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Red Stag Reviews and Ratings

With the e-commerce boom comes challenges in the fulfillment sector. Storing, packing, and shipping goods to customers efficiently affects all aspects of a company’s success. Customer satisfaction, cash flow, and the cost of production all hinge on fulfillment services. Red Stag Fulfillment has earned a trusted reputation in the logistics sector through service offerings that include e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment, warehouse services, and pick and pack fulfillment services.

Redstag Fulfillment

Unlike many fulfillment companies who attempted to adapt their business model to meet e-commerce’s growing demand, Red Stag Fulfillment was born out of an e-commerce business that outgrew two different fulfillment companies. They understand the needs of online businesses and have built their company around meeting those needs. The company has been recognized by as “Best Fulfillment Service” two years in a row.

One reason Red Stag is loved by its customers is its easy-to-use online dashboard. Smart inventory management cloud software enables companies to see data about their inventory in real-time, always knowing exactly how much stock is available. Red Stag’s zero shrinkage guarantee ensures clients are armed with up-to-the-minute data.  That means they can effectively determine turnover ratios, accurately plan inventory, streamline operations, and increase their profit margins.

Red Stag Pricing 

Like most fulfillment companies, Red Stag offers the advantage of bulk shipping prices, as well as negotiated discounts. Pricing varies depending on the services a company signs up for. In general, however, prices are as follows.

  • $13.25 receiving fee per pallet
  • $2 per bin or $15 per pallet monthly storage fees
  • Pick and pack services range from $2.25 to $2.65 for the first item, plus 30 cents per additional item.

Red Stag does offer a 30-day free trial. You can simply send them your products and let them fulfill orders. If you are not happy after 30 days, Red Stag will not bill you for any fulfillment service fees. They also do not require long-term contracts, so you can leave anytime you are not satisfied.

Pros of Red Stag

Red Stag’s pros can be summed up with this review from, “Prompt, courteous, excellent communication, looks after our inventory like it was their own.” The company sets itself apart with these superior services.

  • Fast delivery on the East and West coasts. Red Stag has a network of fulfillment centers across the U.S., enabling them to ship to 99.9 percent of Americans within three days and 97 percent within one to two days.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction. In addition to a 30-day free trial, Red Stag will pay you $50 if they don’t deliver exactly what they promised. They have a zero shrinkage policy that compensates customers for any damaged or missing inventory. Conversely, most fulfillment companies allow for 10 percent shrinkage before providing compensation.
  • Fraud prevention. Red Stag facilities have 24/7 video security during all stages of fulfillment, preventing theft, packing errors and shipping damage.
  • High tech solutions. Red Stag invests in cloud technology that easily integrates with their customer’s eCommerce platforms, provides real-time data and close to zero error rates.
  • Customized fulfillment. There’s no one-size-fits-all fulfillment service. Red Stag is ideal for eCommerce sellers with special packing and handling needs. They offer same-day order fulfillment and discounted shipping rates with 100 percent accuracy guaranteed.
  • No miscellaneous fees. Red Stag does not charge setup fees, account management fees or stock-keeping unit (SKU) management fees.

Cons of Red Stag

While it was difficult to find any negative reviews for Red Stag, there are a couple of cons. First, clients are limited to FedEx shipping. This is the only shipper Red Stag has negotiated discounts with.  Secondly, they are not ideal for high-volume, low priced items. Even though their fees are lower overall, high volume shippers might be better off using a fulfillment company that offers unlimited orders for a flat monthly fee.

What the Reviews Say

Red Stag gets top reviews across many online sources. Here’s where you can find some.

  1. 5-Star rating based on nine reviews.
  2. ECommert: 5 out of 5 stars.
  3. Google: 4.7-Star rating out of five stars. makes finding the best fulfillment company for your business easy. Get free quotes from fulfillment companies that have been thoroughly screened. Contact us to see how our matchmaking process can benefit you.

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