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Missouri has many fulfillment centers located in St. Louis and around the state. These include warehouses of various sizes, as well as refrigerated and humidity restricted storage facilities. If you are afraid of bad weather or tornadoes ruining your products, never fear. Missouri also has underground storage facilities to meet your needs. The underground facilities are built into the rock hills found around the state, sheltering them from many of the potential natural disasters. St. Louis is a virtual collision of multiple interstate roadways, bridging the gap between Interstates 70, 55, 64 and 44. With all of these advantages, it’s no wonder that many up-and-coming fulfillment companies are locating in this strategic location.

Why Missouri is a Great Place for your 3PL and Fulfillment Center

Located in the central United States, Missouri is a fulfillment center location that you may want to consider. Its central location will make shipping to different parts of the U.S. faster than having your warehouse on the West or East Coast. From St. Louis, Missouri, ground shipping transit times are four days or less to nearly all of the rest of the United States – and ground shipping is the least expensive of all shipping methods. Therefore, shipping times and costs can be minimized for nationwide shipping from such an ideal centralized point. Missouri is a good choice because you can reach half of all U.S. households in just one day. They also have single railroad access to Mexico and the West Coast.

Did you know Missouri has over 300,000 workers working in the distribution industry? This just tells you how many fulfillment centers exist in the state. It helps that you’re within 600 miles of all of America’s major cities.

What to Look For in the Best Fulfillment Companies in Missouri

outsourcing 3PL, warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping in Missouri. At, we specialize in painlessly matching you with the best fulfillment centers in Missouri for your company’s specific needs. In addition to location, we match businesses based upon:

  • Years in Business
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  • Annual Order Volume
  • Customer Retention Rates
  • Order Accuracy Rates
  • Inventory Accuracy Rates
  • Shipping Accuracy Rates

And performance metrics aren’t the only consideration we take into mind. We also match you with companies that are best suited for the products you sell, the channels you sell through, the technologies you use, and any other requirements necessary. Get in touch with your ideal matches today – fill out a request for quotes or call us for FREE matches and quotes!

Why it’s Worth Finding a 3PL Warehouse Company in Missouri: Numerous Ports and the Benefit of St. Louis

If you’re currently researching 3PL warehouse companies in Missouri, no doubt one city you’re looking toward is St. Louis. While this city is what most people think of as being advantageous in distributing goods throughout Missouri, you have plenty of other regions for your fulfillment center.

Some people forget Missouri has a number of ports that link to a couple of major rivers in the state. Other major cities in Missouri are close to major airports that deal in international cargo. Several major highways extend the entire width of the state to allow distribution on a regional level. You even have one expressway giving an easy route to other states to the north.

As with all states, plenty of 3PL companies are available around St. Louis and other popular Missouri cities. What matters is whether they have the right technology and procedures fitting your business structure. We can help you find what you need here at based on our comprehensive vetting process.

Ports Near St. Louis Make Warehousing in Missouri Accessible for 3PLs and Warehousing Services Companies

If you want to corner many of the markets around St. Louis and need some of the best ports available, you have two quality ports available in this region. The first is the City of St. Louis Port Authority.

Through the above port, you have market access to 29 industrial centers reaching over 90 million people. Worldwide transport is also available, which can help you branch out to any part of the world as you expand.

For covering distribution statewide and into other nearby states, this St. Louis port has a direct connection to the Illinois River, which can give you a direct river line to Chicago. It also connects to the Missouri River for an easy byway to many Missourian cities.

Then you have the nearby St. Louis County Port Authority giving you similar market access as the port above. These ports are just two reasons why the St. Louis area is usually the preferred location for 3PL companies. Even so, additional ports are available in other areas of Missouri that are close to major highways and airports.

Other Useful Ports for Fulfillment Centers in Missouri

You’ll find other ports like the Howard/Cooper County Regional Port Authority in Boonville to cover northern Missouri. This port has access to the Missouri River as well, plus one of the few with easy pathway to the Mississippi River. The port even touts how they’re the only one with easy shipping access between Kansas City and St. Louis.

