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Warehousing, Fulfillment Service Centers and 3PLs in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Fulfillment Services Companies

The little Northeast state of New Hampshire provides a good fulfillment center location for businesses looking for a hub in Canadian, East Coast and Northern distribution. New Hampshire is located near many major U.S. cities, such as New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Boston and boarders Quebec, Canada. Many Canadian companies find that New Hampshire is a good option for locating a U.S. distribution arm.

The state specializes in the manufacturing of machinery, electric equipment, rubber and plastic products and is a low cost alternative to other states. Lower manufacturing prices are due to no general sales tax and no personal state income tax. In fact, the number one reason that companies choose to use a fulfillment center in New Hampshire is due to the fact that it is a no sales tax state.

New Hampshire also has the Port of Portsmouth on the Piscataqua River for seaport shipping needs. This medium-sized port specializes in freight shipment and submarine repair.

Finding the Right New Hampshire City

It’s time to look at some cities in NH that could help you reach specific markets faster than others. You may find a lot of these city names familiar, despite never visiting the state.

Manchester Fulfillment Warehouses 

You’ll find Manchester along the Merrimack River in the southern part of NH. This gives you another mode of delivery when roads, rail, or air aren’t readily available.

Located in the middle of the state, you’re not far away from major New England cities like Boston and Portland, Maine.

Concord Fulfillment Companies

The capital city of New Hampshire is one with a rich history and well over 42,000 people. Just because “smaller” cities like this may seem insignificant, don’t discount them for logistics strategy or in finding a warehouse.

Nashua Fulfillment Centers

With over 86,000 people in Nashua, you’re in the central section of NH again, enabling you to reach Boston in one day.

Portsmouth Fulfillment Services

As a port city along the Piscataqua River, you can ship items out to the Atlantic to reach European markets. A city with a lower population, this can become a strategic area if you want to ship out beyond the U.S.

Warehousing Services in New Hampshire

New Hampshire boasts a high quality of life, premium education opportunities, clean air, and a whole lot of history. It’s situated in New England and makes it easy to visit many of the surrounding areas at any time. With the Atlantic Coast just hours away in many instances, it’s no wonder why many businesses choose to set up here.

The state is well-known for its natural landscape and there are more than five acres of forest land. This leads to a large amount of businesses involved in parks and recreation. Many other businesses are involved in travel and tourism because of the beaches, parks, historic sites, and even ski mountains that bring people from all over the world.

It’s also important to remember that New Hampshire does not levy a sales tax or a state income tax, which makes it a highly lucrative place to live and set up a business. Due to no sales tax, it is a shopping mecca across virtually all cities.

Some of the biggest cities in the state include Manchester, Concord, and Merrimack, providing the need for warehousing services throughout.

Manchester Public Warehouses

Manchester has found its way into the global economy, and there are 200+ manufacturing firms found within the city. The convenient and beautiful location on the Merrimack River helps to attract businesses of all sizes. There are many industries that blossom within the city. Top employers include Elliot Hospital, TD Bank, and the Southern New Hampshire University.

Concord Pick and Pack Services

Concord, also known as the Capital Region, has undergone a lot of remodeling and renovation in the past two decades. There’s plenty for every one of all ages, ranging from hiking and wildlife to antiques and skiing. A lot of culture is found within the downtown area. In addition to Concord itself, there are many surrounding communities, many of which house small business owners.

Nashua Order Fulfillment and Ecommerce Fulfillment

Nashua is a popular place to set up business and the city offers an economic development office to help with those who wish to start or expand a business. Top industries include high technology, healthcare, and computers – and a number of computer products are created from here every year.

Portsmouth Warehouses

This beautiful city is home to approximately 21,000 residents. It’s the third oldest city in the nation and therefore has a number of historic sites found throughout the area. Found in the northeast corner of the state, Portsmouth has a significant amount of commercial development. The Port of Portsmouth is a center for importers and exporters and the former air base became the Pease International Tradeport, along with an economic development project and airport.

Merrimack Warehousing Services

Merrimack has its fair share of businesses, with about 2500 in total. The industries range from automotive to retail, though there are more construction companies here than of any other type of business. Throughout the valley region, there are covered bridges, lakes, and more, offering a very natural feel to the whole town. Plenty of antique trails bring in visitors from other towns, and there’s also a zoo to occupy families for hours on end. Several minor league sports teams are also found here, including the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

New Hampshire as a Transportation Hub

New Hampshire is most definitely a transportation hub and much of this has to do with all that is in Portsmouth – the seaport, the airport, as well as the railways that are found throughout the state. I-95 runs down the length, connecting the state with the rest of the New England states. Then, just beyond Vermont, there is Canada, providing a convenient gateway for international trade.

