Top Supply Chain Consulting Companies for International Trade

When you handle warehousing and distribution, you understand that the world of international trade can be complicated. From getting raw materials to delivering the final product to customers, there are many steps along the way. And each step needs to work perfectly for your business to succeed. That’s why many companies turn to experts for help.

In this blog, we will look at some of the best companies that offer advice on supply chains. These companies are pros at helping businesses like yours work better, save money, and grow in global markets.

What is Supply Chain?

A supply chain refers to the network and steps involved in creating a product and getting it to the customer. It’s like a big pathway starting with getting raw materials, making the product in factories, moving it to stores, and finally, customers buying it. It includes many people, businesses, and activities to ensure products get to where they need to be.

Why are Supply Chain Consulting Companies Vital in International Trade?

Supply chain consulting companies are crucial in international trade because they help businesses manage these complex pathways, especially when dealing with different countries. Here are some reasons why they are vital:

  • Lifeblood of Economy: Supply chains are essential for the economy, especially in the U.S., as they handle a big chunk of over 76% of world trade. If something goes wrong in the supply chain, it can mess up trade between countries.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Sales: A good supply chain ensures customers get what they want, which in turn helps generate more sales for companies. This is super important in international trade, where businesses have to deal with customers from different parts of the world.
  • Handling Disruptions: Our world can be very unpredictable. Pandemics, trade wars, or big storms can disrupt supply chains. Consulting companies help businesses plan for these disruptions to lessen any negative impacts.
  • Global Trade Compliance: Businesses must follow different laws and regulations when trading internationally. Supply Chain Consulting Companies help ensure that all trade aspects are managed correctly, like document management and partner screening.
  • Building Resilience and Agility: Businesses need to be ready for sudden changes in demand or any other issues that might come up. Consulting companies help make supply chains strong and flexible to handle such situations.

What are the Top Supply Chain Consulting Companies in the World by Type?

Here are the world’s top supply chain consulting companies, organized by their areas of expertise:

Logistics and Transportation Supply Chain Companies

We’ll look closer at the top companies that specialize in ensuring your products get where they need to go as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

1. DHL Supply Chain

DHL Supply Chain, a division of the DHL Group, is recognized as the world’s leading contract logistics provider.

Services: Supply chain design, inbound to manufacturing, consulting, assembly and packing, warehousing, order fulfillment, and transportation services. It also has operations in the US, Canada, and Latin America.

2. UPS Supply Chain Solutions

UPS Supply Chain Solutions is known for managing dynamic supply chains with flexible, scalable, and global solutions.

Services: Freight consolidation, supplier management, transportation management, insurance services, customs brokerage, and specialized services. It operates globally, managing every aspect of global supply chains, including logistics, distribution, transportation, shipping, and customs brokerage.

3. C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson is one of the world’s largest logistics platforms, boasting a powerful and connected logistics platform.

Services: Freight transportation, transportation management, brokerage, and warehousing with operations primarily in North America.

4. Kuehne + Nagel

Founded in 1890, Kuehne + Nagel has grown from a traditional shipping company to a global logistics partner, providing highly specialized solutions for major industries worldwide.

Services: Sea freight, airfreight, contract logistics, and overland businesses. With 9,000 specialists across 195 U.S. locations, Kuehne + Nagel has a strong presence in the USA and globally.

5. XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics, initially named Express-1 Expedited Services, Inc. until 2011, is a freight and distribution company.

Services: Global transportation and logistics management services to companies across major industries. XPO Logistics has developed the XPO Connect digital freight marketplace and Drive XPO mobile app, with the platform having more than 65,000 carriers registered.

Procurement and Sourcing Supply Chain Experts

Picking the right experts in this area can make a huge difference in how well your business does, especially in international markets. Let’s look at some of the top companies specializing in procurement and sourcing.

1. Accenture

Accenture provides sourcing and procurement services to turn procurement into a strategic asset, delivering cost savings across pricing, consumption, and inventory and finding new opportunities for reinvestment across the business.

