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ShipMonk Reviews & Ratings

At Shipmonk, a Florida-based eCommerce fulfillment service provider founded in 2014, the focus is on flexibility, technology, and customer support. Promising the most advanced warehouse, shipping, inventory, and order fulfillment software around, Shipmonk’s goal is to be flexible – while helping you scale – as they handle your orders with “game-changing supply chain software”.


A powerful third-party logistics platform that prides itself on the picking and weighing accuracy of its machinery, Shipmonk offers 3PL fulfillment services for all eCommerce fulfillment, with an emphasis on technology (Cubiscan) and warehouse automation. ShipMonk will also help you build your brand; make impressions with your own custom packaging and ShipMonk’s branded shipping experience services.

The origins of Shipmonk can be traced to the Czech Republic. ShipMonk founder, Jan Bednar, was a Florida college student who ran into logistical challenges while attempting to send packages home to friends and relatives in the Czech Republic. Bednar began to specialize in overseas shipping, while eventually establishing Shipmonk’s headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Bednar is a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient and is a ShipMonk investor as well as the founder.

ShipMonk Pricing

There are no setup fees or order minimums, though there are monthly minimum pick fees.

Minimum monthly pick fees start at $250/month or equal to storage fees. Extra, special project fees (repackaging/quality control) that are not part of your plan are $45/man-hour.

There are no receiving fees for palletized cargo. If it’s free-loaded and palletization is needed, container unloading fees are $300 per 20’ container and $500 per 40’ container.

For eCommerce fulfillment (0-500 monthly orders): $3 first item pick fee per order, $.75 additional items per order, $2.00 + .50/additional item for return processing and $.20 for promotional inserts. Fragile/heavy items are extra, contact directly for a custom quote. Small to X-Large bins are $1-4/ month, pallets are $25/month.

Subscription box (0-500 monthly) pricing: $2.50 box assembly + kitting of five items, $.20 each additional item, $2.00 + .50/additional item return processing (minimum 50 orders/batch for this pricing)

ShipMonk Facilities

ShipMonk operates a 90,000-square-foot fulfillment center in Florida and a development center in the Czech Republic. In 2021 ShipMonk acquired Ruby Has Fulfillment, which added over 1.3 million square feet of fulfillment space in eight new state-of-the-art centers (with Enterprise-grade security systems protecting your data) including Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Kentucky, Canada, and Mexico, the U.K.

ShipMonk Services

The advantages to using ShipMonk include cheaper fulfillment costs, quicker fulfillment times, secured in-house storage, and innovative picking software.

ShipMonk’s fulfillment software is marketed as “easy to use” allowing shipping, orders, and inventory to be handled in one place. Handy software features include over 100 free integration options (all plug n’ play) and MonkProtect, which delivers a solid post-purchase client experience complete with branded tracking, automated claims portals, and delivery protection.

Stronger, faster picking is the core of ShipMonk’s fulfillment strategy including the use of RFID tags and laser precision technology. The first to install eCommerce storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) in the U.S., this equipment allows for picking that is 4 times faster than industry averages and offers a 400% increase in storage efficiency with 99.9% picking accuracy.

ShipMonk uses every major carrier and offers discounted shipping rates. Choose the option of shipping from either coast – all major shopping carts and marketplaces work with ShipMonk.

Pros of ShipMonk

  • 321 Fulfillment: Save on international shipping costs with ShipMonk’s 321 fulfillment which will help reduce duty and tariff fees on internationally-imported inventory. International orders are treated the same as domestic (ShipMonk promises no ‘ridiculous additional costs’) with shipping to over 180 countries.
  • Choice of carriers at discounted rates: ShipMonk has negotiated discounts with all major carriers to offer reduced shipping costs.
  • Fees: No order minimums and no setup fees.
  • Helpful order processing tools: ShipMonk’s packaging stations are built to snap pictures of each packed order before it is shipped. ShipMonk will also take photos of new SKUs; software offers automatic reship, inventory management, and easy data importing capabilities.

Cons of ShipMonk

  • Though ShipMonk has received numerous software awards from 2020 to 2021, (including’s 2021 Best Shipping Software and HostingAdvice Developer’s Choice) reviews by users, especially ratings over the last year, could be problematic. Users have lamented about hidden fees, failing customer service, untrained employees, and lost shipments.
  • Batch fees for subscription boxes/crowdfunding orders: If the batch is under 50 orders, a $15 batching fee is charged.
  • Monthly minimum pick and pack fee of $250: Storage charges are equal to your monthly minimum pick and pack fee of $250. If your monthly picking fees = $160, you would pay the $90 difference.
  • Shipping material charge: Competing fulfillment service providers such as ShipBob include plain boxes, poly mailers, and shipping labels. Be prepared to pay for packaging material at ShipMonk with individual costs per item ranging from $ .15 to $2.00.

ShipMonk Reviews

Google Ratings

  • Average Rating 3.6 out of 5
  • Number of Reviews 124

ShipMonk’s software and customer care earned the highest ratings. One review shared that the onboarding and support have been amazing and that the “software works great”. Unsatisfied reviews include grievances about hidden costs and “stupid high shipping, fulfillment fees”.

Capterra ShipMonk Ratings

  • Average Rating 4.1 out of 5
  • Number of Reviews 105

Reviewers praised ShipMonk’s reliability and customer support calling it “outstanding and unusual in the industry”. Another customer commented that ShipMonk offers “the best service”. Negative experiences included difficulties canceling, with one reviewer detailing a “tedious and painful experience”.

ShipMonk Reviews by Software Advice

  • Average Rating 4.14 out of 5
  • Number of Reviews 105

Rankings were tallied in four different areas: Ease-of-use 4.5/5, Customer Support 4/5, Value 4/5, and Functionality 4/5.

ShipMonk Ratings on Shopify

  • Average Rating 3.9 out of 5
  • Number of Reviews 72

Recent Shopify posts cite ongoing issues such as inventory losses and failures to reimburse.

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