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Warehousing, Fulfillment Service Centers and 3PLs in Delaware

There are many advantages to doing business in the State of Delaware.  Though it may be a small state in both population and physical size, Delaware is primed to do some big business.  That’s because The State of Delaware has very flexible business laws -some of the most flexible business laws in the United States. Some examples of Delaware’s pro-business environment include, Delaware’s Court of Chancery, which is strictly used for business litigation and uses judges who are well versed in corporate law instead of juries who may not be.

Another benefit to doing business in Delaware is that there is no state corporate income tax in the state, as long as the business was formed within the State of Delaware. There is also no personal income tax for non-residents of Delaware. Furthermore, you do not need to be a Delaware resident to manage an LLC or to be a shareholder, director or corporate officer within the state. Other lower than usual costs include lower franchise taxes. In fact, annual franchise taxes in Delaware can be as low as $125 per year!

Delaware is conveniently located along the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware River with four major seaports to get your merchandise moving quickly to its destination. It’s that very speed to market that makes Delaware a haven for fresh produce.  That’s because Delaware is one of the largest export ports for fruits such as bananas, and Delaware’s major ports are equipped with ample food handling facilities to accommodate these products.  They also process computer parts, medicines, engine parts and much more through their seaports.

Wilmington, Delaware Fulfillment Companies

Located in the heart of the United States East Coast, Wilmington Delaware is the largest city in the state of Delaware. Wilmington, Delaware has easy access to highways such as the Jersey Turnpike, I-495, I-95 and I-295. Wilmington, Delaware provides overnight access to much of the major US markets, and its port is one of the largest produce processing ports in the nation.

Wilmington, Delaware is surrounded by suburbs like New Castle, Delaware City and Claymont Delaware. It’s also close to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and not far from Trenton, New Jersey. Companies doing business in Wilmington benefit from Delaware’s business-friendly climate and strategic location.

Dover, Delaware Fulfillment Centers

The second largest city in Delaware, Dover is the state capital and home to the small port of Bowers Harbor. It’s also in a prime location on Delaware Bay, with easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. Inland, Dover runs right along rte. 1, with nearby cities like Camden and Middletown just a short drive away. Located in a relatively small state, Dover is also close to major markets like Wilmington, Delaware, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Trenton, New Jersey.

Newark Delaware Fulfillment Houses

Located just twelve miles south of Wilmington, Delaware, Newark Delaware is a small city with big access. Located halfway between Baltimore, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Newark benefits from the same central location as Wilmington but without the potential congestion. Interstate 95 passes right through the city, as does Delaware Route 896 and Delaware Route 72. Newark is also situated close to the borders of both Pennsylvania and Maryland and nearby cities include Brookside, West Meadow and Birch Pointe.

Middletown, Delaware Fulfillment Companies

The small city of Middletown, Delaware holds the distinct title of the fastest growing city in Delaware, with a 206% growth in population in recent years. Middletown is located halfway between Dover Delaware and Wilmington Delaware. Thanks to the towns size and location it has a booming economy and very low unemployment. Middletown is also home to a thriving Amazon fulfillment center which provides many jobs for the community. This means a skilled local fulfillment workforce is already in place. Located along highways 299, 301 and 71, Middletown is close to routes 1 and I95, which runs the entire length of the east coast. This strategic location provides Amazon with a easy access to get their merchandise out as quickly as possible, and your business can benefit from that access too.

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