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Warehousing, Fulfillment Service Centers and 3PLs in Maryland

Fulfillment Services in Maryland

Maryland may be among the smallest states in the union, but it still has a lot to offer companies looking for an ideal spot for their fulfillment location. First and foremost, this state is a good choice for companies looking to serve the East Coast thanks to its central location on the eastern seaboard. Maryland is a good strategic region to reach customers in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, or New York.

This small state also packs an economic punch. Residents of Maryland are the wealthiest in the country and the state’s gross product came in at $317.7 billion in 2012. Most of Maryland’s income comes from transportation, which is good news for you. Distribution is handled using the Port of Baltimore, trucking and rail services. Many people don’t realize that the Port of Baltimore is actually the closest East Coast port to the Midwest, which can help cut down on freight charges.

Maryland is a Good Alternative to Washington D.C. for Fulfillment

Oftentimes, we get requests from companies looking for a fulfillment company within Washington D.C. Due to the nature of the city being mostly focused on the political environment, unfortunately there aren’t many great options for fulfillment services in D.C. itself. However, close by cities within Maryland, such as the greater Baltimore region and Frederick Maryland offer great alternatives.

Baltimore MD Fulfillment

As the city where the National Anthem was born, the history is quite important in Baltimore. Your logistics advantage is you’re near a major sea port, giving you shipping access into the Atlantic for European markets.

Annapolis MD Fulfillment

It’s worth looking into the capital city of Maryland. You’re along Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, giving you another logistics route by water.

Rockville MD Fulfillment

You might want to choose Rockville because you’re right near Washington, D.C. Those of you serving government offices can find a lot of advantages locating here for same-day deliveries.

Silver Spring MD Fulfillment

No one says you shouldn’t look for a fulfillment center in smaller communities. Silver Spring is an unincorporated community within the Capital Beltway. Despite the lower population, you can find fulfillment centers.

Warehousing Services Companies in Maryland

If you have a business that provides physical products, you probably need warehousing services to help get your products to your market without the expense of a network of warehouses of your own. After all, the faster you can get your products sold and shipped, the more profit you can make. Luckily, warehousing services are available around the country to serve your needs and get your products delivered quickly.

One reason to keep warehousing services close to your business is the ability to visit often and ensure steady and reliable communications. InsightQuote studies the top places companies search for warehousing and fulfillment services, and realize that most searches depend specifically on locations, and on the services available. Here, we will take a look at what is available in Maryland.

Warehousing services in Maryland are abundant and convenient to most areas of the Mid-Atlantic, making the state ideal for warehousing products. This is true whether those products just arrived via the Port of Baltimore for shipment along the East Coast, if being prepared for loading and export, or you simply need a good midpoint to ship to your customers from in the region. No matter what type of warehousing services you need, you will find plenty to choose from in Maryland.

Baltimore Area Public Warehouses

The Baltimore area is a part of the Northeast Megalopolis, which includes Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Also called the Boston-Washington Corridor, this is the most highly urbanized area of the United States, and nearly 20 percent of the population lives within the area. This is one of the reasons there are so many warehousing and logistics companies in the area as well.

Because the Port of Baltimore sees over $50 billion worth of foreign commerce (imports and exports) each year, lots of warehousing is available in Baltimore and the towns surrounding it.

The Port of Baltimore website offers a directory of warehousing and distribution services. Currently, the port’s website has 47 listings on their directory, with the vast majority being in the city of Baltimore or in the surrounding towns and smaller cities. These range from Savage, Indian Head, Upper Marlboro, Elkridge and Hanover to mention a few.

Services offered on the Port of Baltimore directory run the full gamut from auto, truck and heavy equipment, public cold storage, consolidation and packaging, warehousing and fulfillment, export boxing, container and flatrack loading, and even shrink wrapping. Most services you could desire in warehousing and shipping for your business are available. The easy port access from warehousing in the Baltimore area gives a business access to a huge market.

Rockville Pick and Pack Services

Further from the coast, warehouse space and services are available in Rockville, Maryland. Rockville offers easy access to Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia from its location near I-270.

Hagerstown Warehouses

Like Rockville, Hagerstown is further west than Baltimore and away from its ports. It has a great location, at the junction of three major interstates, Interstates 70 and 68 running east-west, and Interstate 81 which runs north-south. Hagerstown is on the border of West Virginia, which adds easy access to that state as well as much of Pennsylvania.

