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If your business is looking to reach a wider range of customers and markets both nationally and globally, Atlanta is an ideal location to move your warehousing and fulfillment operations. The city can access various transportation modes to reduce shipping costs while reaching the United States and foreign markets. If your business has clients concentrated in the South, Atlanta has a direct connection with southern states through a large network of highways and railroads that run through Georgia. Overall, relocating to Atlanta would create many opportunities for wider client reach and shipping efficiency.

The first step in finding the right warehouse solution in Atlanta is to determine which method of warehousing is best for your business.

A Comparison of Warehouse Leasing, Co-Warehousing, Overflow or Pallet-In Pallet-Out Warehousing, or Full-Scale Outsourcing with a 3PL or Fulfillment Center in Atlanta

We’ve included a more thorough explanation of each warehouse approach to help your company select the best one for your Atlanta warehouse alternatives. Make sure you carefully consider each choice’s advantages and cons before deciding.

No one strategy works best for everyone, regardless of what you read online about various approaches. Since every company is different, it is necessary to implement the logistics plan that makes the most sense.

Leasing a Warehouse Space in Atlanta

Leasing a warehouse space in Atlanta can be a strategic move for companies seeking complete control over their logistics operations. Choosing to rent or lease warehouse space in Atlanta gives businesses high autonomy and direct management. This strategy involves committing to a long-term lease, enabling hands-on staff control, and overseeing every detail of the logistics function.

Leasing a warehouse in Atlanta allows companies to avoid common challenges associated with outsourced warehousing, such as sharing space with other customers, limited flexibility in warehousing specifications, and potential issues with overall quality control. It’s worth noting that warehouse leasing in Atlanta can vary based on the specific requirements and scale of the business operations. Alternative options may be available for businesses with smaller space requirements. This approach ensures companies can customize their warehouse space to their specific needs and maintain more control over their logistical processes.

  • Pros of Leasing a Warehouse in Atlanta: Atlanta serves as a major transportation hub, with its well-connected network of highways and proximity to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This central location can enhance distribution efficiency, providing businesses easier access to major markets in the Southeastern United States.
  • Cons of Leasing a Warehouse in Atlanta: Given its status as a key business and logistics hub, higher demand for warehouse spaces might lead to increased leasing costs. Businesses should be prepared to navigate a competitive environment and potentially face higher rental rates depending on the specific location and amenities of the desired warehouse space.
  • How to Find the Best Warehouse for Rent in Atlanta: There aren’t many places to find a rented warehouse. You may look through the comprehensive lists of warehouses for rent on several directory sites. Alternatively, complete our brief online form, and we will connect you with commercial brokerage services to help you look for a warehouse to rent in Atlanta.

Using a Co-Warehousing Space in Atlanta

For those businesses in Atlanta seeking control over their warehousing operations but lacking the scale for a traditional lease, co-warehousing presents a compelling option. Co-warehousing in Atlanta involves subdividing an entire warehouse space into smaller, secured units available for individual lease by different companies. These co-warehousing spaces typically range from 200 to 1,500 square feet, offering flexibility for businesses with varying storage needs. Companies can lease contiguous areas if a larger space is required.

Members benefit from shared amenities in the co-warehousing setup, similar to co-working spaces. This includes access to loading docks, pallet jacks or forklifts, shipping stations, and other equipment. Businesses can also rent office spaces separately within the co-warehousing facility. This innovative approach allows smaller businesses in Atlanta to optimize their warehousing operations efficiently while enjoying the benefits of shared resources and a more flexible lease structure.

  • Pros of Using a Co-warehousing Space in Atlanta: One advantage of using co-warehousing in Atlanta is cost-effectiveness. Small to mid-sized businesses can benefit from shared resources and facilities, reducing overall operational costs. Co-warehousing allows companies to access well-equipped warehouse spaces without the financial burden of committing to a larger, traditional lease.
  • Cons of Using a Co-warehousing Space in Atlanta: A potential drawback is limited scalability. While co-warehousing offers flexibility for smaller businesses, companies with rapidly growing operations may face challenges if their warehousing needs exceed the available subdivided spaces. This limitation could potentially impact long-term expansion plans for businesses with substantial growth projections.
  • How to Find the Best Co-warehousing in Atlanta: Co-warehousing in Atlanta is a novel service many firms were unaware of. Simply complete one of our online forms to contact co-warehouses in Atlanta, and we will connect you with the best alternatives.

