation. They are a large company in business over 50 years. Serving over 1000 clients might make them less likely to handle smaller startup companies with the attention they need. They do have many locations, so they are able to provide service all over the US with quick shipping and turnaround times. They also provide kitting, packaging, labeling and more. They can provide these VAS in DC’s close to your customers for responsive service.

Pros of Saddle Creek include:

  • Standard fulfillment services such as warehousing, pick and pack, kitting, assembly.
  • Use their API to integrate their warehouse management system with your online store.
  • Strategically located warehouses allow clients to reach all their customers within 2 days.

Cons of Saddle Creek include:

  • Large company might not be best for a startup or small/growing company.
  • They do not have any pricing online. It would be nice to see some costs upfront.
  • They do not have a quote form, or list any prices, but they do have a contact form available on their website.

Full Tilt Logistics

Full Tilt Logistics is one of the largest freight logistics companies based in Reno, Nevada. They specialize on forwarding freight and cargo between shippers and receivers. In addition, they offer trucking, transportation, warehousing and distribution and third-party logistics. They also provide services in Canada and Mexico. Online reviews are mixed. On one hand clients seemed happy with the services provided, but there were multiple red flags about how they treat not only their clients, but also their drivers and workers. They are locally owned which is a wonderful advantage, but there are also reviews about them cutting rates and providing a lesser service as well. Overall, they seem to have a few internal issues to work out and might not be the best company to trust with your goods and services. It appears they may need to revamp and be more upfront with their pricing to gain the customer’s trust.


Shipmonk began as a humble startup in 2014, helping small and growing e-commerce merchants. Today, the company has grown to a global 3PL with 12 locations worldwide. The company tends to get average reviews ranging from 3.5-4 stars out of 5. Some of the reviews are rather harsh and critical of errors and other problems experienced. This does tend to happen when a company grows and helps a high number of customers. However, the details of some of the reviews do cause a bit of a pause and certainly require more inspection. The company does have some great offerings and from a service perspective, offers the full suite of warehousing and fulfillment services.

3 Linx Unified Commerce

3LINX Unified Commerce works with many small and medium sized companies. Their platform unifies all fulfillment and delivery activities into a single SaaS platform providing transparency into all activities real-time. A smaller sized company they are well suited for small startups. They also have a UK location. Pros of 3Linx include that they are geared towards smaller and growing companies. The cons of 3Linx, however, are far more numerous: Several reviews online say they over bill on invoices, 3Linx customer service insulted customers, the company does not appear answer phone calls and emails purposely based upon user reviews, the company appears to contract out with other fulfillment companies and act like a middleman with their software, there by charging you like a middleman would make a lot of mistakes, 3Linx’s software apparently has many holes, and the company is always trying to fix them (such as a lack of integration with some software programs).

Symbia Third Party Logistics Solutions

Symbia Third Party Logistics Solutions is in Denver Colorado, with a location in Reno, Nevada. From e-commerce order fulfillment to outsourced logistics, Symbia provides you with warehousing and fulfillment services tailored to your business’s unique needs. They have their own warehouse management system that keeps your systems aligned and provides reporting in real time. They integrate with Shopify, Amazon, NetSuite, Square and Walmart, among many others. Pros of Symbia include: multiple locations strategically located in key areas around the United States (Kansas City, Missouri locations give customers access to 90% of the United States) including a Denver location, and they have spacious, climate-controlled buildings with the latest in technological amenities. On the other side of the coin, the cons of using Symbia include: there are only a couple reviews online. Most of the reviews are 4 stars, but there are a couple of reviews that state no one answers the phone. Furthermore, because they have multiple locations across the US, they are a large company and many not be the best fit for a smaller company, i.e., a start-up. While they might not be the best fit for a smaller company, they have a lot of integration and services available for larger size businesses.

Key Fulfillment Data in Nevada

Choosing the best 3PL warehouse in Nevada is a complex decision. Below is summary information about Nevada population, number of warehouses, and taxes so that you can make a more informed decision about whether the state offers your company the best fulfillment services potential.

Population3.10 million (2020)
Warehouses in State1,613 (from reonomy)
Amazon Warehouses in State11
Average Warehouse Labor Rate $19/hr
Sales Tax Rate4.6%
Property Tax Rate0.53%
Personal Tax Rate0%
Corporate Tax Rate21%

To get an idea of the types of companies that operate in Nevada, check out the top 10 largest companies in the state.

Business NameNumber of Employees
MGM Resorts International77,000 employees
Caesars Entertainment65,000 employees
Las Vegas Sands50,500 employees
Johnson Electric40,000 employees
Encompass Services 31,000 employees
Hamilton25,803 employees
Wynn Resorts25,200 employees
Wynn Las Vegas25,200 employees
AMERCO20,376 employees
Boyd Gaming19,932 employees

Average Fulfillment and Warehousing Pricing in Nevada

The below table gives a high-level idea of what average rates might look like in Nevada for fulfillment services, based upon surveys of outsourced warehousing companies throughout the US.

Average Warehousing and Fulfillment Costs in the US

Pricing TypeNational Average
B2C Order Fulfillment Fee Per Single Item Order$3.13
B2B Order Fulfillment Fee Per Single Item Order$4.33
Pallet storage fee per pallet per month$16.21

Nevada 3PL Warehouses Offer a Strategic Western Location and Lower Costs and Less Regulations Than California

Nevada is quickly becoming one of the key places for warehousing services in the country – especially the Western US. You may find that Nevada is a great place to locate your business, due to its strategic location in the Western US and affordability versus other Western states, such as California.

To learn more about how a Nevada-based warehouse will benefit your business, contact us today or fill out a form to get your ideal matches and quotes!

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