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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Pick and Pack Service

Learn everything you need to know - from avoiding the common pitfalls when searching for pick and pack companies using "top lists" and brokers, to what it is, how it works, and how to maximize efficiency.

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Find the Best Pick and Pack Warehouses for Your Business

Pick and Pack and Ship outsourcing is a cost-effective option for your shipping and warehousing needs. Pick and pack warehouses offer flexible solutions for all-sized businesses. If your business lacks space and personnel or time-related resources, a Pick & Pack company may give you less stress along with saving you time and money, something that influences your bottom line. Explore your options and choose one that works best for your business.

Utilizing pick and pack warehouses can be one of the best business investments for your organization if you choose the right company and enlist in the correct partnership. This strategy can help you improve the quality and speed of your business operations while lowering warehouse, fulfillment, and shipping costs. In addition, they can provide insight into industry expertise and guide you in entering new markets.

The Challenges to Avoid When Searching for Pick & Pack Services Online

Unfortunately, it can be very challenging to find the best pick and pack warehouses for various reasons. This task is time-consuming and can present difficulties in verifying the truthfulness and validity of information while sifting through false claims online. These elements can make finding the perfect fit for your situation in your region an exhaustive chore.

Red Flags to Look For with List and Brokers

On top of finding the right pick and pack service, making the wrong choice can lead your organization down the road to big problems. For example, a poor-quality pick and pack services company can result in incorrect orders, accounting errors, and department miscommunication.

Your business may experience lost products, inventory issues, or shipping and receiving delays. All these situations can leave you with a loss of business, cutting into your profits and tarnishing your reputation in the industry.

We Make Selecting a Pick and Pack Fulfillment Service Easy

We make this job easier for you because we take the stress out of finding the right pick and pack warehouses.

Our expert service saves you time and money because we’ve been analyzing and collecting data while screening pick and pack warehouse companies since 2005. We can efficiently perform a simple search and get you a shortlist of your best local options. You can trust our unbiased reports because we are not a warehouse or affiliated with any warehouse like other services.

We use a rigorous screening process to assess warehouses by talking to customers, running financial checks, and monitoring ongoing user reviews on our platform. We examine key success factors, including their years in business, the number of customers, and their customer retention rate.

Other vital statistics we explore include their annual order volume and accuracy rates for orders, shipping, and inventory. Our team of professionals has worked in the pick and pack warehouse industry for decades and has run successful pick and pack warehouse companies, so you know we are experts in the industry.

How We Determine Matches

In addition, our service won’t end up costing you like other referral brokers or agencies because we charge the warehouses a small, one-time fee instead – you pay nothing. Your pricing is not affected in any way – and we’re the only company that can make that boast. Furthermore, we learn all their capabilities for your benefit. We consider all these attributes in our screening, from the types of products they work with to the services they perform and what volumes they can handle.

Our professional service is simple to use. First, you tell us about your extensive needs and what you hope to accomplish. Then, we will get you to approve our shortlist of up to five pick and pack warehouse companies in your region, and we will match them with your organization. Finally, these personalized matches will reach out to you with comprehensive quotes and compete for your business.

Everything You Need to Know about the Pick and Pack Industry

Many businesses do not understand everything there is to know about pick and pack warehouse companies. Therefore, we want to provide you with all the detailed information you need to learn about pick and pack warehouses. From whether or not they will benefit your business to how much they will cost your company, we make it easy to find the best pick and pack warehouse companies in your region.

So, below we’ve created an extensive guide on pick and pack warehouse companies to help you navigate this industry with ease.

What are Picking and Packing Services?

What is pick and pack? A Pick & Pack company is a cost-efficient method of shipping and warehousing for orders that are more complex. Occasionally, an order may involve picking items from one or more locations to be combined and packed for shipment together. Handling through outsourcing generally better suits the complexity of such order fulfillment.