Using Overflow Storage or Pallet Storage Warehousing in Atlanta

If your company in Atlanta needs additional warehouse space due to overflow or operates on a pallet-in, pallet-out basis, consider overflow storage or pallet storage warehousing. In this arrangement, businesses can store excess pallets or shippable pallets at a third-party logistics (3PL) or public warehouse in Atlanta. The 3PL or public warehouse is responsible for receiving, storing, and shipping these pallets as needed, providing a convenient and scalable solution for companies facing temporary overflow challenges or those with specific pallet-centric operations.

Commonly known as “straight warehousing,” this service focuses solely on storing and handling full pallets. There is no breakdown of pallets or fulfillment of individual orders; the fulfillment process revolves around shipping full pallets to meet your company’s or customers’ requirements. This type of arrangement allows businesses in Atlanta to efficiently manage overflow storage needs without the complexities of day-to-day order fulfillment, making it a practical choice for certain logistics scenarios.

  • Pros of Using Overflow Storage or Pallet Storage Warehousing in Atlanta: Efficient scalability allows businesses in Atlanta to scale their storage capacity quickly without the commitment of additional permanent warehouse space.
  • Cons of Using Overflow Storage or Pallet Storage Warehousing in Atlanta: Focusing on full pallet storage means this solution is unsuitable for businesses requiring frequent individual order fulfillment or those with complex picking and packing needs.
  • How to Source an Overflow Storage or Pallet Storage Warehousing Service in Atlanta: We have paired businesses with Atlanta warehouses since 2005. We will connect you with the best overflow or pallet storage in Atlanta for your company if you give us a call or complete one of our online forms.

Using a 3PL or Fulfillment Center in Atlanta

3PLs and fulfillment centers manage all of the operations of your logistics for you – receiving goods, storing them, fulfilling and shipping orders and handling customer returns, among other services. As opposed to overflow storage only warehouses, fulfillment companies take care of the full spectrum of services.

  • Pros of Using a Fulfillment Center in Atlanta: Not only do fulfillment centers take away the headache of managing all of the logistics functions if you want to focus on other areas of the business, but they can help you realize some cost savings in most cases (because of the variable nature of storage, aggressive labor rates, and aggregated freight discounts).
  • Cons of Using a Fulfilment Center in Atlanta: On the downside, you do not control the operations of a fulfilment center, nor are you allowed access to get into and work in the warehouse. Giving up complete control is challenging for many, and it is no guarantee that they will perform as well as you would managing it internally.
  • How to Source a Fulfillment Company in Atlanta: Since 2005, we’ve been matching companies with fulfillment centers in Atlanta and across the globe. Simply fill out a form, letting us know your requirements, and we will hand-pick the best options in Atlanta for your business.

Why Use 3PL Companies & Warehousing Services in Atlanta?

Atlanta has many resources and opportunities to offer businesses that center their fulfillment operations in the city. It’s no wonder that there are a multitude of 3PL Logistics Providers in Atlanta.

  • Atlanta Warehousing Offers an Advantageous Location—Georgia is an optimal location for shipping to Latin America markets, the Gulf of Mexico ports, and other countries worldwide. The Port of Savannah and the Port of Brunswick are near Atlanta, so oceanic transportation of goods is viable. On a national scale, Atlanta is popular for distribution of products within Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Atlanta is also one of the leading logistics locations in the United States, so businesses in the city have access to 80% of the U.S. market by truck. Overall, basing your operations in Atlanta widens your business’ reach both nationally and internationally.
  • 3PL Warehouses in Atlanta Have Many Transportation Options—In terms of transportation, Atlanta has many modes to choose from for distribution and receiving of products. Georgia is a green choice for shipping due to the Georgia Ports Authority becoming a leader in reducing carbon emissions. Georgia is also great for regional distribution because of their population growth. Being the fastest-growing exporter in the United States, the Port of Savannah is a viable option for sea travel. The South, East, and Northeast United States can be reached by the various highways that run through Georgia. For air travel, Georgia has 144 public and private airports. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport can reach most American cities in 2-4 hours and markets in 6 continents. This airport is also a foreign trade zone that cuts shipping costs and taxes. For access to any U.S. or global location, Atlanta has a means of transportation that will cut down travel time and costs compared to other cities across the country.

