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Warehouse Pro Reviews and Ratings

In business since 1976, Warehouse Pro has evolved with the times under the helm of second-generation owner Billy Self, who took over the reigns of Warehouse Pro in 2004. Today the Rockwall, Texas-based business specializes in retail and e-commerce logistics. Mr. Self guarantees a personal email or telephone response to any question or concern within two hours as part of Warehouse-Pro’s service level agreement (SLA).

Warehouse Pro in Rockwall, Texas

Warehouse Pro Pricing

Warehouse Pro doesn’t publish their pricing on their website, but that may be due to their customizable packages for shipping, warehousing, kitting and more. Warehouse Pro even handles subscription box services, Amazon FBA services and more, all customized to suit your businesses individual needs.

Warehouse Pro Facilities

Located in Rockwall, Texas, Warehouse Pro is conveniently located about thirty minutes from Dallas, Texas and all modes of transportation are available for goods leaving their warehouse. Furthermore, docking appointments are available for clients who would like to view their inventory, and real-time inventory tracking allows you to not only see how much inventory you have on-hand, but where in the warehouse that inventory is being stored.

Warehouse Pro Facilities


Warehouse Pro Services

Warehouse Pro provides clients with a wide variety of 3PL services, with their main focus on retail logistics, including distribution, stores and direct to consumer (D2C). Because there are many ways in which retailers require distribution to be processed, Warehouse Pro has made it their business to become well versed in all of them. They offer real time inventory management, full EDI support, single item number and inventory management across multiple channels, pre-wired integrations, and they can even print retailer compliant UCC-128/GS-1 labels.

For their box subscription service, Warehouse Pro can customize a plan for your business that can include everything from inventory surplus management to API integrations, packaging and more. Their proprietary software allows the business to monitor its inventory levels in real-time and forecast future inventory levels, too.

Billy Self Warehouse Pro

Warehouse Pro’s kitting and packing service provides their customers with cost per full kit pricing to save them time and money. This pricing includes time, plus gift packs, displays, bundles, barcoding and shrink wrap and blister packaging.

For customers looking for Amazon FBA, Warehouse Pro can handle that, too, offering quality control, repackaging, relabeling, expiration dates, photo documentation and much more.

Warehouse Pro Software

Warehouse Pro has their own proprietary software program which enables them to do some pretty fancy footwork with your logistics. One of the most eye-catching features they offer is the ability to map your inventory’s location within the warehouse, to not only know how many SKUs you have but where exactly those SKUs are physically located.

Warehouse Pro’s software can work with any program to seamlessly integrate and get the information you need into the right hands within their organization.

For those whose inventory does not need it, or for businesses where system integration does not make sense, Warehouse Pro proudly offer custom spreadsheets to track inventory data. In fact, according to their site, Warehouse Pro’s team loves the challenge of a complicated spreadsheet, so clients can rest knowing their inventory management spreadsheets are in willing and capable hands.

Pros of Warehouse Pro

Warehouse Pro has been in business for 47 years and is by no means a startup, allowing the customer to benefit from decades of experience. Best of all, despite their age, Warehouse Pro is still in tune with the changing face of e-commerce, including everything from FBA merchandise to subscription box services to the more traditional retail and D2C transactions.

The personalized touch Warehouse Pro offers by putting owner Billy Self in the front lines as customer service and sales helps guarantee that your voice is heard and your questions or concerns will go to the right person.

Warehouse Pro’s willingness to tackle tough problems like complicated spreadsheets shows they are willing to go the extra mile for clients, and speaking of extra miles, the flexibility the company offers by their willingness to use any more of transportation to get your goods where they need to go speaks volumes about the kind of partners they’ll likely be to your business.

Warehouse Pro’s proprietary software makes it easy to sell inventory across multiple sites and keep track of that inventory in real time, and their accuracy guarantee offers peace of mind that your customers will always get the right products. If they don’t Warehouse Pro will make it right at Warehouse Pro’s expense- not your businesses.

Cons of Warehouse Pro

Warehouse Pro does not publish their pricing on their website, so potential clients must commit to a full inquiry to get an idea of pricing.

Though dealing with the owner and president Billy Self directly should put clients minds at ease, this could backfire if an answer is needed more urgently than the two hour response window quoted on their site.

The 2pm cutoff window for shipping orders should catch many orders, but is still earlier than some competitors offer for no additional charge.

There are not many published reviews for Warehouse Pro, so it’s a little more difficult to get an accurate gauge for how satisfied their customers really are. Thankfully the majority of those few reviews available are positive in nature.

Reviews for Warehouse Pro

Though there are very few published reviews for this outsourced logistics company, Warehouse Pro earns high praise on sites like Google, where one reviewer proclaims that the staff, including Self are “incredible.”

Facebook reviews on the company’s own page give them 3.9 out of 5 stars.

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