Pick and pack fulfillment services may use complicated computer systems to track and relay information on a timely basis, involving complicated accounting and multiple employees to complete. Pick and Pack companies can tailor solutions for storage and distribution that may not be available to the individual business owner at a decent price.

Our company can match providers to your business. We have providers in the US, Canada, and the UK.

What is pick and pack warehousing

How Does the Pick and Pack Process Work?

A pick and pack company works with its clients to provide aid in warehousing and shipping for their business. Some orders may be more intricate to handle than others. Pick-n-Pack is a process that fulfillment companies use to fill their client’s orders. The process may include receiving shipments, disassembling them and then reassembling them to be shipped according to the individual requirements of the client.

Take a look at the process:

  • Receiving product: This is where a client sends its product to a warehousing facility. The warehouse has the job of deciding where to place the products. It may involve large orders that take up ½ or more of the facility or as small as only a few shelves. Whoever runs the facility needs to have a system to track where the items are located in the warehouse and be able to know if they can handle expansion from that client as his business grows.
  • Storage: A facility to house the client’s products securely and well-protected. This may include breaking down boxes or pallets for storage and distribution for individual shipments. Having a good management system in place, which may include bar coding, for accuracy and inventory control.
  • Picking: This is the process of pulling items from one or more locations to be included with an order that may go to multiple locations. Having a good management system in place, will allow the picker to pull multiple orders from shelves on a single pass. Bar coding, electronic tickets and other tools, help to streamline the process and make the picking more efficient.
  • Packing: After picking the products, they are gathered together and placed in boxes or pallets according to the instructions per the client’s needs.
  • Distribution: The facility works with the delivery systems to ensure your product is delivered to your clients. You are still responsible for the shipping charges. It is important to select facilities, whose location allows you to ship to the maximum amount of customers at a minimal shipping cost.
  • Confirmation: The pick and pack company you use should be able to provide you with confirmation of deliver, inventory control, information about how their facility is managed, and how they will be able to deliver and handle in an accurate and timely manner.

A good Pick-N-Pack company should prevent expenditures for distribution, building needs, equipment, extra technology for implementation and additional staff needed to complete shipping needs without compromising quality and control.

Why Should You Consider a Pick and Pack Warehouse for Your Business?

Are you looking for an affordable and high-quality pick and pack warehouse? Professional pick and pack companies can help you combat the challenges of distribution.

A pick and pack fulfillment provider works with shipping companies to manage logistical operations in many areas. This includes but is not limited to the warehousing of materials, providing certain rates, and freight transportation. Some pick and pack companies will specialize in certain industries while others in a specific area of operations, such as warehousing.

Even though some companies prefer to handle these responsibilities independently in-house, it can often prove to be much more overwhelming than they originally anticipated. The process of housing and shipping materials can take a lot of time and effort, and can ultimately take away from the purpose of the business. If that becomes the case, then what is the point of starting a business in the first place?

Benefits of pick and pack

Using a professional pick and pack will help you combat many important challenges you may face in distribution:

  1. Decrease your shipping errors: Pick and Pack companies use up-to-date technology and offer strong service teams to deliver quality and professional business services. Most offer 24/7 access to an online management system to monitor, approve, and cancel orders placed by your business.
  2. Increasing picking accuracy and minimizing shipment of undamaged goods: A good pick and pack company should relieve you of the stress that comes with order processing and fulfillment of a high demand of orders.
  3. Actualizing better freight rates: This allows you to compete with bigger companies who maintain their own fulfillment houses
  4. Streamlining your focus by using a specialist: Since the primary function of a pick and pack warehouse is to execute the supply chain in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, there are fewer distractions for them and their workers and other responsibilities to get in the way. This is not always the case when companies have to handle the duties themselves as people are constantly being pulled in multiple directions. Pick and pack employees do not need to wear as many hats. If they need to restructure the supply chain, they can do it much more easily. They are up to date on the newest technology and practices, as well as the entire process from beginning to end. This is especially helpful if any errors or unforeseen developments occur along the way. If you are unsure of the process itself, a 3PL warehouse can put your mind at ease.
  5. Increasing your professional resources: Pick and pack companies are generally run by seasoned professionals who have a large network of contacts available that provides advantages over in-house supply chains. If the warehouse has a solid reputation for customer service and success, this is generally a much larger network than most companies have. They can use established relationships and discounts, to lower overhead and provide the fastest possible service. Choosing a pick and pack provider allows your company to benefit from resources that are unavailable in-house.
  6. Decreasing costs and increasing value: Real estate is expensive, especially for a warehouse. By using a pick and pack warehouse you can reduce costs not only by eliminating the need to invest in extra space, but also in hiring staff and transportation costs that are necessary to operate. Furthermore, they should handle all paperwork and issues related to billing, training, audits, and operations.
  7. Assisting with scalability: Scalability is business or system’s ability to handle a growing amount of work and the potential for growth. Another benefit of using a 3PL warehouse is the ability to adjust space and labor based on inventory and products. Many pick and pack providers have warehouses strategically placed around the world that ensure efficiency and delivery across the world for the same lower costs that support growth. This can result in a re-engineering of distribution markets, which is often an unexpected blessing during times of growth.
  8. Adding much-needed flexibility to your business: Certain businesses are seasonal and not as active during certain parts of the year. For example, a company that makes products for Christmas does not need as much warehouse space in May. Pick and pack providers can work with the businesses and relieve stress during transitions between seasonal industry chances. They can use more (or less) space and resources when necessary. This flexibility can also potentially help grow sales in newer markets.

The shipping process is one of the most crucial decisions you make when growing a business.

Pick & Pack for E-commerce

Regarding e-commerce order fulfillment, efficient pick and pack strategies are crucial for ensuring timely and accurate shipments to your customers. Below, we will explore common pick and pack techniques used in e-commerce fulfillment centers and discuss when to utilize each method.

Additionally, we’ll provide valuable tips to reduce pick time for e-commerce orders and highlight the latest technology that can enhance the pick and pack process. By optimizing your pick and pack operations, you can improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity, and drive the success of your e-commerce business.

Common Picking and Packing Strategies in E-commerce

In the world of e-commerce fulfillment, implementing an effective pick and pack strategy is crucial for efficient order processing. Several standard systems are used in e-commerce warehouses, each with advantages and ideal use cases. Each of these are described below:

  • Piece picking: Piece picking is the most basic and widely used method in e-commerce fulfillment. Each item is picked separately to fulfill an order. It is ideal for small orders or products with high demand variability. However, while piece picking offers flexibility, it can be time-consuming for larger orders.
  • Zone picking: Zone picking involves dividing the warehouse into specific zones, and each picker is assigned a designated zone to fulfill orders. This method increases efficiency as pickers specialize in particular areas, reducing travel time. Zone picking works well for more giant warehouses with a comprehensive product range.
  • Batch picking: Batch picking involves picking multiple orders simultaneously. Pickers collect items for various orders in a single pass through the warehouse. It is particularly efficient for small items or low-demand products. Batch picking minimizes travel time and is ideal for warehouses with high order volumes.
  • Wave picking: Wave picking combines elements of both zone picking and batch picking. It involves dividing orders into waves, where pickers complete specific batches of orders within a designated time frame. As a result, wave picking optimizes order-picking efficiency and suits warehouses with diverse order profiles and varying shipment deadlines.

How to Reduce Pick Time for E-commerce Orders

Optimizing pick time is essential for efficient e-commerce order fulfillment. By strategically organizing your warehouse, implementing advanced inventory management systems, choosing efficient packing materials, and providing comprehensive training to your pickers, you can streamline your processes and meet customer demands effectively.

Let’s explore these tips to enhance the efficiency of your picking process and improve overall order fulfillment.