How Many Warehouses in Atlanta are There?

According to, there are 1,412 warehouse storage companies in Atlanta. However, only lists 102 for rent. Although this is a smaller number than the number of warehouses in general, Atlanta still has a wide variety of warehouse spaces.

How Much Does Fulfillment Cost in Atlanta?

The cost of fulfillment services can often differ across states and companies, so pinpointing a set fee can be challenging. In most cases, you will receive fees for each service provided to your business and a fee for integrating your operations with the 3PL or fulfillment company. These 3PL companies then send an invoice at the end of the month with each service totaled up. The main fees you will encounter will be:

  • Initial Set-Up Fees: These are one-time charges associated with your account or service’s initial configuration and establishment. It may include account setup, software installation, or other infrastructure-related costs.
  • Receiving Fees: Charged when your inventory or products arrive at a fulfillment center or warehouse. This fee covers the cost of processing and inspecting the received goods, ensuring accuracy and quality.
  • Storage Fees: Incurred for storing your inventory in a warehouse or fulfillment center. This fee is typically calculated based on the volume or space your products occupy over a specific period.
  • Fulfillment or “Pick and Pack” Fees: This fee covers the cost of picking items from the warehouse, packing them, and preparing them for shipment. It includes the labor and materials required to fulfill customer orders.
  • Shipping Fees: This is the cost of transporting products from the fulfillment center to the end customer. Shipping fees can vary based on factors such as shipping speed, destination, and the weight or dimensions of the package.
  • Returns Fees: Incurred when customers return products; this fee may cover the processing, inspecting, and restocking of returned items. It helps offset the costs associated with managing product returns.
  • Other Miscellaneous Fees: This includes additional charges that may not fall into the categories mentioned above. It could include fees for special services, customization, or any other unique aspects of your business arrangement.

How to Find the Best Atlanta Warehousing and Distribution (Both Public and Contract)

While looking for the best warehousing in Atlanta, businesses can run into unreliable lists or rankings of 3PL warehousing services. Companies often pay to have their services included or ranked highly on websites which can be misleading to those trying to choose the right services for their operations. The internet is not the most reliable source of information, so researching potential companies your business will work with is essential.

When it comes to finding the best 3PLs services in Atlanta, we truly vet each company so you can receive the assistance you need to help your business prosper. The warehouses we connect businesses with are screened based on the following criteria:

  • Number of Customers
  • Years in Business
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Annual Order Volume
  • Order Accuracy Rate
  • Shipping Accuracy Rate
  • Inventory Accuracy Rate

Our years of industry experience and understanding of the level of involvement required by a business of any scale allows us to find the services that best match your business’ needs. If you are looking for assistance in discovering the right full-service warehouse or fulfillment company in Atlanta, contact us today and we will provide you with any help needed.

Who Are the Best Ecommerce Fulfillment Centers in Atlanta & Warehouses for Storage?

Choosing a third-party warehousing provider can be a daunting task. When looking for the best 3PL or fulfillment warehouses online, the companies presented to you on these websites have little data to support what is being promised. As we stated previously, most of the lists of 3PLs have a monetary focus, so the listed warehousing services made their way onto the website by paying a certain amount of money. These lists also convey their drive for money and natural bias through the inclusion of ads.

As an example, the below is a list of 3PL Companies in Atlanta, Georgia that many of these sites promoted. We wrote a small review of each company, showing that many of their “top ranked” companies are not the best performers.

