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Companies are looking for Warehousing and Fulfillment services.  How are they going to find YOU?

  • We personally CONTACT them, QUALIFY them, and MATCH them to you.
  • YOUR VALUE – Grow Your Sales Pipeline without cold calls and purchased lists.

Do you own a Warehousing Company and you’d like to see more Warehouse Leads? Wouldn’t it be nice to come into the office in the morning with a prospect waiting for you to contact them for pricing? Whether it’s Fulfillment Leads or even Freight prospects, we can help you grow your sales pipeline with qualified prospects looking to outsource with a company like yours. And we’re the only place of its kind that has worked in this industry in the past – so we know the specific challenges that you face day to day as you seek new business.

Are You a Reputable Vendor?

If you’re a reputable company, you can become a vendor on our service and receive real-time contact information and project scope from companies that have been pre-qualified by our account managers. And the program is structured on a pay per lead basis, so you don’t have to pay monthly fees or yearly fees. You simply pay when we send you a prospect. We do all of the filtering, so we send you the companies that best match your organization’s capabilities. It doesn’t take but closing one of these deals to pay for years of service with our company.

How Our Process Works

The fulfillment leads contact us looking for a high quality fulfillment company. We contact them to verify their needs and thoroughly screen them to ensure quality leads and to access their needs. We match these clients to your business if we find that your capabilities are a match with their needs.

Benefits of Using

  • Set Monthly Budget
  • Low Cost Per Lead
  • Apply Filters to Your Account
  • Limited Competition
  • No Long-Term Contract or Commitment
  • Credits for Bad Leads
  • Grow Your Sales Now!

Sample Lead

Warehousing Form

How many orders will be processed each month? 500
Please describe your needs. We need to store pallets that range from 40-78″ pallets are stackable. We have approximately 250 pallets. I have outlined a few questions in regards to the specifics details. Please let me know, what other information you might need. 1. Is there a monthly minimum storage charge? 2. What is cut off time for next day delivery? 3. Do you or the trucking company charge to generate BOL’s? 4. What is your per pallet storage charge? 5. Is there a document handling charge? 6. Is there an automated inventory system, because we reconcile quarterly? 7. Do you repair damaged pallets, what is the charge? 8. Do you have the ability to track individual pallets? 9. Do you have in house trucking or a carrier you use that has discounted rates? 10. What is the handling charge for inbound delivers, does handling fee include picking, and loading of outbound delivers?
Where must the vendor be located? Sanford, NC
Company Name ABC Corp
Contact Person P Anderson
Phone Number 9XX-XXX-XXXX ext. 22
Email [email protected]
Company Web Address
How soon is this service/product needed? asap
Additional services needed? Call Center
Enter Security Code 9d2u Vendor Reviews & Awards

Thinking about joining and receiving leads? Check out what we’ve done for others…

Fit Small Business Award 2016

We were named a “2016 Best Fulfillment Service” by Fit Small Business”. As a part of their review process, they conduct “undercover” surveys, interview customers, and speak with industry experts, factoring in the service level of each provider. Their list of top fulfillment services includes the top 3-5 businesses in the sector.


Best Fulfillment Matchmaker 2017

In 2017, we were named the Best Fulfillment Warehouse Matchmaker Service by Fit Small Business. It was noted that our company “reviews, screens, and constantly updates their listing of more than 500 individual fulfillment warehouse solutions, large and small. Plus, they understand the many factors that make up a successful logistics partnership, from warehouse locations, to price, to shipping specialties, to customer service.”


Warehouse blogs

In 2017, was awarded top 25 status for best Warehouse and Fulfillment blogs on the Web by Feed Spot. This particular list of blogs is the most comprehensive list of warehouse blogs on the Internet.



6 River SystemsIn 2018, was awarded top 50 status for best Warehousing and Fulfillment blogs on the Web by 6 River Systems.


“Our family owned and operated logistic company was at a serious turning point when we reached out to This decision was the best move possible as provided instant success landing B2C clients. The solid leads we received allowed us to change the course of our business. We were able to connect with businesses requiring our exact services. The greatest asset is these potential clients are real leads not tire kickers. We plan to continue growing through this long term relationship.”

Tanya Petryshen – Distributor’s Choice Inc.

Distributors Choice logo



“Dear team,

We just wanted to thank you for your innovation in business leads.  We had a close ratio of 35% in 2015 which equated to a 60% increase in our warehouse division.  We are pleased to notify you that 2016 started off with a BANG!  We officially closed the biggest deal from the website with a customer out of California.  Because of this sale, we are expanding into a bigger footprint to sustain their current business and expected growth.  Thank you again and Cheers to you and your team!!”

