How Much Does Amazon Fulfillment Cost? Breaking Down the Fees

Amazon fulfillment services have revolutionized the way online sellers manage their businesses. As the e-commerce industry grows, sellers are turning to Amazon’s vast network to ensure fast and reliable delivery to customers around the globe.

However, understanding the Amazon fulfillment costs associated with these services is crucial, as they can vary based on product size and weight, storage duration, and fees. Navigating these expenses effectively can mean the difference between maximizing profits and diminishing returns.

What are the Two Types of Amazon Selling Plans and their Cost?

Amazon offers two types of selling plans: the Individual Seller Plan and the Professional Seller Plan. Each Amazon selling plans have its own set of features and costs designed to suit different types of sellers.

  • Individual Seller Plan: The Individual Seller Plan is best for those who plan to sell fewer than 40 items per month. It doesn’t have a monthly subscription fee, but sellers pay a $0.99 fee per item sold, along with referral and variable closing fees. This plan is ideal for casual sellers or those just starting out who want to minimize upfront costs.
  • Professional Seller Plan: The Professional Seller Plan is geared towards more serious sellers who expect to sell more than 40 items per month. It comes with a $39.99 monthly subscription fee but doesn’t charge the $0.99 per item fee. This plan also offers advanced selling tools, access to advertising features, and eligibility for top placement on product detail pages. It’s suitable for businesses looking to scale and take advantage of Amazon’s full suite of seller services.

What are the Different Types of Amazon Fulfillment Fees?

Amazon’s fulfillment services costs can vary significantly based on the type of product and the specific services used. Here’s a detailed look at the different types of fulfillment fees you might encounter:

Referral Fees

  • Minimum Referral Fees: Minimum Referral Fees are the lowest referral fee you will be charged per item sold, regardless of its price.
  • Referral Fee Percentage: Referral Fee Percentage is a percentage of the sale price that Amazon charges for facilitating the sale, varying by product category.
  • Variable Closing Fees: These fees are additional charges applied per item sold, which vary depending on the product category. These are common in media categories like books, music, and DVDs and are designed to cover the costs of processing and handling these specific items.
  • Refund Administration Fees: When a customer returns a product, refund administration fees are charged. This fee is typically a percentage of the item’s price. It ensures that Amazon can efficiently manage returns and refunds.

Storage Fees

  • Monthly Storage Fees: Monthly Storage Fees are charges based on the cubic feet your inventory occupies in Amazon’s warehouses, billed monthly.
  • FBA Aged Inventory Surcharge (Long-Term Storage Fees): These are fees for items stored in Amazon’s warehouses for over 365 days. They encourage sellers to manage inventory turnover effectively.
  • Low-level Inventory Fees: Low-level inventory fees are charged when the inventory levels of certain products fall below a specified threshold. These fees are intended to ensure that inventory is maintained at optimal levels to meet customer demand.
  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment Fees: Multi-channel fulfillment fees apply when Amazon fulfills orders from other sales channels, such as your website. These fees cover the costs of picking, packing, and shipping the items, allowing you to use Amazon’s logistics network.
  • FBA Inbound Placement Service: FBA Inbound Placement Service fees are charged when you choose to send all your inventory to a single Amazon fulfillment center, and Amazon then redistributes it to other centers. This service helps improve logistics and ensures efficient distribution across multiple locations.
  • Dangerous Goods: Dangerous goods fees apply to items that require special handling due to their hazardous nature, such as batteries, aerosols, and flammable materials. These fees cover the additional safety and compliance measures needed to store and ship these products.
  • Rental Book Service Fees: Rental book service fees are specific to textbooks and other books rented through Amazon’s program. These fees cover the costs associated with managing the rental process, including shipping and handling returns.

How Can a Seller Save on Amazon Fulfillment Cost?

Reducing Amazon fulfillment costs can significantly improve a seller’s profitability. Here are some of the best ways to save on these costs:

  • Inventory Management: Effective inventory management is crucial for minimizing storage fees and avoiding long-term storage surcharges. Closely monitoring your stock levels and adjusting restock quantities lets you ensure that you only store what you need and avoid excess inventory sitting.
  • Product Selection: Choosing the right products to sell can help you save on fulfillment costs. Opt for lightweight and compact items to minimize storage and shipping fees. Avoid products categorized as dangerous goods, as they incur higher handling charges.
  • Regular Audits: Conducting regular audits of your inventory can help you identify slow-moving or obsolete items that may be costing you more in storage fees. By regularly reviewing your inventory and removing unsellable or long-stored products, you can reduce unnecessary storage costs and optimize your stock levels.
  • Consider Doing In-house Fulfillment or Using a 3PL: Oftentimes, running FBM instead of FBA fulfillment can save money and avoid tremendous headaches due to limitations that Amazon imposes on fulfilling orders with their FBA program.

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FAQs About Amazon Fulfillment Cost

Does Amazon take 50% Off Every Sale?

Amazon doesn’t take 50% off every sale. The fees vary based on the category but typically include a referral fee (around 15%) and fulfillment fees if you use FBA.

Is it Worth Selling Products on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon can be worth it if you have a solid product and strategy. It can give you a massive reach and convenient fulfillment options, but be prepared for fees and competition.

How Do I Calculate Fulfillment Cost Per Order?

To calculate fulfillment cost per order, add up all expenses like storage, pick and pack fees, shipping, and any extra services you use. Divide the total by the number of orders to get your per-order cost.

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