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse is a warehousing and fulfillment company located in various cities around the United States, including Atlanta. They have 3.92 million square feet of racked, high-cube, food-grade, temperature-controlled warehousing space. With more than 70 years of experience, their services reduce their clients’ costs, increase clients’ companies’ efficiency, and give their clients’ a competitive advantage. They now have 4 locations and can handle customers all over the US. Negative reviews left online share that the company is slow with loading and a bad manager of time. Many felt they had to wait several hours to get loaded. Many reviews on Google that are mostly positive, but the biggest complaints were loading time, no overnight parking and damage being done to customer’s trucks. The company garnered a 4 Star review with 117 total reviews, which is worthy of attention.

All Points

All Points is a privately held Third-Party logistics company that was founded in 1995. They offer various services, including e-commerce fulfillment, pick and pack, warehousing, distribution, retail distribution, kitting, FBA Prep, FBM, and print-on-demand. All Point’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to growing e-commerce startups and everything in between. All Points is a boutique 3PL that is not too large where you will get lost in the shuffle, but rather they can create logistics solutions to fit each clients’ unique needs.


ShipNetwork, previously Rakuten, is a warehousing company with many custom services available, such as kitting, subscription fulfillment, lot tracking, and temperature control. The company provides complete return management, including restocking your inventory. ShipNetwork Integrates with many popular ecommerce platforms. You can get shipping discounts on major carriers like DHL, USP, and USPS. Based in the US with a wide range of warehouse locations, ensuring faster delivery times. However, a popular social news network had several threads by current and past customers displaying their displeasure. One client chatted about being overcharged, another said orders would disappear. The biggest complaint was that they are a technology company that also ships, but that they aren’t even a good technology company.

A2B Fulfillment

A2B Fulfillment is a warehousing and fulfillment company with various locations nationwide. a2b Fulfillment is a third-party logistics provider specializing in consumer-direct order fulfillment and customer service. It recently expanded with a climate-controlled warehouse space in Greensboro, GA. Their integrations and advanced order management are some of the things they specialize in. They appear to be friendly with their clients and provide a software-assisted platform, but there are also a few negative reviews about the staff not being attentive to the personal needs of the client. Most reviews state that the staff is nice, but that the process is slow. With over 20 years of experience, A2B Fulfillment is a wonderful option for small to midsize companies. They do have a 4.2 Star review on Google, however they only have a total of 12 reviews, which is extremely low for a company with a long history of experience.

Renewal Logistics

Renewal Logistics is a logistics company with locations in California and Georgia. They are a woman-owned logistics company specializing in contract logistics with expertise in the apparel, footwear & consumer goods industries. Renewal Logistics is the company used by some of the largest and best apparel brands. They utilize value-added services and help your company sell more products, save on freight, and free up cash flow. Renewal Logistics has many online reviews and can be seen as reliable. However, the reviews don’t tend to always be positive – their 3.7 Star review is lower than our targeted 4.0 Star review for “top” companies. It is seen as though Renewal Logistics is a very bad environment to work in and has very low reviews from workers. Overall, they also have limited capabilities mostly targeting clothing lines. Renewal Logistics is considered a generally reliable company and can be a good option for some businesses.

Fulton Warehouse

Fulton Warehouse is a warehouse and logistics company located in Atlanta, Georgia. By lowering their operating expenses, Fulton Warehouse helps their clients’ businesses save money. A few pros with Fulton are they have hazmat certification, computerized inventory control, and they have been in business for over 50 years. A con to working with Fulton Warehouse is that clients say the company is often late with their shipments. Many negative reviews were found on Google about the customer service they provide, fulfilling orders in a timely manner, and that they are a lazy company. Their 3.4 Star rating is lower than the 4.0 threshold for highly functioning companies. Fulton Warehouse’s website could use some work and is seen by Google as a not secure site.