  • Optimize your warehouse layout: A well-organized warehouse layout is vital when reducing pick time. Arrange your warehouse strategically by grouping popular or frequently ordered items closer to packing stations. This way, pickers can access them quickly, minimizing travel time.
  • Implement advanced inventory management systems: Invest in advanced inventory management systems to streamline the picking process. These systems provide real-time visibility of your inventory, making it easier for pickers to locate items accurately and efficiently. As a result, you can significantly reduce pick time by reducing errors and eliminating the need for manual searching.
  • Choose efficient packing materials: Suitable packing materials can make a difference in pick time. Opt for efficient storage solutions, such as well-organized bins or shelves, to store and organize your products. Clear labeling and easy accessibility ensure pickers can quickly locate and retrieve items, saving valuable time.
  • Train and cross-train your pickers: Your pickers play a crucial role in picking. Provide comprehensive training to your team, ensuring they understand the best practices and techniques for efficient picking. Additionally, cross-train your pickers in different picking strategies. This enables flexibility within your team, allowing them to seamlessly adapt to fluctuating order volumes or change fulfillment needs.

By implementing the provided tips above, you can optimize your pick time and improve the overall efficiency of your e-commerce order fulfillment. In addition, streamlining your processes and empowering your pickers with the right tools and training will help you meet customer demands promptly and effectively.

Technology That Can Enhance the E-commerce Pick & Pack Process

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead requires continuous improvement in the pick and pack process. Fortunately, various advanced technologies are available that can enhance efficiency and accuracy. By leveraging these technologies, businesses can streamline operations, reduce errors, and meet customer demands more effectively.

This section will discuss the latest technologies that can transform the e-commerce pick and pack process, enabling businesses to stay competitive in the digital marketplace. Consider implementing the following technologies:

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS): A robust warehouse management system streamlines and automates your pick and pack operations. It provides real-time inventory visibility, optimizes order routing, and helps track and manage to pick tasks efficiently.
  • Barcode scanning and RFID: Barcode scanning and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technologies enable quick and accurate item identification during the picking process. By scanning barcodes or RFID tags, selectors can instantly match items with corresponding orders, minimizing errors and improving productivity.
  • Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light systems: Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light systems utilize light indicators to guide pickers to the exact location of items. These systems eliminate the need for manual searching and reduce picking errors, resulting in faster and more accurate order fulfillment.
  • Voice-directed picking: Voice-directed picking technology provides pickers with audio instructions through a headset or mobile device. It allows hands-free operation and guides pickers to the correct locations, improving picking speed and accuracy.
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs): AGVs are robotic vehicles that can autonomously transport items within your warehouse. By automating the movement of goods between picking stations and packing areas, AGVs reduce reliance on manual labor, minimize travel time, and increase overall efficiency.
  • Pick and pack automation: Automated systems like conveyor belts, robotic arms, and sortation systems can streamline the pick and pack process.  In addition, these technologies automate repetitive tasks, enabling faster and more accurate order fulfillment.

Incorporating these cutting-edge technologies into your e-commerce pick and pack process can optimize operations, reduce errors, and enhance productivity. Explore the provided resources for more in-depth information on the best picking methods and the benefits of different technologies in e-commerce fulfillment.

Outsourcing Pick and Pack Warehousing

Are you considering outsourcing pick and pack with a fulfillment company? This is a very important question that many product-related companies consider. While the answer may seem obvious to some, there isn’t really a clear cut answer in many instances. Here are some of the reasons it can be difficult for people to outsource, as well as some things to consider when making the decision.

First and foremost, it is extremely difficult for many small business owners to outsource anything, as many times they have been responsible for the core functions of the business. Many small business owners do a great job at the core functions of their business, and rightfully think that they can do them better than anything else.

However, the hard truth is that we only have a certain number of hours in each day. Especially if a small business is pursuing growth, sharing responsibility is the only way. Whether this is hiring additional staff or outsourcing the pick and pack, getting it off of the plate of the small business owner can be extremely successful.

