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Shipbob Reviews and Ratings

When looking for fulfillment services, you won’t have trouble finding them online or off. Many services are available online now, making it easier for startups to ship their products without significant investments.


One of the most popular of these services is ShipBob. As a fulfillment service designed specifically for startups and small businesses, they’ve offered fast logistics for the last five years to eliminate huge storage costs.

Before using their service, you might want to read some reviews first. While ShipBob usually receives positive reviews, they also have a few negative opinions that could confuse you on a final decision.

What Does ShipBob Excel In?

According to cumulative reviews of ShipBob, you’ll see that customer service is their strongest suit. This is always an important aspect to any fulfillment service, whether it’s in a physical warehouse or online.

Communication is going to become important when working with outsourced fulfillment since you’ll likely be working with them for years. You always need to know whether your customers are going to receive their orders on time, and ShipBob makes this a priority.

They extend their customer service by providing personalized services to ensure package recipients are satisfied.

Even more significant is the company lets their business customers easily integrate ShipBob with eBay, Amazon, and Shopify stores.

It also helps that they offer two-day shipping, no matter where the small business is in the country.

Where Can ShipBob Improve?

You’ll find some reviews saying ShipBob might need more room to grow. Some say they can’t really handle large volumes of orders. Other reviews say the company broke items or brought a loss of inventory.

While these are minor incidents, it’s often indicative of a younger company trying to keep up with growth. Since ShipBob has only been around a few years, they haven’t had as much experience as some of the other more established companies in the fulfillment industry.

Even so, it’s perhaps a lesson that if your own small business is starting to take on large order volumes, it may be good to compare ShipBob with other more established fulfillment centers.

To make your final decision, you’ll want to take time to read more detailed information in various ShipBob reviews.

ShipBob Reviews on Yelp

With 22 total reviews available about ShipBob on Yelp, you’ll see their total review score comes out to three stars out of five. Read through some of the reviews and you’ll see more information about what customers experienced.

As with most online reviews, you’ll find polar opposite opinions of either effusive praise about their services, or negative comments about lost inventory and bad customer service.

The positive reviews talk about ShipBob’s speed, reliability, and savings for struggling startups. Negative reviews say their lack of execution on certain matters sometimes leads to headaches.

ShipBob Reviews on Facebook

On Facebook, ShipBob gets a cumulative score of 4.3, though you’ll find some of the same complaints as on Yelp. In some of these reviews, it’s sometimes mentioned shipping fees are inconsistent.

What makes ShipBob stand out there, though, is they personally respond to all negative reviews. They work hard to make sure these issues become resolved. In this regard, you could look at these negative experiences as a company still growing to handle heavy demands.

ShipBob Reviews on TrustPilot

On TrustPilot, ShipBob fares a little better on reviews. They have a top score of 8.5 out of 10 there.

When you visit the review page, you’ll see all of the positive reviews first. One reviewer says: “The costs may be a little high, but worth paying for the simplicity of fees and working with them.”

Another review says ShipBob truly understands what clients are looking for and does their best to make it happen.

Going on these reviews, you can see ShipBob is trying hard to excel. They succeed most of the time, though always vet a provider carefully before selecting any fulfillment service. If you want help with selecting the best fulfillment company for your business, fill out one of our online forms now and our fulfillment experts will hand-pick top companies for you.

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