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Moving your warehousing or fulfillment center to Los Angeles can be a great way to grow your business and save money. Los Angeles has access to ports and airways that cut down costs and travel times of goods internationally. These global gateways also open the possibility for international relations and connections that contribute to the growth of your business. Los Angeles’ large population and optimal location also serves a vast number of customers in California and on the west coast. Los Angeles is truly an optimal location for international affairs and west coast reach.

Long Beach/Los Angeles area is also the most popular area for bringing in containers of product from China and the Far East.

How to Find the Best 3PLs in Los Angeles, California

Looking for an order fulfillment services company in southern CA?

Doing a simple google search for 3PL warehouses and fulfillment companies in Los Angeles can often be problematic. The top lists of 3PLs or fulfillment centers include companies that pay to be listed or ranked highly. For those looking for the best services that will function well with their business, this can be misleading. The internet is not always the most reliable source of information, so screening potential companies that offer warehousing and fulfillment services is important for finding your best fit.

When looking for the best 3PL logistics or warehousing services, we examine each order fulfillment center we recommend to you, ensuring both parties will work well with one another. The warehouses in Los Angeles we connect businesses with are screened based on the following criteria:

  • Number of Customers
  • Years in Business
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Annual Order Volume
  • Order Accuracy Rate
  • Shipping Accuracy Rate
  • Inventory Accuracy Rate

We know which companies can help large organizations and which companies have no minimums and thus specialize in smaller start-ups and growing companies. And we determine if the companies can handle the following services or commodities:

Alcohol, Apparel, B2B Orders, B2C Orders, Books, Call Center Services, CD/DVD Duplication, Climate Controlled Conditions, Cloud Based Reporting, Cold Food, Contract Packaging, Credit Card Processing, Cross Docking, EDI and Retail Fulfillment, Electronics Products, Food Grade Commodities, Freight Forwarding, Frozen Food, Garments on Hangar (GOH), Gift Cards, Gift Wrapping, Government Contracts and Projects, Hazardous Goods, International Shipping, Kitting and Assembly, Marketing Services, Medical Device Products, Online Reporting, Performance Evaluations, Pharmaceutical Products, Printing Services, Promotional Products Sourcing, Rebates, Sweepstakes, and Contests, Refurbishment Services, Returns Processing, Screen Printing, Embroidery Services, Social Fulfillment Campaigns, Subscription Services, Supplements, Web Store Integration and Creation

We have participating vendors that we’ve pre-screened in the following cities:

Chino, Los Angeles, Mira Loma, Ontario, Santa Fe Springs, Bloomington, Pico Rivera, Simi Valley, Torrance, Rancho Cucamonga, Sylmar, Northridge, Seal Beach, Escondido, Santa Ana, San Diego, Poway, Encino, La Mirada, Newbury Park, Fullerton, Brea, San Bernadino, Fontana, Riverside, Carson

We are able to identify services that will best serve you through our understanding of the level of involvement any size business requires and our years of industry experience. If you are seeking help to find the right full-service warehouse or Los Angeles warehousing services companies, contact us today and we will provide you with any assistance needed.

Furthermore, we can make recommendations on the specific area in southern California for you to locate your outsourced fulfillment solution. There are a number of different areas within southern California:

Each of these areas offers some distinct advantages and disadvantages for the ultimate location of your outsourced fulfillment provider.

Why Use a 3PL Warehouse in Los Angeles?

If you choose to move your operations to Los Angeles, the city has many assets that would greatly benefit your business.

  • Warehousing in the Port of Los Angeles—The Port of Los Angeles is the most used port on the west coast and is also classified as a foreign trade zone. Being a foreign trade zone comes with cost saving benefits and access to foreign markets. Along with the Port of Los Angeles, there are other ports near the area that have access to importing and exporting across the Pacific Rim. The Pacific Rim is essentially the land around the rim of the Pacific Ocean that includes North America, South America, parts of Eastern Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and the islands of the Pacific. This makes importing from Asian companies and other international countries much easier.
  • Major Transportation Portal—Los Angeles has quicker access to highways and faster shipping to local cities than other areas on the west coast. Being a central hub for all west coast shipping, Los Angeles is the best city for finding a 3PL company or fulfillment warehouse. LAX further contributes to the perks of locating your warehousing in Los Angeles due to its global reach, convenience, and reduction of expenses.
  • Population and Location—Los Angeles is the second largest city in the U.S., so being able to reach 4 million residents can allow your business to serve many people from one warehouse. This also makes it easier to meet the demand of popular items.

How Many Warehouses are In Los Angeles?

According to, there are 2,473 warehouses in Los Angeles. In the Port of Los Angeles, however, states there are 13 acres of warehousing facilities in the port itself. In terms of warehouses for rent, states there are at least 237 warehouses listed, so there are many potential warehouse spaces for your business to choose from.

How Much Do Fulfillment Services Companies Charge in Los Angeles?