The catch is this – they have to be willing to accept that whoever they give pick and pack responsibilities to will not necessarily do it as well as they did it. No one ever has as much care for a business as the owner. However, owners must realize that they can only do a certain amount of things each day, and if they can get others to perform even at 80-90% of their capability, then the job will be done well.

The other big thing that we see when considering whether or not to outsource pick and pack services is “where” the fulfillment company must be located. Again, going back to the “control” issue, most small business owners wish to have the pick and pack located close to them. They figure that this way they can have more control over the process.

While this may be true, the unfortunate reality is that there aren’t necessarily quality, high-performing fulfillment companies in all areas of the country. This means they could compromise by going with a local firm, taking a great risk that the warehousing company doesn’t perform well.

But the really good 3PL companies will do a great job, whether or not you’re located next door to them. And believe me, finding a great pick and pack company is worth its’ weight in gold.

Finally, when looking at whether or not to outsource, keep the costs in mind. However, it’s not all about whether or not it’s cheaper to outsource. Most small business owners fail to incorporate “opportunity costs” into the equation. Simply put, there is an opportunity cost of continuing to do the fulfillment in-house.

If you do, you won’t have time to, for example, locate new customers, grow your business, or uncover earth-shattering business opportunities. To make the best decision, you must include opportunity costs in the equation.

Top Things to Look for in an Ecommerce Pick & Pack Fulfillment Service

Be careful in selecting a company – Nearly half of all Pick and Pack companies under-perform. They take on too many clients, or have out-of-date technology. That is why it is so important to do your homework. Many make promises they simply cannot keep. A good pick and pack can make or break your business.

Making sure you partner with a quality pick and pack warehouse that will suit your needs is of paramount importance. Even when using our service, you’ll want to make sure that you look for these key things before you sign on the dotted line:

  1. Fees & Additional Cost – Some of the fees may include a minimum fee, storage fees and pallet fees. Ask questions and compare fee structures. Look for hidden fees also.
  2. Know Who You’re Dealing With – If possible, visit the potential pick and pack warehouse, or at the very least speak with as many employees as possible by phone to get further acquainted with the company. Pay close attention to your interactions – the way they respond to you will likely be similar to how they respond to you and your customers after you start working with them. And if possible, get a demo of any systems that will be used. It’s good to have a full idea of their capabilities before making a commitment.
  3. Length Of Contract – There is no right or wrong answer as it relates to the length of the contract. You just need to be clear on what is expected, and how long it is to be expected. If the situation dictates, can you get out of your contract? And at what cost?
  4. Track Record – Always check online for any reviews of your prospective Pick and Pack warehouse, good or bad. Better to know how other vendors and customers view a company before getting into a commitment. Also, check on how long they have been in the business. Never compromise cost for quality. You want the company you choose to perform as if you were running the company.
  5. Loss of Product – How does the company handle situations when merchandise is lost? This can affect your bottom line. Do they have a record of damaged merchandise and how often do they cycle count?
  6. Testimonies and References – Don’t be afraid to get testimonies from other clients. People love to share their experiences when it comes to doing business. They may also be able to provide some useful tips. So if you have questions, be sure to ask.
  7. Technology – Make sure that a potential pick and pack provider utilizes a solid warehouse management system (WMS) that can connect to your sales channels to automatically pull over orders and that they provider real-time reporting.

What to look for in the Best 3PL Fulfillment Companies

So do your homework, be prepared, and evaluate each Pick and Pick warehouse with great scrutiny. This decision is a big one for your business so extra care will no doubt be worthwhile.

Just because someone is ranked at the top of Google does not mean they are the best company to fit your business needs. Can the pick and pack make a difference in your success? If you choose the right company, then we believe the benefits of pick and pack far outweigh the challenges.

There’s more to choosing a provider than just looking at pick and pack fees. Price should never be the only deciding factor when choosing any service for businesses. Everything comes down to offering the best product at the most competitive price. How about customer service? Will a Pick and Pack offer your product in a timely manner?

As a business owner, you have a lot of choices to make regarding your shipping and warehousing needs. In allowing a Pick & Pack to handle your distribution, you are relinquishing control and allowing someone else to take charge. If they are dependable AND cost-effective, they may just be what you need to streamline your business and allow you to concentrate on growing your business.

So, take a look at other critical factors and don’t just make a decision based upon pick and pack fees.

Top Reasons to Use Our Service Instead of Researching a Pick and Pack Fulfillment Company on Your Own

Now that you can see the value of using a pick and pack fulfillment service, how do you find the right company? So many pick and pack companies out there make promises that they just don’t keep. Shipping your orders accurately and timely is crucial to your business.

With so many shipping companies out there, finding the right pick and pack company for your business can be extremely tough.

  • If you’re searching the web, you’ll find that every company claims to be “the best.” But we know better. In fact, far too many pick and pack firms do a poor job of fulfilling your orders – making errors on your shipments which put your company at risk of losing business. That’s why we have a thorough process of screening companies so that we weed out the bad pick and pack companies and instead connect you instantly with the highest performing ones in the business.
  • And be careful when you find other sites out there like ours – some claim to “rank” fulfillment companies and others claim to screen companies in a similar fashion to our website. But don’t believe the hype – we’re the only company that truly screens companies. Oftentimes, these ranking sites connect you with the companies that pay the most money to get connected with you, rather than being connected with you because they’re a high-performing pick and pack company that can meet your specific needs.

Ways to Search for 3PLs and warehouses

Our service is the premier matchmaking service in the industry and can help you get matched with the best pick and pack firms for your company.

  1. Vendor Screening: We thoroughly screen all pick and pack companies before they are in our database. Our knowledge of the industry since 2005 has allowed us to develop an excellent pre-screening checklist for evaluating businesses before matching our customers with the most relevant providers. We look at shipping error rates and customer referrals together with other business factors when compiling our database. We’re the only company that truly pre-screens their vendors. Our vendors are screened using extensive questions and interviews, so that we can be certain that they’ll do a good job handling your project and offer the best pick and pack pricing.
  2. Knowledgeable: We have a wealth of experience connecting businesses since 2005. Our staff works daily to keep abreast of current and future education to aid our customers with up-to-date technology. We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers and vendors to find answers to important questions that arise between them.
  3. Unbiased: Everyone claims to be unbiased – we mean it. We match you with pick and pack companies that can meet all your specific needs. We help you through the process, but you must make your own decision on whether to use one of the companies supplied to you. So why are we unbiased? We’re not brokers, instead, we charge each Pick & Pack company each time we make an introduction. NO CHARGE TO YOU, and you are under no obligation to use any of the companies that contact you with a competitive quote. It’s always your choice.
  4. Excellent Client Relations: We pride ourselves on excellent client relations with our customers and vendors. Sometimes you just need an answer to industry questions. We’re here to help. You will have access to blogs that aim to educate and answer questions most important to the industry. Our staff is always available for more specific needs your business may have about pick & pack services.
  5. Cost of Service: CAN YOU SAY FREE? We’re not brokers, instead we charge each fulfillment company vendor each time we make an introduction. You’re not charged for the service.
  6. It’s Fast & Simple: We have a quick form for gathering information – it doesn’t get any easier than that! Stop searching the web for hours and hours without any idea as to the actual quality of each pick and pack company. Get connected to thoroughly screened companies fast!

How to Find the Best Pick, Pack, and Ship Company

The process of getting connected with multiple pre-screened Pick & Pack firms that meet your specific needs is simple:

  1. Fill Out a Quick Form – We gather information so we can match you with the best quality vendors available.
  2. We Provide You with Top Companies – We evaluate your specific needs such as what types of services are needed, logistics, technology, etc.
  3. Pick & Pack Companies Contact You – You will be contacted by pre-screened companies matching your needs. They will provide you with a rate quote.
  4. You Decide – You choose whether to accept one of the pick and pack company’s quotes or decline to accept any of them.
  5. Customer Service – We follow up with you throughout the process to answer questions or provide other services as needed. This allows our staff to evaluate the pre-screening process to improve present and future services.

We’ve been connecting businesses with pre-screened vendors since 2005. We use the information you provide us to match you with the best vendor to meet your company’s needs. Because of the screening process we use, we are able to better match you to the best vendor for your unique situation and get the best pick and pack pricing.

Not All Pick and Pack Companies are Created Equal

The internet is a great place to find information on logistics solutions, but you have to be careful what information you use in your decision-making process. Everyone can advertise on search engines by simply bidding higher, and many firms will tell you that they are the answer to your every need.

In fact, it is projected that digital advertising expenditures in the United States will increase by 50 percent between 2024 and 2028. This further makes the competition tight and more crucial for businesses to navigate these platforms effectively.

But we know better! No one firm can provide every type of service in this vast industry. We understand some organizations don’t do a great job. We also understand that you can always choose to keep all of the storage and distribution in-house. That’s why we’re particular about the companies we allow into our network. We connect you with the right types of warehousing companies that specialize in the areas you need and will do a great job of processing orders for you.

All of the vendors in our network pass through an approval process to ensure quality. Many vendors that contact us don’t pass through this screening process.

Key Points to Consider About Pick & Pack Pricing

When you’re analyzing competitive prices from companies that can perform all of your warehousing services for you, make sure to keep a couple of key points in mind. First, compare the costs of outsourcing with your in-house rates. Second, don’t forget to add any significant opportunity costs to your internal cost to get a true picture of any benefits of outsourcing.

Finally, always remember that prices are not the only determining factor in making an outsourcing decision. While it’s important to outsource your pick and pack services for the right price, giving up quality for a low cost is a very serious risk. If your orders aren’t going out on time, aren’t being correctly prepared, and aren’t being sent the appropriate freight service levels, then your customers won’t be happy and you will lose money in the long run.

Costs of pick and pack services

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Warehousing and Fulfillment was the perfect matchmaker in finding us a fulfillment partner. They provided several great options, all of whom were very responsive and willing to take the time to talk through our needs. We ended up going with W&F’s top match and we couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend W&F, particularly to anyone whose business relies on a strong fulfillment partner.

Paul Sauer

We were having multiple issues with our 3PL fulfilling warranty replacement parts. Our company needed to make a change and make one fast. I reached out to WarehousingAndFulfillment.com to facilitate my search for a reputable, service oriented 3PL that can handle the demands of a highly seasonal business to pick, pack and ship parts quickly. I received several qualified 3PL leads that matched what we were looking for. After reviewing and speaking with many one stood out from the rest, and we found a great partner. We could not recommend WarehousingAndFulfillment.com enough.

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Denis Mills

We found the perfect third-party fulfillment vendor through insightQuote. We never would have found them on our own. We can’t thank you enough and our customers thank you too.

Sarah De Munck

Thanks for all of your help. This was a huge undertaking for us and your guidance was extremely helpful!

Gwynne MacHattie

Thank you so much for your excellent service. We have chosen one to go forward with. This has saved us a great deal of time.

Ash Cook

They really listened to our requirements and then matched us with great vendors that could meet our specific challenges.

Corky Bless

I just wanted to say thank you so much for setting me up with these vendors. I have found pricing better than I ever expected to find.

Brian Chui

Legit, this was such a good experience ... I was shocked how fast the vendors contacted me and got the ball rolling. This was such a pleasant experience

Donald Willick

What an awesome service. A problem I fought with daily for over 3 weeks, solved in less than 24 hours.

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