Services: They offer end-to-end supply chain network procurement services focusing on enhancing customer experience, improving profitability, and creating more sustainable organizations.

2. GEP

GEP provides a unified end-to-end procurement platform called GEP SMART™, which automates the sourcing process, giving enterprise procurement teams access to best-in-class sourcing tools to streamline operations from source to contract.

Services: Their AI-powered platform offers comprehensive source-to-pay functionality, including spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, supplier management, procure-to-pay, savings project management, and savings tracking, among others

3. Proxima

Proxima is a world-leading procurement and supply chain consultancy that works alongside some of the world’s largest and most successful businesses to help them spend their money wisely through an extensive suite of procurement consultancy services focused on cost transformation, supply chain sustainability, and decarbonization.

Services: Proxima offers sourcing, transformation, and delivery services, providing project-based consulting and continuous transformation/enablement services focused on strategic procurement.

4. Kearney

Kearney has been at the forefront of strategic sourcing and prides itself on its decades’ worth of procurement experience, delivering sourcing solutions that evaluate complex sourcing criteria and provide suppliers with the flexibility to offer creative options.

Services: They offer a 7-step process for strategic sourcing, which leads to optimal negotiations with suppliers and has been proven effective for sourcing different products and services

5. IBM Procurement Services

IBM Procurement Services provides end-to-end solutions to digitally reinvent businesses with technology, analytics, cognitive insights, and IBM Design Thinking.

Services: They offer procurement consulting and outsourcing services that create intelligent workflows, combining a procurement team’s expertise with technologies like AI and automation, all enabled on a hybrid cloud. They also have a procurement management process in IBM® TRIRIGA®, which optimizes vendor interaction and performance throughout the procurement lifecycle.

Warehouse and Inventory Management Specialists

Let’s explore the top specialists in this area who can help you optimize your storage and inventory systems for maximum efficiency.

1. Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield offers various services, including logistics and supply chain solutions, warehouse and distribution center optimization, and labor analytics, among others.

Services: Supply chain optimization, industrial and logistics services, labor analytics, incentive advisory, and location strategy.


SSI SCHAEFER provides modular warehousing and logistics software solutions, including storage, conveying, transporting, picking, and handling systems.

Services: They offer Warehouse Management Software (WMS), which aids in automated inventory management, reducing human error, and improving efficiency and accuracy in inventory tracking and order fulfillment.

3. Dematic

Dematic is a global engineering company that designs, builds, and supports intelligent, automated solutions for manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution environments.

Services: They offer solutions for various sectors, including food & beverage, retail, e-commerce, and more. Their services are designed to optimize the supply chain, drive digital transformation, and improve operations efficiency.

4. Bastian Solutions

Overview: Bastian Solutions is focused on optimizing material flow and operational efficiencies, aiming to increase productivity, throughput, and order accuracy while reducing costs and maximizing warehouse space.

Services: Bastian Solutions provides integration with software management tools for real-time data on inventory, offering both conventional and automated storage solutions to maximize facility space and efficiency.

5. MWPVL International

MWPVL International is a global supply chain, logistics, and distribution consulting firm. They offer various consulting services, including supply chain and logistics network strategy, distribution center design, material handling and automation systems, and supply chain execution technology.

Services: They provide unbiased consulting services in purchasing and inventory management. This includes developing the economic business case and financial justification for purchasing/forecasting applications and assisting with defining purchasing/forecasting requirements and RFP development.

Demand and Forecasting Analysts

Let’s explore the top companies specializing in demand and forecasting, helping businesses stay one step ahead in the global market.

1. Kinaxis

Kinaxis offers solutions to enhance supply chain agility and resilience, blending human and artificial intelligence to aid companies in adapting to various scenarios, monitoring risks, and responding swiftly to changes.

Services: Planning services through their Planning.AI, which employs machine learning to delve into extensive internal and external data, augmenting both short and long-term forecasting accuracy.

2. Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software)

Blue Yonder facilitates enhanced demand planning through its innovative tools, aiding businesses in identifying areas of growth and improvement.