Brandywine Warehousing Services

Brandywine, located in Prince George’s County, is just south of Joint Base Andrews and the 495 beltway around Washington, D.C. Warehousing in this area would allow quick access and delivery and shipments from or to the District of Columbia, and points in southern Virginia, like Quantico, Manassas and Fredericksburg.

Great warehousing services are important for manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters alike. No matter what business model you have, if you need help with shipping and logistics, contacting us at InsightQuote will help you connect with well-screened warehousing services and fulfillment companies. Hiring the best help to handle your products and your customers makes perfect sense, and builds and improves your reputation.

Need 3PL Warehouse Company Services? You Will Find Them in Baltimore, Maryland

3PL warehouse companies in Maryland can handle the fulfillment logistics of your business so you can concentrate on growing your business. A quick internet search resulted in 17 companies in the Baltimore, Maryland area whose warehousing, consulting, distribution and delivery features would assist you in fulfillment services for your products. The Baltimore region is conducive to fulfillment services for reasons we outline below.

Bounded by Virginia and Washington, DC on the South and Pennsylvania in the North, Maryland is perfectly situated for companies wanting to store or distribute products to almost 40% of the US population living in major population centers in a broad area of the Northeast, South, and Midwest sections of the US.

Interstate Highways

Maryland’s largest city is Baltimore with a population greater than 621,000. Several 3PL warehouse companies call Greater Baltimore home.

Located on the northeast corridor’s major roadway, I-95, makes Baltimore a major hub for travel in all directions from the city.

Philadelphia is an easy 90 minute drive. Within a few hours, travelers can reach New York City in the North and Washington, DC to Atlanta, Georgia in the South.

I-70 and I-80 service points East and West of Baltimore where travelers can reach Columbus, Ohio in about 8 hours.

All this means that 3PL warehouse companies in Maryland have excellent transportation routes available for product warehousing, distribution and delivery.


Cargo rail service is available from Baltimore through the Norfolk Southern and CSX Transportation railways. Together, they furnish cargo service to most states east of the Mississippi. The western section of the US, Mexico and Canada enjoy connecting service.

Cargo moving through the Port of Baltimore by rail includes coal, ore, automobiles, machinery, pulp, and paper products. A newly designed heavy lift berth handles dimensional cargo directly from ship to rail.

The Port of Baltimore

The Port of Baltimore has a long history as a seaport, giving your business access to shipping out of the country as well as in the US. The State of Maryland’s Port Administration site says that its Intermodal/Trade Development Department “focuses on facilitating rail and truck movements on a national level.” The Department’s stated goal is to increase trade through the Port of Baltimore by providing logistical support for intermodal cargo. They did something right: In the past ten years, container shipping in and out of Baltimore increased from 5.3 million in 2005 to 6.6 million in 2014.

BWI Marshall Airport

Given its central location on the East Coast, BWI Marshall Airport in Baltimore, Maryland, enables air cargo distribution throughout the Northeast Coast, the Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest sections of the US. BWI is within 15 minutes of the Port of Baltimore and links to five major interstate highways. It also is within minutes of cargo rail service. These factors allow the airport to warehouse, transport, and distribute cargo at efficient rates.

The airport handles sensitive air cargo with 24-hour/day cold storage. The airport handles flowers, pharmaceuticals, produce and seafood in temperature controlled facilities immediately upon loading or until just before reloading for departure.

Designated a Foreign Trade Zone, BWI handles temporary foreign and domestic merchandise for warehousing, manipulation and re-exporting without the usual red tape and formal customs operations that accompany such cargo and without payment of duties and taxes.

Designated as port of entry for wildlife and wildlife products means an expert is on site to expedite clearances for live animals, fish, and game. The trade community enjoys speedy and efficient 24-hour shipping and receiving for foreign cargo.

To read about the growth of intermodal shipping on the Norfolk Southern Railroad, see Samuel Prince’s article from December 2015, entitled “Norfolk Southern: Intermodal Revenue’s Offset Its Coal Shortfall.”

If you would like to speak to one of our customer service representatives to help you find the best 3PL provider for your needs in your area, please contact us. We look forward to addressing your business’ fulfillment needs.

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