—– President – Midwest 3PL Company

“ has helped grow our business through their qualified leads. We use several different sources for leads but the highest percentage of closings come from provides us with pre filtered leads based off of our company profile. We only get the leads that we can provide a service to the customer.

As the owner and president of DFW Distribution, I am always on the lookout for a better, cheaper, more efficient way to find new customers. provides all that and more with their pre-qualified leads.”

—– Joe Roppolo – DFW Distribution

DFW Distribution



“Merlin Logistics is proud and values our partnership with Warehousing and Fulfillment. Warehousing and Fulfillment services is so vital to growth of our company. The difference is astounding in the sales numbers we saw increased from the time we started services with Warehousing and Fulfillment. We saw these numbers increase by 98.5% in our sales volumes in our first year with this great service. Our Sales Manager didn’t get just prospects or cold calling numbers, what they found were warm reception on the other end of the line. It just goes to shows the quality of these prospects were really well harness and thoroughly verified by the great folks at Warehousing and Fulfillment.

When we first started our business of providing third party logistics services, we did numerous marketing campaigns to drive in customers, but these campaigns can be very expensive to implement and not to mention the time spent managing each project. With prospects from Warehousing and Fulfillment, we found to be very cost effective. So the only thing we manage now is customers. We also found that if we had any issue we were able to get a warm voice on the other end of the line with solutions to our problems.

To make this long story short, Warehousing and Fulfillment expect nothing but the best service, great product, and a great partner to grow your business. They are heads and shoulders above any prospecting lead sourcing companies in the U.S.A. Best in the business. I highly recommend Warehousing and Fulfillment.”


—– Vince Thanthanavong – Vice President / Co-Owner Merlin Logistics, LLC.

“I have been a client of since August of 2010.  I love them!  I started out by limiting them to $250 per month, however as time went on, I’ve set it up where they notify me in any specific month when I have reached that point and then I get to decide if I want more leads for that month. I do say yes when that happens.

The leads are always within my specifications.  Occasionally, one of my sales reps is already working on a lead that they send me.  All I do is email them, and they deduct it from my invoice.  They’ve never questioned me and their response time is EXTREMELY Timely!

Our capture rate for turning their leads into clients is about 18%.  The response rate to my initial inquiry is 90%.  The leads are real. is built into my marketing budget indefinitely.  I like to use them when I’m training new sales people, because the information provided is set up for the salesperson.  They are also great incentives to my seasoned sales team as well.”

—– Jakki – Fulfillment Plus NY

“We have really grown with your program…You have a great program!”

—– Vince – Pacful

“ has helped us grow our business dramatically and is well worth the investment.”

—– Gary C. Ruchlin – Gold3PL, Inc.

“Our four largest clients all came from and we have actually had to stop taking leads for the next several months as we need to add space. Over the years I have been extremely impressed with the quality of leads that truly are searching for a fulfillment solution.”

—– Principal of a Pennsylvania Fulfillment Company.

SEO, PPC & Social Media for Your Website

Google SnapshotWhat if we told you that you we can share all of the secrets we’ve learned over our 7 year history of online marketing within the warehousing and fulfillment niche? You’d think we’re crazy, right? But that’s just what we’re doing – helping companies like yours increase their online visibility through search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), and social media. We’ve learned all of the ins and outs, including what strategies and tactics work, who to partner with for links, and what keywords work best, among many other things.

We’ve been through it all over our 7 year history, outsourcing with some of the biggest names in the industry and ultimately being thoroughly disappointed with less than stellar results and high monthly fees. So we decided to do our own internet marketing and haven’t turned back since. Now we’re offering these services to you, and at a fraction of the cost of the big SEO companies.

To get a quotes on our month to month services (that’s right, we don’t have long contracts!), please contact us today!

Top Website Design for 3PL’s

Over our 7 year history, we’ve learned a lot about high performing websites. When we started, we were happy to get 5% conversion rate on visitors to our site. Little did we know that we were completely missing the boat! Thankfully, through a lot of hard work and investigation, we’ve found out how to get 15-20%+ of our visitors in some instances to take an action on our website! What a transformation!

But the best part is that we can help you do the same thing for your website. We know the warehousing and fulfillment niche backwards and forwards. And we know how to create powerful sites that drive new business opportunities. Even just a few changes to your site can make a world of difference. Our specialty is WordPress sites, but we can also help with general design and analysis as well. Oh, and you won’t believe our low prices!

Take a look at some of the sites we’ve done recently:


Anchor 3PL