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Marketing Alternatives, Inc. Reviews and Ratings

Marketing Alternatives, Inc. (MAI) BPO Solutions is a business process outsourced solutions provider founded in 1981. With a single location in Elgin, Illinois, MAI is conveniently located in the Midwest US for streamlined shipping throughout the US. But unlike most standard fulfillment providers, MAI is unique in that it offers a multitude of business services beyond fulfillment and shipping. In addition to custom fulfillment services, Marketing Alternatives, Inc. offers high quality, high touch, contact center solutions, technology support services, marketing communications support services, and branded environment services. Most importantly, MAI has developed a solid reputation, known for its expertise in omni channel, B2B and B2C, warehouse, fulfillment and distribution services, account management, customer service and all things eCommerce. The average client tenure at MAI is over 7 years because the company delivers an exceptional customer experience.

Marketing Alternatives, Inc. Pricing

MAI does not publish their prices on their website but offers customers and potential customers a contact form to request quotes through the site, as well as an option to call for a custom quote. They offer custom packages to suit the needs of small and large sized business alike.

Marketing Alternatives, Inc. Facilities

Centrally located within the US in Elgin, Illinois, MAI’s fulfillment center offers strategic transit times for shipments across the US, and competitive shipping rates across multiple time zones. In fact, the company is only short drive from O’Hare International airport, and the facility is close to major State highways (Routes 14, 31 and 176) and Interstate I-90, easing the injection of packages into popular shipping and freight hubs.

Marketing Alternatives, Inc. is open during standard business hours for fulfillment operations and 24/7, 365 days per year for call center services.

Marketing Alternatives, Inc. Services

As the company mentions on their website, fulfillment and call center solutions are not necessarily glamorous, but they are detrimental to the success of a product-based company. Therefore, being able to execute flawless full-scale fulfillment services is imperative – and Marketing Alternatives, Inc. delivers on the entire spectrum of outsourced fulfillment and support services. MAI supports receiving of products, inventory management, fulfillment and shipping and returns management (including inspection management, re-packaging, and destruction of inventory is needed). Their special fulfillment services offered includes kitting and re-packaging, DVD production, merchandise display pack outs, and more.

B2B and B2C Fulfillment

MAI is capable of handling both B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) transactions. The key to their ability to handle all types of B2C and B2B scenarios is the technology that powers the company – enabling them to integrate with all omnichannel sales paths online, as well as stringent B2B integrations, including big box retailer EDI systems.

Call Center Services

Most standard fulfillment providers do not offer call center services, which makes MAI stand out from the pack. The company offers both inbound and outbound call center support, with operating hours that extend all hours of every day of the year. Of particular interest to users of fulfillment services is that MAI has extensive experience in e-commerce call center support services.

Integrated Marketing Services and Branded Environment Services

Marketing Alternatives, Inc. goes beyond fulfillment and call center services by offering yet another subset of services – integrated marketing and brand environment support services. Simply put, integrated marketing entails graphic design services, website support services, advertising services, and print production services. Branded environment support services entail the procurement and production of branded corporate merchandise – so the company can help with services well beyond that of a standard fulfillment provider.

Marketing Alternatives, Inc. Software

MAI’s contact center and warehouse/fulfillment services are driven by cutting edge technology that is powered by the most reliable and sophisticated hardware in the industry. In fact, the company developed its own internal, proprietary software called MARS (Marketing Alternatives Response System). Because it is a proprietary system, the company can build unique and custom solutions for its customers, rather than fitting into the box of most standard warehouse management systems (WMS). MAI’s custom build system integrates with any system and provides all the standard bells and whistles. However, what really stands out is that offers full customization for reporting and KPI (key performance indicator) management, allowing customers to track every metric needed to be successful.

Marketing Alternatives, Inc. Pros

The most obvious “pro” of using MAI for your fulfillment needs is that they can help in so many other ways. From call center support for e-commerce sellers, to marketing support and website support services, the company provides a breadth of services that extend far beyond most fulfillment houses. Furthermore, with operations in the Midwest US, shipping times and costs will be enhanced. Finally, being a mid-tier fulfillment center with call center services and robust technology solutions, MAI has all of the tools to offer extremely high touch points and overall service, as opposed to some of the larger players that rely more heavily on email and chat support.

Marketing Alternatives, Inc. Cons

Marketing Alternatives, Inc. is a single location, regional fulfillment provider, meaning they do not have multiple locations spread throughout the country. For companies that need to split locate goods and capitalize on extremely fast shipping times to all areas of the country, MAI may not offer as competitive of a solution as a fulfillment provider with more locations. Furthermore, as a smaller or mid-tier fulfillment house, MAI does not have as many reviews as some of the larger players in the industry.

Marketing Alternatives, Inc. Reviews

MAI boasts a very exclusive set of customers. From Smuckers and Serta to smaller and growing e-commerce retailers, Marketing Alternatives, Inc. is capable of handling fulfillment operations for businesses of all shapes and sizes. As a mid-tier fulfillment provider, it comes as no surprise to see a limited amount of data on the reviews for the company. On Google reviews, MAI earned a 4.7-star overall review over seven total reviews. While there was not much detailed information from the reviewers, nearly all companies provided a 5-star review of their experience with MAI.

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