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New Mexico’s location along the border of Mexico and its shared borders with states like Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Arizona make it an ideal location for third-party logistics and warehousing.

New Mexico is served by air, roadways, and even rail. Major roadways running throughout New Mexico are I40, I25 and I10, as well as many state and local highways.

With a population of over 2 million, the State of New Mexico also boasts a highly skilled workforce, and major universities within the state offer supply chain management and logistics education programs, benefitting your business with an educated talent pool.

Why New Mexico is a Good Place for Your 3PL Warehouse

The State of New Mexico boasts a convenient location next to Texas, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. The western state also benefits from its location along the border of Mexico, and proximity to Southern California, making it easy for logistics providers to get your merchandise orders fulfilled quickly.

New Mexico is served by major highways such as 40 (east to west) and 25 (north to south), and many smaller local roads. New Mexico also has international airports and railroad service.

What to Look For in the Best Fulfillment Companies in New Mexico

But location alone isn’t the only consideration when outsourcing 3PL, warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping in New Mexico. At, we specialize in painlessly matching you with the best fulfillment centers in New Mexico for your company’s specific needs. In addition to location, we match businesses based upon:

  • Years in Business
  • Number of Customers
  • Annual Order Volume
  • Customer Retention Rates
  • Order Accuracy Rates
  • Inventory Accuracy Rates
  • Shipping Accuracy Rates

And performance metrics aren’t the only consideration we take into mind. We also match you with companies that are best suited for the products you sell, the channels you sell through, the technologies you use, and any other requirements necessary. Get in touch with your ideal matches today – fill out a request for quotes or call us for FREE matches and quotes!

Top Cities for 3PL Warehousing in New Mexico

Albuquerque New Mexico 3rd Party Warehousing

Albuquerque boasts a population of approximately 560kThe city itself is centrally located in the north central part of the state and sits at the intersection of highways I40 and I25, which run east to west and north to south, making it an ideal location for your fulfillment services. The largest city in the State of New Mexico, Albuquerque is just 266 miles to the Border of Mexico in El Paso, Texas. The El Paso border is a major point of exit and entry for goods leaving and entering the United States.

Albuquerque is also served by railroad, including BNSF. The city has its own airport, Albuquerque International Sunport, which offers commercial and cargo flights.

Third-Party Logistics Warehouses in Las Cruces New Mexico

Located just an hour from the United States / Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, Las Cruces, New Mexico boasts a conveniently strategic location and is New Mexico’s second most-populous city, with a population of over 97k people. The city itself is located in the southern part of New Mexico, and is less than an hour away from El Paso, Texas and the Border of Mexico.

Major roadways through Las Cruces include I10, I25, and local highway 70. For air freight, Las Cruces is served by Las Cruces International Airport, which offers commercial and cargo services. Las Cruces has BNSF rail running through it which travels from Belen, New Mexico El Paso, Texas.

Belen New Mexico Warehousing and 3PL

Belen, New Mexico is a small city but boasts a BNSF hub which carries freight to El Paso, Texas making it an ideal location to ship freight to the United States / Mexico border. Belen is accessible via truck on route 25 and is just a 40-minute drive to Albuquerque. Belen is also served via route 314.

Belen has its own local airport, the Belen Regional Airport, and the small city of around 7k has an impressive logistics presence that may offer lower rates than larger metropolitan area warehousing services.

Santa Fe New Mexico Fulfillment Houses

Santa Fe, New Mexico is the state’s capitol as well as New Mexico’s second largest city. The city is serviced by Interstate highway 25, as well as 285, 14, and 475. It is also home to its own airport, the Santa Fe Regional Airport.

Santa Fe is located just an hour from Albuquerque, New Mexico, the state’s largest city. The city of Santa Fe is also less than a day’s drive to the US/Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, and just over three hours to the Colorado border.

New Mexico Could be a Strategic Logistics Hub for Mexico Distribution

While there aren’t many 3PLs in the state of New Mexico, the small number that do exist offer a wonderful option for distribution to Mexico. Whether importing or exporting, New Mexico warehouses can serve as a valuable link in your supply chain.

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