3PL Warehouse Companies in New Hampshire: A New England Port

New Hampshire is a beautiful New England state. It has a varied landscape including lovely beaches and snowy mountains. The Granite State has a large eastern seaport and is home to many different types of business. When your company is looking for a shipping hub in the United States 3PL Warehouse Companies in New Hampshire are an excellent option.

New Hampshire has an interesting history. As one of the original 13 Colonies it has seen much change and development over time. New Hampshire was first settled by Europeans at Odiorne’s Point near Portsmouth by a group of fishermen from England. In January, 1776 it became the first of the British North American colonies to establish a government independent of Great Britain’s authority and it was the first to establish its own state constitution. By 1800, the businesses in the coastal area mainly consisted of sawmills, shipyards, merchant’s warehouses, and established village and town centers. During this time granite mining was also becoming more popular in the region. The industry continued to grow and in the late 1800s, the largest quarry was incorporated by the Swenson family, it is now operated by fifth generation family members.

In 1822, Dublin’s Juvenile Library was built, it was the first free public library. By 1844 railroads were being built all over New Hampshire. “Ten new railroads were chartered in 1844, and between 1845 and 1850, an additional 29 were chartered. When Henry V. Poor published his History of the Railroads and Canals of the United States of America in 1860, he listed no less than 57 railroads that had been incorporated in New Hampshire. In all, New Hampshire had constructed 547 miles of track, or ten times as much as had existed in the state in 1844.” This led to more trade and the continued expansion of the state’s economy.

More recently, some writers have referred to New Hampshire as the Queen State – “Queen by right of her natural beauty; queen by her native hardy spirit; queen by her diversified industry; queen by reason of her motherhood of great men. She is enthroned on hills of granite, diademed with sparkling waters and sceptered with industry.” The arrival of defense electronics contractor Sanders Associates in 1952 and minicomputer giant Digital Equipment Corporation or DEC in the early 1970s led New Hampshire to its role as a high-tech adjunct of the Route 128 corridor. New Hampshire has a flourishing technology, medical and financial sector. It is also a popular tourist destination year-round, with the best ski resorts on the East Coast and picturesque coastal towns. Forbes notes that “One advantage the state has over its neighbors is on the corporate taxes front, with Moody’s Analytics’ figures placing New Hampshire 21% below the national average. The Granite State also has the lowest poverty rate in the U.S.” There are a couple of ideal locations within the state that have developed into centers for industry.

3PL Warehouse Companies in Manchester

Manchester is the most populated city in New Hampshire and the most populous New England city north of Boston. The Manchester metro area is one of the fastest growing in New England. The economy has changed quite a lot of the last few decades. Only 40 years ago Manchester was a textile mill town. Now technology and healthcare are growing fields. Several large companies have moved into the area including Segway, Excell Mobile Distributors and Alexander Technology Group. Forbes highlights, “Cultural landmarks include the historic Palace Theatre, the Currier Museum of Art, the Franco-American Center and the Manchester Historic Association Millyard Museum. The city is home to Hesser College, Manchester Community College, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Saint Anslem College, Southern New Hampshire University and University of New Hampshire at Manchester.” Job growth is projected at 2.5% in the metro area. The city has exceptional corporate tax rates and a lower cost of business than many other major northeastern cities.

3PL Warehouse Companies in Portsmouth

Portsmouth, “the only sea city, has a historic past and a prosperous present with its large navy yard.” It is a gateway to the world with one of the largest ports in the northeast. The Portsmouth Industrial Park covers 75 acres. The city still has its historic feel in the architecture and serene beaches to enjoy during the summer. It continues to be a popular tourist destination. There are several cultural and natural points of interest in the area including the Rockingham County Botanical Garden, the Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth and Canobie Lake Park. This area is also continuing to grow with job growth projected at 2.6% and 42.10% over the next ten years. Companies like Heinemann USA and packaged software producer Bottomline Technologies are based in Portsmouth. The city also has Portsmouth International Airport.

New Hampshire is continuing to grow economically and culturally. With great corporate benefits, a large seaport, and multiple highways and railways there is easy access to shipping, receiving and storage. Three of the primary Interstates that pass through New Hampshire are I-89 which travels between Montreal and Boston, I-93 which connects much of New England, and I-95 which goes all the way from Florida to New Brunswick, Canada. New Hampshire takes pride in keeping its roadways safe and clear year-round. There are also still 459 miles of active railroad in New Hampshire. When looking for a northeastern transportation and warehouse hub New Hampshire should be on the list. Contact us for more information on the best 3PL warehouse solutions for your company.

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