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Warehousing, Fulfillment Service Centers and 3PLs in Minnesota

Fulfillment Service Companies in Minnesota

Minnesota can be your one-stop-shop for fulfillment needs. It is ranked as one of the top, most competitive places in the nation to do business. It is easy to see why. They have low business taxes and low business costs that allow companies to make more profits while keeping a low overhead.

The state’s great location is also another factor. Minnesota is centrally located in the United States, plus it also borders Canada. This makes to the U.S. and international shipping to Canada faster and more economical. Most frequently, Canadian companies from Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and Ontario find Minnesota’s central U.S. location advantageous for United States distribution efforts.

Your Minneapolis Minnesota Fulfillment Operation Will be in Good Company

The economy in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the state as a whole is booming. For more than two years, Minnesota has had export growth in every quarter. This is probably due to the fact that 700 affiliates of foreign-owned companies are directly invested in Minnesota. These companies hail from around the world, including countries such as Latin America, Asia, Europe and Canada. The capital of Minnesota is a good counterpart to Minneapolis since they’re close to one another. Saint Paul has a slightly lower population of 304,442, but you have a lot of people here you can serve if going local. As a port city, Duluth has the advantage of being near a port to ship goods up to Canada. It’s also the second-largest city on the Lake Superior shores.

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Warehousing Services Companies in Minnesota

Minnesota, the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” is a picturesque Midwestern state. Minnesota has a diverse and growing economy. Major industries include bioscience, manufacturing, technology, data centers, clean and renewable energy, health sciences and finance. Minnesota’s standard of living index is among the highest in the United States, and the population is among the best educated in the country. Minnesota shares borders with Canada and Lake Superior. Its location, transportation infrastructure, and workforce make Minnesota an excellent location for warehousing services companies.

Several highways and interstates run throughout the Minnesota, making ground transportation easily accessible. These include I-35, which runs north to south from Texas to Minnesota, and I-94, which is the northernmost east to west highway connecting the Great Lakes and inter-mountain regions of the United States. I-94 is notable for being the only east–west interstate with direct connection into Canada.

Minnesota’s freight railroads are a vital part of the multi-modal transportation system. Many of the major industries rely on the rail system for delivery of goods. Minnesota has over 4,000 miles of railroads serviced by 20 railroad companies.

Airports providing commercial services in Minnesota include the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Rochester International Airport, Duluth International Airport, St. Cloud Regional Airport, Range Regional Airport, Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport and Bemidji Regional Airport.

Ports and commercial waterways are a key feature of Minnesota’s transportation infrastructure. According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, “The Mississippi River System stretches over 222 miles in Minnesota and supports five port areas whose combined 2015 tonnage was 11.6 million net tons. The River accounts for over 50 percent of Minnesota’s agricultural exports. Minnesota has four ports on Lake Superior including Taconite Harbor, Silver Bay, Two Harbors and Duluth/Superior. Their combined waterway tonnage for 2015 was nearly 57.1 million tons. Ships that operate only on the Great Lakes are called ‘Lakers’. Some of the Lakers range to over 1,000 feet long, 105 feet wide and have a capacity of 65,000-70,000 net tons at 26’6” draft – the maximum draft allowed.”

Minnesota’s location and infrastructure support shipping, trade and warehousing so companies can access the U.S. and international locations. There are cities that stand out as top locations for warehousing services companies in Minnesota including Minneapolis-St. Paul, Duluth and St. Cloud.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Public Warehousing

The Twin Cities are built around the Mississippi, Minnesota and St. Croix rivers. Minneapolis has the largest population in the state and Saint Paul is the state capital. Forbes ranked the cities ninth on their list of Best Cities for Millennials. The Twin Cities offer relatively high salaries, a high concentration of small businesses and a low unemployment rate. The skyway system in downtown is the world’s largest continuous indoor network of pedestrian pathways, stretching eight miles and connecting 73 blocks.

Interstates and highways in the area include I-94, with two spur routes form the I-494/I-694 loop, and I-394, which continues west. The main airport serving the area is the Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport. Class I railroads servicing the area include BNSF, Canadian National Railway, Canadian Pacific Railway and Union Pacific Railroad.

