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ShipBots Reviews & Ratings

Warehousing and fulfillment services have certainly come a long way. Even recently, customer expectations are driving logistics companies to achieve faster delivery times. No longer must we wait days or weeks for deliver of a parcel to our customers. Instead, orders can arrive within hours of being purchased! Standards and norms in the fulfillment industry have changed dramatically, and just 10 years ago, an impressive warehouse and fulfillment company, ShipBots, galloped onto the scene.


In 2012, co-owners and e-commerce experts, Omid Torkian and Payam Ahdoot shared a vision. They set out to be the best 3PL (third party logistics) company around and vowed to deliver nothing but white-glove treatment to their clients. Thus, ShipBots was born, and the rest is the stuff that history is made of.

Since the inception of ShipBots, the company has provided their clients with the necessary tools to be successful. Everything from supplying personal account managers to each of their clients, a robust inventory and order management system, cost-effective shipping channels, communication via email, phone, or live chat throughout the entire warehousing and fulfillment process. Everything but the kitchen sink.

ShipBots Facilities

ShipBots main facility is at the center of bustling Los Angeles, CA – within a 15-mile radius of LAX, Long Beach Port, and Downtown LA. Additional strategically placed fulfillment centers are in Kansas City, MO and Rocky Mountain, NC. As you can see, they have pretty much coast-to-coast coverage, which will in turn guarantee the fastest turnaround time at the most economical price. Your customers get their goods faster and are happy campers. High volume garners price breaks with shipping companies, and ShipBots passes this savings down the line to you, the client. You pay less and you make more money. How does that sound? They even offer same-day delivery in many cases.

ShipBots Services

ShipBots hits the ball out of the park on the services that they offer their clients. Many features stand out in comparison with their main competitors.

E-commerce Fulfillment, Subscription Box Fulfillment, Amazon FBA Prep, Retail and Merchandise Fulfillment – Whatever your need may be, ShipBots works on the principle of what could be called the 3 S’s – Sync, Store, and Ship.

  • Sync- ShipBots provides you with integrated software and you download your products and send your inventory list to them.
  • Store- ShipBots consults with you on the most cost-effective method to get your product to one of their facilities.
  • Ship- When it comes time to ship to your customer, ShipBots carefully picks, packs, and ships your product to the customer. Standard packing is included with free mailers, tape, and dunnage to pack the orders.

Apparel Fulfillment – ShipBots has tons of knowledge about the ever-growing eCommerce apparel industry and is ideally located to take full advantage of the expanding trends in this field. Because of Torkian’s and Ahdoot’s vast experience in this arena, they have managed to acquire and work with many leading brands, including Levis, Wrangler, Rent the Runway and Chicos. Superior inventory management tools, accurate barcoding and SKU labeling, order processing speed and maintaining a firm handle on returns and exchanges enable ShipBots to beat the competition hands down in this fast-paced industry. Even the smallest detail does not escape the quality control department. The correct folding of a jacket being mailed to a customer is not neglected.

International Shipping – ShipBots has partnered with Passport, an international DDP (Delivered Duty Prepaid) service provider that is recognized worldwide for guaranteeing seamless international shipping services. Efficient software ensures that duty and taxes are sorted out prior to your shipment leaving the facility. This takes the stress out of an international shipment.

Temperature controlled facilities – This is extremely critical in the proper storage of many products. From delicate skin care products to nutritional supplements, ShipBots guarantees proper climate control will be maintained for the safe delivery of your product to your customer.

ShipBots Pricing

Unlike most competitors, ShipBots has a section regarding pricing on their website. It is not cleverly buried under layers of dropdown menus. It is easily found and can be consulted before shipping. Charges for receiving, storage, picking, packing, standard packing and shipping is logically laid out for your review before you make a decision. Prices vary depending upon the level of service that you require. General monthly charge for receiving is free for the first two hours, Thereafter, costs are $40 a man per hour. A weekly charge for storage is calculated by bin or pallet. Bins are $1.25 per week and a pallet is $9 per week. Free picking and packing is included for the first four picks in an order and is only $0.20 per pick thereafter. Standard packing includes free mailers, tape, and dunnage that is used to pack your orders. Shipping costs are individualized and vary depending upon weight, dimensions, destination, and the level of shipping service desired.

The costs do look quite appealing, however we would recommend asking for a more detailed pricing proposal with all fees listed. The few fees listed on the pricing page leave one wondering how they’re making profits, as the fee structure is very low with a number of free items, other than the storage fees which are higher than normal on a monthly basis ($39 per pallet per month). Does the company earn a revenue stream from shipping margins? Does the company charge account management fees? This will help you make a more informed decision regarding the financial suitability of ShipBots.

ShipBots Software

Specially designed line of business software guarantees an incomparable smooth flow of information between you, ShipBots, and your customer. From start to finish! The software is intuitive and easy to use. Friendly training is provided by professional staff at ShipBots.

ShipBots Pros

There are many aspects to love about ShipBots. Order, inventory, warehousing, and shipping management, as well as frequent status updates along the journey of your product to the customer enable you to keep accurate track and allow you to focus on the development and sales of your product. Because of the cost savings attached to using ShipBot, you make more money. Always a bonus, right???

Also, ShipBots puts a heavy emphasis on customer service. The company puts heavy emphasis on availability & reachability of personal account managers as well as timely & consistent communication. Furthermore, ShipBots’ quality of service standard is higher than your average 3PL,  treating each client as its own – they want their customers to succeed just as much as they do.

ShipBots Cons

No company is perfect. You cannot please everyone, but ShipBots comes close to ticking all the boxes along the way. Our main concern, as mentioned above, is the sustainability and full transparency of the pricing. A more thorough and full scale price quote will help uncover the feasibility and fit of their price structure for your business.

ShipBots Online Reviews

ShipBots Reviews on TrustPilot

TrustPilot shows five customer reviews for ShipBots. The cumulative rating from TrustPilot is four stars; however, each customer gave ShipBots five stars. Customers love the fact that ShipBots is family-owned, affordable, and extremely responsive to their customers.

ShipBots Reviews on Google

There are five excellent five-star Google reviews on ShipBots. Across the board, ShipBots has maintained excellent customer relations. Customer contact and speed and quality of delivery are all first rate. Their software integrates well with client systems and streamlines the entire fulfillment process. They care about the success of their clients, and this is very much appreciated.


ShipBots is a top-notch company and is worth considering when in search of an e-Commerce warehousing and fulfillment center. From waiting days and weeks for deliveries to same day and next day product delivery, life is certainly better than those old days in logistics hands-down.

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