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Warehousing, Fulfillment Service Centers and 3PLs in Oklahoma

Fulfillment Services Companies in Oklahoma

Doing business in the State of Oklahoma has many benefits. The state boasts a lower than average cost of doing business, especially when it comes to the cost of energy, taxes, labor and overhead.

Centrally located halfway between each coast, Oklahoma is in the center of the NAFTA corridor and borders Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Arkansas, which are all reachable via truck within a day’s drive. With major US highways including US 35, US 44 and US 40, merchandise traveling from and through Oklahoma benefits from these easy points of access throughout the state and on to the rest of the United States.

Oklahoma also has a lower than average cost of living, and low labor costs with a low unemployment rate. Recent oil industry layoffs have created an increase in unemployment numbers in recent years, making skilled labor available and hiring easier for Oklahoma based businesses.

A pro-business state, Oklahoma also has low business taxes with a 6 percent corporate income tax, a 4.5 percent sales tax and a top marginal rate of 5.25 percent on the personal income tax rate. Oklahoma has no personal gains tax, and with streamlined regulations, starting and running a business in Oklahoma is one of the easiest transitions in the country.

Oklahoma is also home to Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 106, which is airport-adjacent, and Oklahoma City is known as the country’s “trucking hub,” and has an estimated growth rate of 44 percent in the next 25 years.

Fulfillment Warehouses in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The state capital and Oklahoma’s largest city, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is located in the very heart of the state, with highway access to three major US Highways (I 35, I 40 and I 44) all intersecting in the center of the city. Called the trucking hub of America, it is the access to these highways which makes Oklahoma City so logistics- friendly, enabling your products to move on to their destinations with unprecedented speed. Oklahoma City is also a short drive from Edmond, Norman, Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City also boasts a large skilled labor force who are available for fulfillment positions, which can benefit fulfillment projects of any size.

Fulfillment Centers in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The second largest city in Oklahoma, Tulsa is situated along US I 244 (which becomes I 44) and US 75, with nearby access to Broken Arrow, Muskogee, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Northeast-Oklahoma city is also close to the borders of Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.

Tulsa is also home to Foreign Trade Zone #53 at the Tulsa International Airport. This FTZ allows your business to place larger orders at lower costs and reduce the risk of potential shipping issues due to low supply.

Fulfillment Houses in Norman, Oklahoma

Located just 20 miles south of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Norman, OK is the state’s third-largest city and the nation’s second most affordable place to live. Interstate 35, which runs from Laredo, Texas to Duluth, Minnesota runs through Norman, as does US 9.  Norman is within close proximity of Oklahoma City, Edmond and Lawton, Oklahoma. This easy highway access and proximity to larger trucking hubs like Oklahoma City may be why one of Norman’s top businesses is a fulfillment center.

Norman also benefits from Oklahoma’s low cost of doing business, with a strong economy and a thriving workforce thanks to the nearby University of Oklahoma.

Fulfillment Companies in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s fourth-largest city, Broken Arrow is a large suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma with the third-largest concentration of manufacturers in the state. All that manufacturing means Broken Arrow must be poised to handle a large volume of fulfillment services. Located in the northeast corner of Oklahoma, Broken Arrow runs along US 51, US 64 and has easy access to I 44 and I 244. Nearby cities include Tulsa, Muskogee, and Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Broken Arrow is consistently ranked among the safest cities in the state of Oklahoma, as well as one of the top cities for growth in the United States.

Fulfillment Companies in Lawton, Oklahoma

The fifth largest city in the State of Oklahoma, Lawton Oklahoma is located in the southwest part of the state.  Interstate 44 runs north to south through Lawton, and US 62 runs east to west, with easy access to nearby I 35 which spans from Mexico to Minnesota.

Lawton is close to nearby cities including Wichita Falls, Texas, Duncan, Oklahoma and Chickasha, Oklahoma. Lawton, Oklahoma is  also home to Fort-Sill regional airport which has its own commercial jet service, as well as the Stillwater Central Railroad, which carries cargo from coast to coast.

Public Warehousing and Pick and Pack Warehouse Services in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a Southwestern state which is bordered by the states Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico. Oklahoma’s perfect location runs along a direct route to both Canada and Mexico. It’s proximity to Texas makes it an ideal warehousing state, especially for goods traveling to and from Mexico.

Oklahoma is served by major highways such 35, which runs north to south, and 40, which runs east to west. Oklahoma is also served by commercial air and railroad logistics.

The state has a population of over 3.9 million, with a strong workforce and education system. The area is poised for tremendous growth, with experts estimating a population and income growth of up to 44 percent over the next 25 years

Oklahoma City 3PL Warehousing and Logistics

Oklahoma’s largest city, Oklahoma City is seated at the geographic center of North America. It is also equidistant from the east and west coasts and every major trade hub in America. There are more than 411 million residents within 1800 miles of Oklahoma City, and the city is within a day’s drive to states like  TX, AR, and LA.

Oklahoma City is also a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) which sits adjacent to Will Rogers World Airport. The city has access to commercial and cargo air through Will Rogers World Airport as well.

Oklahoma City is accessible via highways 35, 40, and 44. Interstate 35 runs from Mexico to Canada and is a popular route for commerce and logistics. Oklahoma City is also accessible via railroad via BNSF.

3PL Warehousing Services in Tulsa Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma is Oklahoma’s second-largest city. Seated along the Arkansas River, Tulsa has a population of over 400k people, with the Tulsa Metropolitan Area boasting over 991K people.

Tulsa is positioned in the Northeast corner of the State of Oklahoma, not far from the Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas borders. Tulsa, Oklahoma is easily accessible via interstate highways 244 and 44. It is also served by local routes such as 64 and 75.

Tulsa has air freight access via Tulsa International Airport, and it is connected to railroad via both BNSF railroad and Union Pacific.

Norman Oklahoma Third Party Logistics Warehousing Companies

The third-largest city in Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma has a population of nearly 111k people. The city is just 20 miles south of Oklahoma City, and benefits from its access to Oklahoma City’s railroad, foreign trade zone, and to commercial air. It also has access to its own local airport, the University of Oklahoma Westheimer Airport, which is a public use airport that is classified as a reliever airport for nearby Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City.

Norman is located along interstate highways 35 and 77, and along state highways 77H and 9.  A popular trade route, highway 35 is a direct route that runs from Mexico to Canada.

Broken Arrow Oklahoma 3rd Party Warehouses

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is the State of Oklahoma’s fourth-largest city, with a population of approximately 106k. The city is located in the northeast corner of Oklahoma, close to the State’s second largest city, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Broken Arrow is seated along highways 44, 64 and 51. Highway 44 is an interstate highway which connects to Interstate 40, which runs east to west across the State of Oklahoma, connecting the East Coast to the West coast.

Broken Arrow has railroad access via the BNSF railroad, and air service is available at nearby Tulsa International Airport, Richard L. Jones Airport, and Harvey Young Airport, all in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A suburb of Tulsa, Broken Arrow is just a 20 minute drive to the nearby city.

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