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Simple Global Reviews and Ratings

What Does Simple Global Specialize In?

SimpleGlobal is a full scale e-commerce fulfillment services company. They have locations in both Delaware and southern California. They also claim to have global locations in Europe and Asia. In addition to fulfillment services for e-commerce brands, SimpleGlobal as offers customer care services and brand support, answering end customers’ inquiries. As with many e-commerce fulfillment companies, Simple Global states on their website that they have a robust back end technology that:

  • Integrates with over 50 marketplaces online
  • Allows for easy SKU and inventory management
  • Provides detailed information on orders
  • Allows for simple shipping management
  • Offers worry-free returns process

In terms of the core services that Simple Global offers, the list includes:

  • Multi-channel retail fulfillment
  • B2B and Bulk shipping
  • Crowdfunding fulfillment
  • Subscription box fulfillment
  • Returns Processing

Simple Global Reviews

When it comes to reviews for SimpleGlobal, unfortunately the information we collected from the Web isn’t very supportive. Most of the reviews are negative. Starting with reviews from their employees, SimpleGlobal appears to have some potentially serious issues which could negatively impact your experience if you use them for outsourced fulfillment. Only 3 of the 11 reviews posted on were positive from employees, with many employees complaining that management is largely absent, the company makes too many mistakes and is losing customers, and that they would not recommend others work at SimpleGlobal. Overall, they achieved a 1.9 out of 5 review rating from

Simple Global

Unfortunately, the outlook isn’t better when you look at the reviews on Google. They only had 5 people offer a review, and one of them was a 5 star review. Otherwise, there seemed to be less than stellar reviews, including some that wouldn’t recommend other companies to use them:

Simple Global Fulfillment

Now, to be fair, we don’t know any company that would get a perfect review from everyone. But what you should look at is the overall context, and if there is an overwhelming abundance of negative reviews from customers and employees, it may be cause for concern.

The tone of the reviews continues on Facebook, with only 2 reviewers, which is very odd for a global company (one would think they would have quite a few positive reviews from customers).

Simple Global Warehouse


Finally, on the Better Business Bureau website, the negative tone and complaints continue. 4 complaints in the last 3 years and 1 in the last year, combined with a 1 star rating is cause for potential concern.

Simple Global Facilities


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