Duluth Pick and Pack Fulfillment Warehouses

Duluth is a port city located on Lake Superior. The city features several notable attractions including the Aerial Lift Bridge, Park Point, the world’s longest freshwater sandbar, and the Superior Hiking Trail. Major industries in the area include transportation and financial services. According to Forbes, “Duluth forms a metropolitan area with Superior, Wisconsin. Called the Twin Ports, these two cities share the Duluth–Superior harbor and together are the Great Lakes largest and one of the most important ports, shipping coal, iron ore and grain.”

The Duluth area is the endpoint of Interstate-35, which travels south to Laredo, Texas. U.S. Highway 53 stretches from La Crosse, Wisconsin, to International Falls, Minnesota, and U.S. Highway 2, which stretches from Everett, Washington to St. Ignace in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Duluth International Airport serves the area. On the western end of the Saint Lawrence Seaway, sits the Duluth–Superior seaport. It is the largest and farthest-inland freshwater seaport in North America. The port handles an average of 46 million short tons of cargo and over 1,100 visits each year from domestic and international vessels. With 49 miles of waterfront, it is one of the leading bulk cargo ports in North America. The BNSF Railway, Canadian Pacific Railway, and the Union Pacific Railroad serve Duluth.

St. Cloud Warehouses

St. Cloud is the largest city in the central part of Minnesota. St. Cloud owns and operates a hydroelectric dam on the Mississippi that can produce up to nine megawatts of electricity. Major industries include transportation, manufacturing, construction and trade.

Major roadways in the area include I-94, U.S. Highway 10, and Minnesota State Highways 15 and 23. The St. Cloud Regional Airport serves the area. Railroads in the area include BNSF and Northern Lines.

Minnesota as a Warehousing Hub

Minnesota has several advantages as warehousing hub. Target, U.S. Bancorp, General Mills, 3M and Medtronic are all headquartered in the state. Minnesota was ranked first in CNBC’s 2015 list of America’s Top 5 States for Business. The state has an extensive multi-modal transportation network allowing companies to utilize ground, rail and air shipping. The state also has access to ports and commercial waterways. The economy is expected to continue to grow throughout the coming years. Contact us today for more information on the best locations for warehousing services companies.

3PL Warehouse Companies in Minnesota: A Northern Business Center

Minnesota is a centrally located northern state. The state sits next to Lake Superior, Canada borders to the north, and the western, southern and eastern portions of the United States are all easily accessible. The “Land Of 10,000 Lakes” is an ideal location for warehousing, shipping and receiving. When your company is looking for a centralized location with access to the continental United States and Canada you should consider 3PL Warehouse Companies in Minnesota.

The state of Minnesota was officially formed in 1857. In its early years Minnesota attracted new European settlers with its fertile farm land. Also during this time the Northern Pacific Railway and Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad created opportunity for new immigrants to settle in the state. The Saint Paul and Pacific railway would become the Great Northern Railway, it connected Minnesota to the West. In 1882, a hydroelectric power plant was built at Saint Anthony Falls, it was one of the first  hydroelectric power developments in the United States.

Iron mining began in the late 1800s. In 1884 the Soudan Mine was opened, followed by the Chandler Mine in 1888. Then the Mesabi Range was established when ore was found just under the surface of the ground in the town of Mountain Iron. By 1904, 111 mines were open and railroads such as the Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway were built from the iron ranges to Two Harbors and Duluth on Lake Superior to transport the ore. We still see the mining roots in Minnesota today. The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company or 3M was founded in 1902 in Two Harbors, Minnesota, and was later moved to Duluth, Saint Paul, and then Maplewood. The founders of 3M got their start by manufacturing sandpaper. 3M established product lines such as abrasives for wet sanding, masking tape and other adhesives, roofing granules, resins, and films which are all still being made today.

In it’s 2015 list of Best States for Business, Forbes ranks Minnesota 13th. Target, U.S. Bancorp, General Mills, 3M and Medtronic are all headquartered in Minnesota. The state was ranked 1st in CNBC’s 2015 list, America’s Top 5 States for Business.  “The credit for our state’s economic success belongs to the people of Minnesota,” Gov. Mark Dayton said in response to the rankings. “We thank the businessmen and women, who chose Minnesota, and their productive employees, who made those investments successful.” The economy in the state is set to continue to grow and flourish in the coming years.