Services: They offer specialized algorithms covering various sales patterns and employ machine learning and other advanced techniques for accurate forecasting.

3. Llamasoft

Llamasoft develops a supply chain analytics and planning platform aimed at accurate demand forecasting to meet service requirements.

Services: Their Demand Modeler Supply Chain Prescriptions aims to expedite the design and analysis process through an all-in-one modeling solution.

4. ToolsGroup

ToolsGroup develops supply chain planning and demand analytics software encompassing an array of solutions like demand forecasting, promotion management, and replenishment.

Services: Their demand forecasting software captures true demand history, not just sales, aiding in identifying past stock insufficiencies and planning for future demand.

5. John Galt Solutions

John Galt Solutions is a privately-held software company focused on providing forecasting and supply chain planning solutions primarily for mid-market companies. It aims to assist businesses in making better, faster, and more confident decisions through innovations in supply chain planning, alongside advances in machine learning and AI, ensuring swift delivery of tangible business outcomes.

Services: John Galt Solutions offers two main platforms:

  1. Atlas Planning Platform: This comprehensive single platform is designed to synchronize planning across multi-enterprise businesses. It caters to those at various stages of their digital supply chain journey, aiding in strategy creation for transformation initiatives.
  2. ForecastX: This platform provides powerful, one-click forecasting in Excel, making it a user-friendly tool for those accustomed to spreadsheet-based planning

Customs and Compliance Advisors

Let’s dive into how Customs and Compliance Advisors can help you navigate these complex regulations, ensuring your business runs smoothly across borders.

1. Livingston International

Livingston International is North America’s leading company specializing in customs brokerage and compliance, also offering international trade consulting and freight forwarding services globally.

Services: They provide solutions for correct tariff classification, valuation, voluntary disclosures & appeals, audits & audit assistance, export controls, and trade compliance assessments to ensure accurate and compliant trade activities.

2. Expeditors

Expeditors is a global logistics company that offers innovative customs and compliance solutions, enhancing supply chain programs through unique systems, applications, and technologies.

Services: Their services include customs brokerage, trade management, and customs & compliance solutions that minimize compliance risk, manage declarations effectively, and optimize duty and tax minimization programs to add value to organizational operations.

3. Integration Point (Thomson Reuters)

Integration Point, a part of Thomson Reuters, specializes in global trade management software to manage import/export activities.

Services: Duty optimization, risk reduction through denied party screening, supply chain compliance, global classification, export and import management, among others.

4. BDP International

BDP International is a global logistics and transportation services company.

Services: Export freight forwarding, import customs clearance, and regulatory compliance. They work closely with government agencies to adhere to strict standards and regulations, ensuring efficient cargo movement.

5. Flexport

Flexport is a multinational corporation focusing on supply chain management and logistics, including customs brokerage.

Services: Duty minimization, tariff engineering, customs valuation, and more to optimize supply chain strategies and strengthen business operations. They offer Trade Advisory services, providing expertise and data-driven solutions to tackle customs, compliance, and supply chain challenges.

Choosing the Right Supply Chain Consulting Company!

Making the right choice for your supply chain needs is vital, and we’re here to help you do just that. At Warehousing and Fulfillment, our unique approach sets us apart. We’re not vendors; we’re matchmakers. We use our years of experience to connect you with the best, most cost-effective supply chain solutions, all for free! And we do it in a way that’s fair and unbiased.

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FAQs about Top Supply Chain Consulting Companies

What are the 5 Supply Chain Management?

The 5 key components of Supply Chain Management are: Planning, Sourcing, Making, Delivering, and Returning.

What is the Main Role of Supply Chain?

The main role of the Supply Chain is to ensure the right products get to the right place at the right time in a cost-effective manner.

What is the Basic Example of Supply Chain?

A basic example of a Supply Chain is a farmer growing wheat, selling it to a miller who makes flour, which is then sold to a baker who makes bread, which is finally sold to consumers at a grocery store.

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