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Find the Best New York City Warehouse & 3PL Fulfillment Centers for Warehousing Space & Distribution (Also Brooklyn and Long Island!)

If you are looking to begin warehousing and fulfillment in New York City (NYC), Brooklyn, and Long Island, there are many benefits and options for your business. New York City has access to important infrastructure—such as train stations and cargo ports—that allows for lower shipping and warehousing fees than other locations across the United States. The city also has a large metropolitan area and proximity to New Jersey—one of the busiest hubs in the country—that makes it an optimal location for warehousing and fulfillment operations.

How to Find the Best Warehouses in New York City, Brooklyn, and Long Island

When looking for the best warehouse storage space in NYC, you can run into unreliable lists or rankings. Many of the top lists of 3PL warehousing services are problematic. Often, a company pays to have their warehouse or services listed which can be misleading to those searching for a 3PL warehouse that best fits their needs. The internet is not the most reliable source, so screening the companies you are looking to work with is important.

When it comes to finding the best 3PL logistics services and warehouses, truly vets each company to ensure you find reliable services. The warehouses we connect businesses with are screened based on the following standards:

  • Number of Customers
  • Years in Business
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Annual Order Volume
  • Order Accuracy Rate
  • Shipping Accuracy Rate
  • Inventory Accuracy Rate
  • Customer Reviews

We can identify which fulfillment services will work best for your business through years of industry experience and an understanding of the level of needs from an organization of any size. If you are looking for assistance in finding the right full-service warehouse or fulfillment company in New York City, Brooklyn, and Long Island, contact us today and we will provide any help you may need.

Why Use Fulfillment Centers in New York City, Brooklyn, and Long Island?

There are many advantages to locating your warehousing in the New York City area.

  • Population Density—New York City is densely populated which increases the number of potential business prospects. With many customers located near your warehouse, long distance shipping decreases which lowers your shipping costs.
  • Ports and International Entryways—New York City also has access to important ports and entry points into the United States. The city has one of the largest ports on the East Coast and is near the Newark Bay port in New Jersey. Having access to these ports decreases the travel time of goods and saves money in transportation costs. New York City also has JFK, an international airport that is the busiest international gateway into the United States. JFK opens the possibility of international markets while causing warehousing costs to be considerably low.
  • Proximity to New Jersey—In 2014, around 30% of cargo traffic in the East Coast passed through New Jersey. New Jersey is one of the busiest hubs in the country, so if you are receiving product from overseas, locating your warehousing or fulfillment center near that area saves time and money.

How Much Does Warehousing and Fulfillment Cost in New York City, Brooklyn, and Long Island?

Fulfillment rates often vary across states and companies, so pinpointing a set cost can be difficult. Generally, you will receive fees for all services being provided to your business as well as fees for setting up operations with the fulfillment center. At the end of each month, fulfillment companies will typically total up all services that were provided and send you an invoice. The main fees you will encounter will be:

  • Initial Set-Up Fees
  • Receiving Fees
  • Storage Fees
  • Fulfillment or “Pick and Pack” Fees
  • Shipping Fees
  • Returns Fees
  • Other Miscellaneous Fees

Visit our fulfillment costs and pricing page for national cost averages and an in depth break down of potential fulfillment rates. We also offer valuable data on warehousing costs and national pallet storage pricing as well.

Public Warehousing & Distribution in New York City is Possible

New York City is a great location for warehousing and fulfillment centers. Access to transportation hubs and the dense population creates many opportunities to cut down costs and expand your business. Although finding the right warehouse space and service might be difficult, utilizing our resources can help make the transition as painless as possible. Overall, New York City warehousing is an optimal location to house your warehousing or ecommerce order fulfillment centers.

Who Are the Best Fulfillment Companies in New York City, Brooklyn, and Long Island?

Choosing a third-party warehousing provider is never an easy task. When searching the best 3PL or fulfillment warehouses on google, the companies listed have little data to rely upon. As we stated before, most of these lists are money driven, and companies are listed at the top because of how much money they have to spend. These websites also include ads which are naturally biased, and this further establishes the monetary focus of these sites.

Our service can help you find the best fulfillment or 3PL company to take care of your warehousing needs. We make sure each third-party warehousing service we recommend is fully capable and reliable so your business can thrive. To find the best match in New York City for your operations, fill out a form or call our toll-free number for assistance from one of our experts.