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Shipfusion Reviews and Ratings

Shipfusion is a one-off order fulfillment company that provides seamless shipping for businesses looking to provide efficient delivery to customers. From receiving customer orders to tracking shipments and delivering them, Shipfusion brings you a fast and easy delivery solution.


Shipfusion Features

1. Warehousing and Inventory Management

Shipfusion has its own US and Canadian distribution centers, both relying on cloud software for top-notch inventory maintenance. With such tech, businesses can view all products in the warehouse and even get real-time access as to their products’ exact location. Besides this, businesses are able to cut down on unnecessary warehouse overhead and shipping costs, making it a win win for starters in E-commerce.

2. Fast Shipping to Any Carrier of Choice

Shipfusion processes each order immediately your customers make a request, giving room for fast delivery. Their aim is to provide fast shipping, and that is what you get. Whichever your carrier of choice, they heed to your request and fulfill shipping needs per your preference.

3. Integration to Your E-Commerce Platform

Shipfusion’s software integrates to your E-commerce without any difficulty, providing a smooth experience. If, however, you run into any hiccups, the tech team is there to help, so be sure to contact them.

4. Seamless Integration of All Multiple Sales Channels

Shipfusion’s fulfillment service ensures you can easily integrate all your sales channel to allow you gain from all your sales channels. Whether it is Shopify, Etsy, or even Big Commerce, you can rest easy knowing you can integrate all your revenue streams and not one is left behind.

5. Real-Time Updates From the Shipfusion Software

The integration software by this order fulfillment company ensures you get real-time inventory updates, order processing times, and even track shipments from any location. You no longer have to run out of stock or lose shipments with Shipfusion’s cloud software.

6. Tailor-Made Solutions for Each Business Need

Gone are the days where customers got a collective offers for their shipment. With Shipfusion, you can now get personalized solutions. Each retailer gets affordable rates for each fulfillment solution, allowing you to pick what works best for you. It is all about a comprehensive solution and Shipfusion covers this well.

How Does Shipfusion Work?

Shipfusion works in 5 easy steps, starting with consulting with a Shipfusion representative who will help you discover what suits best for each order. Next, integrate your E-commerce store to our website. They do the heavy lifting and ship your orders to your customers without you having to lift a finger. After this, send inventory to your customers’ location. Following, let your orders roll into their integrated software. Lastly comes the packing and shipping of customers’ goods. Here, all orders are received, packed and pickup arranged per selected carrier.

Shipfusion Pricing

Shipfusion’s pricing starts at 100 dollars, allowing for low shipping costs. From here, costs are customized and depend on your company’s needs.

Pros of Shipfusion

The pros of Shipfusion rely on their Strong points such as customized solutions for each client and real time tracking for all orders. Additionally, all customer data is well sorted, from the item description, the desired location and the speed of delivery. This means your clients will never be left out of the shipping process.

Cons of Shipfusion

Being a start-up company, Shipfusion does not have a wide reach like other established companies like Amazon. It limits their reach to audiences living far from the North American region but that can always be remedied as the company expands.

Shipfusion Online Reviews

Shipfusion has managed to garner an 89% on Trust Pilot, which is not a wonder given their all-round amazing service. Clients speak highly of a supportive staff that is responsive as well as the company’s fast shipment and reasonable rates.

  • On Web Retailer, Shipfusion gets a 5/5. Customers commend Shipfusion on great customer service and help with last-minute shipping as well as mitigating customs procedures. Praise is also accorded for the team’s quick response to inquiries.
  • On Site Jabber, Shipfusion has a rating of 4.83 stars from 6 reviews. Customers commend the online portal that meets clients’ needs and is easy to use. Shipfusion’s competitive rates are also commendable, especially at the international level.

By and large, Shipfusion makes shipping a breeze for small business owners. Also, feel free to contact us for the best fulfillment option for your business.

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