PBD Worldwide

PBD Worldwide is a warehousing and fulfillment company with more than 40 years of experience. PBD Worldwide focuses on the value of customer connections and promoting brand growth through superior order fulfillment & freight services. They do not have many customer reviews but are ranked high by employees. The lack of reviews is a bit of a concern. PBD Worldwide focuses on ensuring that customers receive their items on demand. Their pros include Same-day order fulfillment, hassle-free returns processing, accessible & robust reporting tools, and dedicated team members who know your business. The cons to using PBD is that they do not necessarily appear to be the best option for startups and smaller volume merchants.

Amware Logistics

Amware Logistics is a warehousing and fulfillment company with various locations around the United States which offers 1–2-day delivery. Amware Logistics specializes in order fulfillment services for high-volume, direct-to-consumer orders. They do not have many online reviews since the small number of employees makes it hard to judge the company’s reliability. Of the reviews, Amware Logistics does not rank very high, maintaining a below-average rating from employees. While they have multiple locations, they do appear to only help larger-size companies with a 50000 minimum order processing request. Amware Fulfillment operates out of 6 locations in the US, including the Atlanta area. They offer omnichannel fulfillment services and have won an award or two for excellence. However, regarding reviews, the company has room to grow. Both employee reviews (which give a perspective from the internal company and culture level) and reviews from customers online show significant room for improvement.

Flood Brothers

Flood Brothers is a warehousing and fulfillment company offering bilingual staff and two centrally located warehouse options in Georgia and Tennessee. They focus on offering a vast number of tools for your company’s commercial needs and various services to ensure your company’s project is the best. While they appear to be timely based on reviews, there are some frustrations about their strict adherence to appointment times that they would make clients that arrive early wait. Making drivers 4 hours to unload at the docks is not only frustrating for drivers, but also prolongs the receiving process for customers.

Quickbox Fulfillment

Quickbox Fulfillment is a warehousing and fulfillment company with many locations in the United States, including Atlanta, Georgia. They offer a variety of third-party logistics services for eCommerce and multichannel retailers. Quickbox Fulfillment utilizes state-of-the-art integrations and advanced technology to offer your company the best possible services. The company’s reviews are very low-rated, as the warehouse is said not to be the best. Overall, Quickbox Fulfillment seems to be an average Georgia warehouse. The largest problem is that Quickbox focuses almost exclusively on large-volume customers – so startups and growing companies will likely not capture their attention.


Mainfreight is a full-service 3rd party logistics company that began its operations in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1978, soon growing into New Zealand’s most extensive freight network. They became global in 1999 by acquiring businesses in Asia and the United States. In terms of its main pros – Mainfreight is a family-oriented business. While they employ thousands, they really believe in the blue-blooded family within a family business. As of 2022, they had 310 plus branches in 26 countries in their global network and employed over 11,000 team members. With such a large employee base, they are better able to serve each client better with more personalized attention. They offer air, ocean, warehousing, and everything in between. They get great reviews applauding staff and the conditions of their loading docks. Regarding the cons to using Mainfreight – they are a massive company. Their massive size may make it difficult to feel special, especially for smaller startup companies. Also, some reviews said they were slow and that it was hard to find employees. A company of this size should always be there to care for their clients. While they appear to have the capacity, the company should read their online reviews to look for ways to improve service. Overall, Mainfreight is a solid company that, at its size, has few complaints but has multiple locations and many services to offer.

Our service can help you find the best fulfillment or 3PL company to aid in your warehousing operations. We make sure each third-party warehousing service we recommend is reliable and able to cover any warehousing aspects you may require. To find the best match in Atlanta for your operations, fill out a form or call our toll-free number for assistance from one of our experts. We help you find different fulfillment services and centers specializing in a range of products, such as apparel fulfillment, supplement fulfillment, warehouse storage, and more.

Moving Fulfillment Services to Atlanta is a Wise Choice

An advantageous geographic location brings many opportunities to those in Atlanta. A wide span of regions in the U.S. can be reached quickly, and Atlanta’s location in the South provides access to much greater population densities. With air, land, and sea travel, foreign markets and 80% of U.S. markets can be reached quickly and efficiently. When it comes to customer and market reach, Atlanta is an optimal spot to base your fulfillment operations. If you choose to make the transition to Georgia, utilizing our resources can help make your move as smooth as possible.

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