3PL Companies in Minneapolis and Minneapolis and Saint Paul

The cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are known as the Twin Cities. The cities are built around the Mississippi, Minnesota and St. Croix rivers. Minneapolis has the largest population in the state Saint Paul is the state capital. The two cities are independent and have some differences. Minneapolis has a youthful feel, with many skyscrapers in the large downtown. While Saint Paul feels more like a European city with much of the late-Victorian architecture still preserved. The Twin Cities area is home to many of Minnesota’s Fortune 500 headquarters including UnitedHealth Group, Target, Best Buy, Supervalu, CHS, 3M, US Bancorp, General Mills, Land O’Lakes, Xcel Energy, Ameriprise Financial, CH Robinson Worldwide, Mosaic, Thrivent Financial, Ecolab, St. Jude Medical, Alliant Techsystems and PepsiAmericas.

Minneapolis-St. Paul is ranked 9th on Forbes list of Best Cities for Millennials. The Twin Cities offer relatively high salaries, a high concentration of small businesses and a low unemployment rate. “The Twin Cities area is considered by Minnesotans as the capital for the arts of the Upper Midwest and has cultural organizations and events that draw creative people and audiences to the city for theater, visual art, writing, and music.” The skyway system in downtown is the world’s largest continuous indoor network of pedestrian pathways, stretching eight miles and connecting 73 blocks. The Mall of America, just outside of downtown, is the most visited shopping mall in the United States with roughly 40 million visitors each year.

Transportation Advantages

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is located downtown for easy access to the cities. The rail system is also well maintained, “Many of the state’s major industries rely on the rail system for efficient delivery of goods. The freight rail system is particularly critical in providing efficient connections to markets beyond state borders, throughout North America, and to the world through the seaports on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, and the Great Lakes. Rail provides critical options to shippers in terms of market access, modal economics, and service. Minnesota has 4,444 route miles of railroads serviced by 20 railroad companies.” There are several major highways that run throughout the state including I-35 which runs north-south from Texas to Minnesota and I-94 which is the northernmost east–west  highway connecting the Great Lakes and Intermountain regions of the United States. I-94 is notable for being the only east–west Interstate Highway to form a direct connection into Canada connecting points from Seattle via I-90 to Toronto via Ontario Highway 401.

Minnesota is projected to continue its growth and economic development throughout the coming years. Technology, manufacturing and biomedical are flourishing in this business center. The state is great for businesses of all sizes, with low costs and an exceptional employee base. Shipping and storage are made easy with the state’s multimodal transportation system. Minnesota is an ideal northern hub for your business. Contact us today for more information on the best 3PL warehouse solutions for your company.

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Reviews of Some of the Most Popular Fulfillment Warehousing Services in Minnesota – Find out Which Companies are the Best

Lists of the best fulfillment centers in Minnesota dominate the top search results. Does this mean they are truly the best if they’re listed on these websites? Not necessarily. Sometimes, they just pay the highest fee for placement. The below list is a compilation of some of the most commonly listed companies with honest reviews from users and feedback our company has collected since 2005. We do not get paid by any of these companies listed below to be included on this list.

KSP Fulfillment

KSP is an ecommerce company with a customer first philosophy. They support a direct integration path to your ecommerce platform allowing them to streamline the order process and provide real time access to your inventory and order status information. Their team, tools & technology support the highest level of order quality at 99.97% ensuring your customers have the best delivery experience possible. From integration to execution, KSP’s focus is to do the right thing to support your business! KSP gets great reviews online from their customers. They are a high quality, top-notch fulfillment company to consider.

Address: Fridley, Minnesota

Established: 2012

Clients: 75

Retention rate of customers: 99.99%

Annual order volume: 1,000,000

Order rate: 99.98%

Shipping rate: 99.98%

Inventory accuracy rate: 99.95%

Overall Rating:

Point B Solutions

Point B Solutions is a fulfillment company that also offers printing and promotional items services. While they do offer e-commerce fulfillment solutions, a large part of their business is geared towards print and merchandise. They get great reviews online, above 4 Stars on Google. Point B is a definite option for companies with larger order volumes and that focus on printed matter or need help with promotional items and company stores.

Address: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Established: 2008

Clients: 135

Retention rate of customers: 97%%

Annual order volume: 220,000

Order rate: 99.97

Shipping rate: 99.98%

Inventory accuracy rate: 97.63%

Overall Rating: