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Find the Best 3PL Savannah Warehouses & 3PL Warehouse Providers for Warehousing & Distribution

Is your business looking to move your fulfillment operations to Georgia? Savannah is an ideal location for a warehouse or fulfillment center due to the various transportation modes available in the city. Savannah has ports and airways that serve as a connection between the United States and foreign countries, and the three major highways that run through Savannah—I-95, I-85, and I-75—create fast and easy routes for reaching the eastern half of the U.S. and the entirety of the south. If you are looking for a location that can optimize your shipping and transportation time, Savannah is a great place to base your third-party warehousing.

How to Find the Best Warehouses in Savannah

Simply doing an online search for the best warehouses or fulfillment centers in Savannah can cause complications. Often, the tops lists of 3PLs or fulfillment centers include companies that pay to be listed or ranked highly. This is misleading to those who are looking for the best warehouse or fulfillment service that will work well with their business. The internet is not always the most reliable source, so screening potential companies that offer warehousing and fulfillment services is essential.

When looking for the best 3PL logistics services or warehouses in Savannah, Georgia, we truly vet each order fulfillment center to ensure both companies will work well together. The warehouses we connect businesses with are screened based on the following standards:

  • Number of Customers
  • Years in Business
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Annual Order Volume
  • Order Accuracy Rate
  • Shipping Accuracy Rate
  • Inventory Accuracy Rate

We are able to identify the services that will work well with your business through many years of industry experience and an understanding of the degree of involvement a business of any size requires. If you are looking for assistance in finding a full-service warehouse or fulfillment company in Savannah, contact us today and we will provide any help you may need.

Why Use a Warehousing Companies in Savannah & 3PL Warehouses in Savannah for East Coast Logistics?

Savannah has several modes of transportation that will assist your business’ shipping operations and connections.

  • Extensive Highway Systems for Savannah Warehousing Distribution—Georgia has access to three major highways—I-95, I-85, I-75—that can reach neighboring states and other regions of the U.S. quickly. 80% of the market is accessible to Georgia by truck, so Savannah is an optimal location for reaching a large number of customers. I-95 and I-75 can reach Florida while also connecting all the way to Maine and Michigan, offering great transportation routes throughout the eastern US. The rest of the Southern United States can be reached by I-85 which allows your business to take advantage of the large population density of the South.
  • Logistics Shipping Via the Savannah River—The Savannah River allows for shipping internationally and to other regions through the Atlantic. The Port of Savannah is located at the mouth of the river and is the fastest growing exporter in the United States. This port is ranked 4th nationally in total volume and 2nd in container exports. With 40 steamship lines in operation, the Port of Savannah would allow for quicker transportation times and lower shipping and freight costs, especially considering some of the port congestion of more popular eastern US ports, such as Newark. The port is also located near the Port of Brunswick—one of the top shipping centers for automobiles and machinery—which can be a great resource to tap into if needed.
  • Public Warehousing in Savannah Has Access to Railways—Savannah has access to major railways that branch out across the United States. At the Port of Brunswick, Norfolk Southern and CSK—the top railways in the southern U.S.—are located on site. Having access to these railroads allows you to receive goods and reach customers in the south and across the United States.
  • Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport Offer 3PL Logistics Options—This airport is Georgia’s second busiest airport and has a direct connection to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Hartsfield-Jackson is the world’s busiest and most efficient passenger airport, so having a quick connection is beneficial for maintaining global relations.

How Many Fulfillment Centers and Warehouses are In Savannah?—or Savannah Economic Development Authority—states that there is 3 million square feet of warehouse space within 30 miles of the Port of Savannah and 1.4 million square feet with adjacent railways. In terms of a set number, states there are 377 warehouses in Savannah, so moving your operations to the city is a viable option.

How Much Does Warehouse & Fulfillment Services Cost in Savannah?

Often, fulfillment rates vary in different states and across companies, so curating a set fee can be difficult. Usually, a 3PL or fulfillment company provides fees for all services that were provided to your business as well as the cost of setting up operations in their warehouse. These fees are totaled up and listed in an invoice that is presented to your business at the end of each month. The main fees you will encounter will be:

  • Initial Set-Up Fees
  • Receiving Fees
  • Storage Fees
  • Fulfillment or “Pick and Pack” Fees
  • Shipping Fees
  • Returns Fees
  • Other Miscellaneous Fees

Who Are the Best Fulfillment Companies in Savannah?

Finding a reliable third-party warehousing provider can be a challenging task. When doing a search for the best 3PL or fulfillment warehouse online, companies that are listed have little data to back up what is being promised. As we mentioned before, many of these lists are seeking monetary gain, and companies can rise in ranks by giving the sites more money. Ads are also included in these sites which highlights their bias and desire for financial gain.

Our services can help your business find the best 3PL warehousing services in Savannah, GA to help improve or maintain your operations. We truly vet each third-party warehouse service we recommend ensuring the services provided will help your business thrive. To find the best match in Savannah for your warehousing and fulfillment operations, fill out a form or call our toll-free number for assistance from one of our experts.

Relocating Your Fulfillment Center or Warehouse to Savannah is Beneficial

Centering operations in Savannah opens access to many transportation modes that can reach a wide range of the Eastern United States and international locations. Access to two ports that are exporting hubs helps reduce shipping and transportation costs of goods. Having ground transportation that contact the south and other regions in the east and northeast expands the number of customers that can be reached efficiently. Savannah is an optimal location for reaching a wide customer range, so if you choose to relocate your warehousing, using our resources can help the transition to Georgia be as painless as possible.

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