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Beauty Fulfillment Services

Finding the right fulfillment company to work with for businesses in the cosmetics industry is a difficult task, because there are special considerations that must be taken into account before committing to a partnership. Cosmetic products often require unique storage and shipping conditions that not every fulfillment company will be able to reliably fulfill. But, working with a fulfillment company provides huge benefits to cosmetic companies, and allows them to focus on the areas of their business where they have expertise. There are numerous things that must be taken into account when looking for a cosmetic fulfillment company, depending on the products that you require logistics help with. Take these considerations when choosing a cosmetics fulfillment company into account to ensure that your company finds the best partner for your business, who delivers a smooth and reliable service.

Beauty and Cosmetic Fulfillment Services

Climate Conditions

One important consideration when choosing a cosmetic fulfillment company is the type of climate conditions that your products will require. Certain types of cosmetics can become damaged when they are stored in conditions that are too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry. It is important that the company that you choose is equipped to handle your products, store, and ship them in optimal climate conditions so that your customers are able to receive the very best version of your product.

Safety Hazards and Proper Handling

Certain cosmetic products have certain requirements when it comes to safety and proper handling. Fragrances may create unsafe conditions and require specific storage. Additionally, warehouse workers may have certain allergies that require that they avoid coming into contact with certain products. It is important that you are able to work directly with a fulfillment company to reduce these issues and ensure proper safety when storing, handling or shipping products.

Appropriate Shipping

Some of your cosmetic products may also have special considerations when being shipped. Maintaining a proper climate for the product is as important during the shipping process as it is when the products are still in storage. You must find a company that understands the requirements of shipping your products. Be upfront about the shipping requirements for your products and ensure that any cosmetics company that you are working with is able to meet your needs before making a commitment.

Experience in the Cosmetics Industry

Another consideration is the experience that the fulfillment company has within the cosmetics industry. Have they worked with other companies that deliver products within the industry? Have they worked with companies that have similar requirements when it comes to shipping, handling or storing cosmetic products? Are they able to handle volumes that are in line with your own requirements? These are all excellent questions that any cosmetic company should explore before choosing a fulfillment company in order to ensure that they are up to the task.

Certification and Licensing

Not only will your products require that the fulfillment company has the standard warehousing licenses, but they may also be required to accept cosmetic products into the building as well. OSHA, the FDA and Department of Transportation all have their own rules and regulations that may have to be followed, depending on the products that you will be offering. In most cases, employees that will be handling the products must have specific certifications that are required to handle your product.

If your cosmetics business is interested in working with a fulfillment and logistics partner that has the proper certifications and experience helping other companies within your industry, please fill out a quote request or contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with our fulfillment experts. They will walk you through the initial on-boarding process and create a plan that will help your business thrive.

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