Don’t overlook the Kansas City Port Authority that’s now the largest distribution center along the Missouri River. They handle everything from barge, rail, and trucking services.

Let’s take a look at the possible cities to strategically locate your Warehouse in Missouri and how great a state it is for reaching markets in the southeast and even upper northeast regions of the United States.

Fulfillment Companies in Missouri Tap Into Major Highways and Airports

Missouri Route 10 is an excellent highway route for shipping goods because it connects Kansas City to Chicago. Other highways to consider being close to are I-70, I-64, 1-55, 1-44, and the Mississippi River Bridge (which carries I-70 traffic). These highways are near Kansas City and St. Louis as well.

Airports to consider include Lambert-St. Louis International Airport that provides the best equipment in the state for handling cargo and freight flow.

Other airports handling cargo include Kansas International Airport and The Springfield-Branson National Airport. Don’t forget about the amount of people who live in Branson since becoming one of the top tourist cities in the southeast U.S.

Top Cities for Fulfillment Warehousing in Missouri

St. Louis Missouri Fulfillment and Logistics Solutions

St. Louis is the second largest city in Missouri, but offers a comparable amount of options for warehousing and does not have the demand of two states to contend with. Although this destination of over 300,000 residents does not provide as many options as Kansas City, it is competitive for its size and location.

The assumption that all big cities will offer good warehousing options is proven wrong in the case of Springfield, Missouri. Springfield is the third largest city in Missouri and offers no full-service warehousing. A routine search without attention to the details above would display a couple of warehousing options, but dig a little deeper and you’d find that one only deals in floral inventory and the other is simply a storage facility.

Kansas City, Missouri Warehousing Fulfillment

Located along the western edge of Missouri, you’re just a short drive away into Kansas to cover more of the Midwest. You have a healthy population here, too, at 481,420.

Kansas City is the largest metropolis in the state of Missouri, located right on the state line bordering Kansas. For this reason it is also considered as a resource providing services to Kansas as well, which is great for both states, but does mean a larger pool of potential clientele is pulling on a limited number of services.

When researching warehousing options, like those available 3PLs in Kansas City, it’s important to discern between storage facilities and actual full-service warehouses that handle food grade, chemical and commercial storage. Do they handle shipping overseas? Are their reputations in customer service as impressive as their facilities may be? Depending on your needs, you may only need one of these classifications, but a full-service warehouse also deals with distribution and other aspects of Kansas City warehousing. Kansas City has several choices in this area.

Columbia, Missouri Pick and Pack Warehousing

Columbia is also a great example of disproving the stereotype, being that it is a tiny town. It’s location right in between Kansas City and St. Louis, provides an excellent venue for anyone in either of those cities, but again wanting to warehouse in a less congested area. There is only one option for warehousing in Columbia, but considering the size of the town, that is a worthwhile consideration.

These five locations are not just the best options for warehousing in Missouri, but there are the only options and all are located in the northern half of the state. This is important to note before making a decision about your housing and distribution needs for your company in Missouri. You might find one warehouse located on the southern state line, but again, closer inspection will reveal that this warehouse deals only in cotton.

St. Joseph, Missouri Public Warehousing

St. Joseph is located just northwest of Kansas City and therefore has probably taken advantage of the proximity and the needs of both bordering states, to help accommodate the growing number of warehousing consumers in the area. This effort benefits the smaller city as well as the host of consumers looking for a wide array of options. There are certainly not near the number of options in St. Joseph, but there are enough to provide a great alternative for those looking to be outside of the city or when the city’s resources are especially strained.

Springfield, Missouri Fulfillment Warehouses

A smaller city in SW Missouri, you’re not too far away from famous Branson, and a day’s drive into Oklahoma.

