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Warehousing, Fulfillment Service Centers and 3PLs in Maine

The Northeast State of Maine is bordered by New Hampshire in the United States, and the Province of Quebec, Canada.  Maines entire eastern border is shared with the Atlantic Ocean. Known for its tourism industry and seafood industry, Maine benefits from a food service logistics industry which includes perishables.

Maine is accessible via Rte1, which runs from Maine to Florida, as well as interstate highways I295 and I95. The State’s proximity to Massachusetts and New Hampshire also give it easy access to International Airports. The state of Maine also has many of its own airports, including the Bangor International Airport.

As for railroad, Maine has a network of railroad tracks and is home to the Maine Central Railroad and the Eastern Maine Railroad Co. The state has a population of over 1.3 million people.

Portland Maine Third-Party Logistics Warehouse Providers

The largest city in the State of Maine, Portland, Maine is a popular tourist destination with a population of over 66k.  Portland, Maine is accessible via highways I95, I295, and Rte. 1. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean via Casco Bay, Portland has a seaport, the Maine Port Authority, which has both bulk and breakbulk services. The Port is a popular petroleum port.

For air services, Portland, Maine is accessible via the Portland International Jetport. Portland also has rail access via the Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Lewiston Maine 3PL Warehousing and Logistics Companies

Lewiston, Maine is the State’s second-largest city with a population of just over 36k people.  Lewiston is the farthest west large city in the state, and a straight shot up I95 from Portland, Maine.  The landlocked city is home to Lewiston Municipal Airport.

Lewiston, Maine is accessible via the St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad Company.

Fulfillment Companies in Maine

The Northernmost state in New England, Maine is a great state for fulfillment centers due to its proximity to its neighbor, Canada. Because of this shared border, Maine is an excellent state for warehousing goods that may need to cross into Canada. The state is also well connected to the rest of the United States via highways, railway, air and seaports.

Fulfillment Houses in Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine is the home of the second- largest seaport in the state, the Port of Portland. Located in Southern Maine, the port processes both cargo and cruises. It is also well-known and utilized for its large volume of petroleum processing, as well as bulk and breakbulk.

Maine’s largest city, Portland is home to a vast network of commerce and tourism, and thanks to the seaport and airport, many fulfillment centers. The city also offers ferry services.

As for air freight, the city is served by Portland International Airport, or PWM and is just hours from Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts.

Major roadways into and surrounding the city of Portland include 405, 205, 84 and 5.

Fulfillment Centers in Searsport, Maine

Though it may not be a household name, Searsport, Maine is the location of many shipbuilding facilities. It is also well known in logistics circles for processing many wind energy products.

Connected to the rest of Maine and beyond, Searsport Maine benefits from access to Route 1, which runs along the East Coast from Maine to Florida. Also, due to its northern location, it is not far from the border of Canada.

Eastport, Maine Fulfillment Services

The largest deep-water port on the East Coast, Eastport Maine is home to the Port of Eastport, best known for processing agricultural and seafood goods. The port’s proximity to Canada makes it an ideal location for fulfillment centers which service our neighbors to the North.

The port itself is serviced by both cargo and cruise ships, as well as State Route 190.

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