The cost of fulfillment often differs between states and companies, so calculating an estimate fee can be hard. A 3PL or fulfillment company in Los Angeles will provide a fee for integrating the operations of both parties as well as fees for the services they provide. These rates are typically compiled at the end of the month and sent to your business in the form of an invoice. The main fees you will encounter will be:

  • Initial Set-Up Fees
  • Receiving Fees
  • Storage Fees
  • Fulfillment or “Pick and Pack” Fees
  • Shipping Fees
  • Returns Fees
  • Other Miscellaneous Fees

For national cost averages and an in depth break down of potential fulfillment rates, you can visit this page. If you are looking specifically for warehousing rates and potential fees, you can find national averages and pallet storage pricing.

Top 3PLs in Los Angeles and Southern California

Los Angeles and Southern California are epicenters for third-party logistics providers (3PLs). These companies offer various services, from warehousing to transportation, to help businesses streamline their supply chain operations. Here are some of the top 3PLs in Los Angeles and Southern California for 2023 as listed by most website (please note: these are not necessarily the companies that we would recommend but rather these are the companies listed frequently on other websites):


Known for their innovative logistics solutions, ShipBots is a leading 3PL in Los Angeles. They offer a comprehensive suite of services that cater to businesses of all sizes.

Current International Freight

This company has a strong presence in the region and provides a wide range of logistics services, including freight forwarding and customs brokerage.

BDP International

A global logistics company with a significant presence in Southern California, BDP International offers various services, including supply chain management, transportation, and warehousing.

Evolution Fulfillment

Based in California, Evolution Fulfillment is known for its efficient and reliable logistics services. They offer everything from warehousing to order fulfillment.

Sentro Supply Chain

Sentro Supply Chain is a top-rated 3PL in Southern California, known for its customer-centric approach and comprehensive logistics solutions.


Novella is a leading 3PL in Los Angeles, offering various services, including warehousing, transportation, and order fulfillment.

Traffic International Corp

This company is recognized for its global logistics solutions and has a strong presence in Southern California.

Delivery Lane Express

Known for its fast and reliable logistics services, it is a top choice for businesses in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Pacific Logistics Corp

Pacific Logistics Corp offers a comprehensive suite of logistics services, making them a top choice for regional businesses.

Logistic Edge

Logistic Edge is a leading 3PL in Los Angeles, known for its innovative logistics solutions and customer-centric approach.

These top 3PLs in Los Angeles and Southern California are well-equipped to handle your logistics needs, offering a range of services to help streamline your supply chain operations.

Fulfillment Centers in Los Angeles and Southern California

Los Angeles and Southern California are home to various top-rated fulfillment centers. Here are some of the most notable ones as of 2023 as listed by most website (please note: these are not necessarily the companies that we would recommend but rather these are the companies listed frequently on other websites):

Medallion Enterprises Inc

This provider offers a comprehensive suite of services, including warehousing, order fulfillment, and shipping.

Fulfillment Express

Known for its efficiency and customer service, Fulfillment Express offers services such as order processing, inventory management, and shipping.


Similar to Fulfillment Express, ShipZag offers various services and is favored by many e-commerce businesses for their commitment to customer service.

ShipBob’s Los Angeles Fulfillment Center

For businesses looking for a fulfillment center with a global presence, ShipBob offers 2-day shipping nationwide.

Amware Fulfillment’s Los Angeles Warehouse

Part of a nationwide fulfillment network, Amware offers delivery to 95% of the country within 1-2 days.

These fulfillment centers offer various services to help e-commerce businesses streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction. Whether you’re a small business looking to outsource your fulfillment operations or a large corporation looking for a reliable partner, these fulfillment centers have you covered.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a 3PL or Fulfillment Center

Several crucial factors should be considered when selecting a third-party logistics (3PL) provider or fulfillment center for your business. These factors can greatly impact your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here are the key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Location and Proximity to Your Business: The location of a 3PL or fulfillment center is a critical factor that affects shipping times and costs. Choosing a center near your customer base can significantly reduce transit times, leading to faster deliveries and happier customers. Additionally, having a fulfillment center nearby allows for easy coordination and communication, making it more convenient to address any issues.
  • Services Offered: Warehousing, Pick-and-Pack, and Shipping: Evaluate the range of services provided by the 3PL or fulfillment center. Ensure they offer the specific benefits your business requires, such as warehousing, pick-and-pack, inventory management, and shipping. Verify their capabilities to handle your product types, packaging needs, and any specialized requirements unique to your business. A comprehensive suite of services can streamline your operations and provide end-to-end solutions.
  • Pricing and Fees: Consider the pricing structure and fees offered by the 3PL or fulfillment center. Request detailed pricing information and understand how costs are calculated. Assess whether the pricing aligns with your budget and business goals. It’s important to find a balance between cost-effectiveness and quality service. Compare pricing models, such as flat fees, per-unit, and storage fees, to determine which best suits your business needs.
  • Technology and Software Integration: Efficient technology and software integration can greatly enhance your fulfillment operations. Inquire about the systems and software used by the 3PL or fulfillment center. Check if they offer real-time inventory tracking, order management systems, and integration capabilities with your e-commerce platform or other business systems. Seamless integration can streamline order processing, improve inventory accuracy, and provide valuable insights into your business operations.
  • Customer Service and Support: Prompt and reliable customer service is crucial when unexpected issues arise or when you need assistance with your fulfillment operations. Evaluate the responsiveness and availability of the 3PL or fulfillment center’s customer service team. Inquire about their communication channels, support hours, and problem-resolution processes. A dedicated and knowledgeable support team can help address concerns swiftly, ensuring smooth operations and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Considering these factors in your selection process, you can make an informed decision when choosing a 3PL or fulfillment center. Careful evaluation will help you find a partner that aligns with your business requirements and contributes to your success.

Nearby Alternatives to Fulfillment Centers in Los Angeles

Many people search each month for a warehousing and fulfillment company in the greater Los Angeles area or Los Angeles County because of the high density of people in the city. However, the majority of fulfillment companies are located in the surrounding cities due to high costs of warehouse space and labor within the city of Los Angeles itself.

Long Beach California Fulfillment Services Companies

Port of Long Beach is the highest volume port in the US, so it should come as no surprise that this is one of the most frequently searched areas to find a fulfillment company. The pro to locating in this immediate area is obviously the proximity to the port, especially for companies that sell bulkier and heavier items so that freight charges are minimized. However, there aren’t many fulfillment companies in this immediate area, especially for smaller and growing companies. The main logistics focus of this area is receipt and distribution of containers.

Orange County California Fulfillment Centers

Orange County is a popular area to locate a fulfillment company, for many of the same reasons that people seek out a provider in Los Angeles. There is a great concentration of population in this area, and businesses are abundant in the area as well. Because it’s close to the port of Long Beach, it is a great area to minimize inbound freight. However, this area does tend to be a little more expensive than others in the southern California market.

San Bernardino and Inland Empire California Fulfillment Services Companies

These two areas that reside north and east of Los Angeles are very popular for location of fulfillment companies. The options in these markets are plentiful, especially since the warehouse space is cheaper in these areas and the associated labor costs are more affordable as well since they are out of the city. Of course, they are a little further inland and require additional freight costs to deliver inbound product to the fulfillment center. However, they are a great, cost effective option for most companies.

The Importance of Choosing the Right 3PL or Fulfillment Center for Your Business

Selecting the right third-party logistics (3PL) provider or fulfillment center is a critical decision that can significantly impact your business’s success. The growth of e-commerce and customer expectations for fast, reliable shipping make it crucial to have a dedicated and efficient fulfillment process. Here’s why choosing the right 3PL or fulfillment center is essential:

  • Streamlined Operations and Scalability: Partnering with a reputable 3PL or fulfillment center ensures streamlined operations. They handle crucial logistics, including warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping. You can focus on core business activities such as marketing and product development by leveraging their expertise and infrastructure. A reliable partner can also adapt to your business’s changing needs and support your growth by providing scalable solutions.
  • Improved Customer Experience: The fulfillment process plays a vital role in shaping the overall customer experience. A well-managed 3PL or fulfillment center can ensure accurate and timely order fulfillment, leading to faster shipping and delivery times. This increases customer satisfaction and positive reviews, contributing to customer loyalty and repeat business. On the other hand, a bad fulfillment experience, such as delayed shipments or poor packaging, can lead to negative customer sentiment and damage your brand reputation.
  • Cost Savings and Efficiency: Choosing the right 3PL or fulfillment center can save costs and improve efficiency. A reputable provider has established networks, resources, and industry knowledge to optimize shipping routes, negotiate favorable carrier rates, and reduce transportation costs. They can also help optimize inventory levels, minimizing storage costs and mitigating the risk of overstocking or stockouts. You can achieve better cost management and operational efficiency by leveraging their expertise.
  • Access to Advanced Technology and Expertise: Reputable 3PL or fulfillment centers invest in advanced technology and systems to streamline operations and enhance visibility. They utilize warehouse management systems, order tracking tools, and integration capabilities with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. These technologies provide real-time insights into inventory levels, order statuses, and shipping updates, empowering you with accurate data to make informed decisions. Additionally, partnering with experienced professionals in logistics and fulfillment gives you access to their expertise and industry best practices.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: As your business evolves and experiences demand fluctuations, a flexible and scalable fulfillment solution is essential. The right 3PL or fulfillment center can accommodate your changing needs, whether it’s handling seasonal peaks, expanding into new markets, or adapting to shifts in customer preferences. Their infrastructure and resources allow seamless scaling without compromising efficiency or customer experience. This flexibility enables your business to remain agile and responsive to market demands.

Take Your Fulfillment Operations to the Next Level in Los Angeles and Southern California

Choosing the right 3PL or fulfillment center is crucial for the success of your business. It enables streamlined operations, improves the customer experience, provides cost savings and efficiency gains, grants access to advanced technology and expertise, and offers the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. Take the time to evaluate potential partners, considering their track record, capabilities, technology infrastructure, and customer support. By making an informed decision, you can establish a strong fulfillment foundation that supports your business growth and customer satisfaction.

Ready to choose the right 3PL or fulfillment center for your business? Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your fulfillment needs.

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