Jefferson City, Missouri Fulfillment Centers

You’ll want to check out the capital of Missouri to see what’s available. Again, you’re along the Missouri River, plus you’re right in-between St. Louis and Kansas City.

Key Fulfillment Data in Missouri

Choosing the best 3PL warehouse in Missouri is a complex decision. Below is summary information about Missouri population, number of warehouses, and taxes so that you can make a more informed decision about whether the state offers your company the best fulfillment services potential.

Population6.2 million (2022)
Warehouses in State12,407 (from reonomy)
Amazon Warehouses in State18
Average Warehouse Labor Rate$15.47/hr
Sales Tax Rate6.25%
Property Tax Rate2.16%
Personal Tax Rate4.95%
Corporate Tax Rate7%

To get an idea of the types of companies that operate in Missouri, check out the top 10 largest companies in the state.

Business NameNumber of Employees
Ascension Health Alliance109,000 employees
Enterprise Holdings93,000 employees
O’Reilly Auto Parts79,354 employees
Emerson Electric76,500 employees
Edward Jones45,000 employees
Anheuser-Busch30,849 employees
Kellwood Company30,000 employees
BJC HealthCare27,191 employees
Express Scripts26,600 employees
Amdocs26,200 employees

Average Fulfillment and Warehousing Pricing in Missouri

The below table gives a high-level idea of what average rates might look like in Missouri for fulfillment services, based upon surveys of outsourced warehousing companies throughout the US.

Average Warehousing and Fulfillment Costs in the US

Pricing TypeNational Average
B2C Order Fulfillment Fee Per Single Item Order$3.13
B2B Order Fulfillment Fee Per Single Item Order$4.33
Pallet storage fee per pallet per month$16.21

Finding the Best Warehousing Services in Missouri for Your Business

It would be accurate to say that the top cities for finding warehousing service companies in Missouri usually coincide with the largest and most populated areas, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Although this is probably true for most industries in any state, but there’s more to it than that. The types of warehousing and other services play a huge role in suiting the consumer needs.

Contact us for a comprehensive look at your company’s fulfillment and warehousing needs and which locations and services would best suit your goals for growth in any state. We’ll help you find a Missouri 3PL company that best suites your needs.

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With top lists dominating the Web, it's tough to tell who performs well and what specialities they truly offer. We are the only truly unbiased resource that helps you find the best 3PL warehouse in Missouri. Below are reviews of some of the more popular warehouses in Missouri – some of which are great companies and some of which will likely not be the best. Our goal is to provide honest and trustworthy reviews of the main options out there, so you can make the best decision. It’s important to note: we do not get paid by any of these companies listed below to be included on this list.


Materialogic creates innovative solutions to meet the complex supply chain management needs of its clients. They offer a proprietary INFOplus technology as the backbone of their organization and offer a full suite of fulfillment and distribution services. Reviews of the company are limited and number, and some aren’t great – which means you’ll have to perform a more in-depth due diligence before moving forward with them. They do work with a multitude of products, but really have an expertise in medical device and related products, as well as food grade products.

Address: Bridgeton, Missouri

Established: 1986

Clients: 50

Retention rate of customers: 98%

Annual order volume: 500,000

Order rate: 98%

Shipping rate: 98%

Inventory accuracy rate: 98%

Overall Rating:


IMG Logistics is a division of International Marketing Group. Its marketing division sells products on television, with online retailers, brick-and-mortar stores, premiums and incentives, and flash sales. IMG Logistics exists to provide the ability to ship large volumes to individual homes or businesses in tight windows. We can perform customized fulfillment, distribution, and packaging solutions – all backed by its dedicated and responsive employees and state-of-the-art order management platform. With its bandwidth and leading experience in the broadcast market, along with best-in-class logistics, IMG offers a turnkey solution that results in significant sales for your company and products. IMG has a very limited number of reviews, but garners a 5 Star Google review from them.

Overall Rating:

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