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Sweetwater Logistics Reviews and Ratings

Sweetwater Logistics was founded in 2009 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Founder and President Steve Thomson chose Charlotte as a home base for the logistics company because of its prime location, with shipments leaving Charlotte reaching 80 percent of the United States population within 2 days. This access is a big deal to Sweetwater, which not only strives to get your products into your customers hands as soon as possible – they strive to get 99.8% of orders placed before 3:30 pm out the door the same day they’re placed. It may seem like quite a feat, but it’s a goal Sweetwater says they’ve never once missed in their ten-year history.

Sweetwater Logistics in Charlotte, North Carolina

An active participant in the daily operations of Sweetwater, Steve Thompson acts as the main point of contact to all accounts, allowing clients to speak directly with him about their account without having to go through a chain of command or a middleman to address questions or concerns.

Priding themselves on their collaboration with their clients, Sweetwater Logistics constantly looks for to new ways to help clients grow their business. If they see an opportunity their clients can benefit from, Sweetwater Logistics will introduce that opportunity to them, saving them time and even increasing their revenue.  This aligns quite well with Sweetwater’s business model of increasing orders and reducing costs, and doing so by utilizing cutting edge technology.

Sweetwater Logistics Pricing

Sweetwater Logistics posts their easy-to-understand fee schedule right on their website, so you know exactly what to expect to pay when choosing them for your logistics.   With no monthly minimums or contracts to sign, Sweetwater Logistics’ clear and concise fee schedule charges clients only for the services they use, with no hidden fees. They also explain their fees in detail, so customers not only see what they’re paying for, they understand where the number comes from. For example, Sweetwater charges a $4.00 per pallet fee, but if merchandise arrives un-palleted, there is a two-dollar minimum surcharge per receipt.  If an item does not have a UPC, Sweetwater charges an additional fee of one-dollar per order and 50-cents-per-item to process that merchandise. Sweetwater can add a UPC label to any merchandise for just $.25 per item with a $25 minimum.

Sweetwater Logistics will also use your own packaging, or they can provide packaging for you for a fee, with kitting and assembly running a competitive $35 per man hour. As for billing, standard payment is due in net ten days, and a 3 percent late fee is assessed for any invoices paid past their due date.

It’s pricing for a single item order ranging from $1.95 to $3.00 depending on volume is very competitive.

Sweetwater Logistics Facilities

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sweetwater Logistics strategic location allows it to reach 80 percent of the US population within two days. Sweetwater’s proximity to ports also allows the company to work seamlessly with clients entering the US market from abroad.

Sweetwater Logistics Services

When it comes to services, Sweetwater Logistics has a lot to offer. From standard logistics services including B2B and D2C, Sweetwater also offers warehousing and distribution, kitting, secure storage, cross dock services, EDI, pick and pack, order fulfillment and e-commerce fulfillment services. Sweetwater truly wants to be a partner in your business’s success – that’s why they participate in a Small Business Incubator Program in partnership with Collaboration Business Consulting, a management consulting firm which helps guide and nurture new businesses and help them realize optimal growth.

Sweetwater Logistics also works closely with foreign vendors looking to enter the US market. Sweetwater offers businesses abroad a turn-key service where they can ship merchandise directly to Sweetwater, and let Sweetwater handle all the details from secure storage to product distribution.

Sweetwater Logistics Software

Sweetwater Logistics uses current software to handle all of your logistics needs. They are fully integrated with over 50 eCommerce systems, including Amazon,, eBay, Living Social, Overstock, Shopify, Sears and many more.

In addition to their merchandise management software, Sweetwater Logistics has developed their own proprietary tool for determining which shipper is the most economical based on each individual order. The goal of this software is to help clients get the best shipping rates, which is important because Sweetwater prides itself on not profiting from shipping costs by overcharging their customers.

Pros of Sweetwater Logistics

With their expertise in small to medium sized businesses and their innovative small business incubator program, Sweetwater Logistics really wants to help new and smaller businesses thrive. They offer everything from the most current inventory tracking software to their own customizable tools to help your business save time and money. Dedicated partners in your business’s growth, Sweetwater looks for opportunities to grow your business on your behalf, because when your business wins, so does theirs.

Sweetwater’s location is another bonus. Reachable to 80 percent of the US population within two days, Sweetwater gets your merchandise where it needs to go with speed and accuracy. In fact, they are so confident about their accuracy it’s guaranteed, or Sweetwater will make it right at their cost.

Sweetwater Logistics wants their customers to be happy. That’s why your main point of contact isn’t just anyone, it’s the company’s President Steve Thompson.

Cons of Sweetwater Logistics

There aren’t a lot of negatives to this innovative logistics company, however having just one point of contact for all clients may delay response time when addressing individual issues. The good news is that the one point of contact is the company’s president, and the person in the best position to correct any issues.

Another negative is that while their fees are clearly explained, customers will need to pay attention to their accounts to see which fees they can expect to pay, as these fees can add up, for example if your inventory is not barcoded or your payment is late.

Sweetwater Logistics Reviews

The reviews for Sweetwater Logistics are overwhelmingly positive. The one negative review posted on Google reviews was left blank, but still received a response from company president Steve Thompson, who reached out to the reviewer to contact him for a resolution.

Positive reviews praise everything from the reliability and quality of the services Sweetwater Logistics provides, to the care they take when shipping products. Other reviews complement the company’s customer service, delivery time and their dedication to helping smaller businesses grow their brand. Even members of their own community praise Sweetwater for their dedication to the Charlotte area, calling Sweetwater “an asset to the community.”

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