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Landis Logistics Reviews & Ratings

About Landis Logistics

Landis Logistics positions itself as a regional leader in the 3PL, warehousing, and supply chain management space. The company, which is centrally located in Reading, Pennsylvania, has a long history in the warehousing industry. Founded in 1995, the company has continued to grow and evolve with the ever-changing world of logistics and supply chain management, embracing new technologies and bringing a continuously updated suite of service offerings to the table.

Landis Logistics Logo

Landis Logistics originally came from humble beginnings. At its inception, the company had four employees, and their service area only extended as far as their county of origin. Today, Landis has a workforce that’s 60 members strong, and a service footprint comprised of Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.

As the times have changed, so have Landis Logistics’ services offerings. The company now offers a full range of 3PL and supply chain management services. In 2008, the company was purchased by the Robert F. Tompkins group. Under new management, Landis has become a growth-oriented company, with an annual expansion rate of 20% per year.

Landis Logistics Pricing

While Landis Logistics does not publish its price list directly on its website, the company features an easy-to-use contact form for all inquiries or to request a consultation with one of its representatives.

Landis Facilities

Landis Logistics, located in Reading, PA, features more than 8,000 pallet locations in its warehousing facility. Due to its central location, Landis Logistics maintains a service footprint that stretches up and down the East Coast. Landis Logistics is headquartered in close proximity to the Philadelphia metropolitan area, meaning easy access to a number of large scale shipping and freight hubs including:

  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • International seaports

Landis Logistics Facilities

Services That Landis Logistics Provides

Landis Logistics offers an ever-expanding range of services geared toward 3PL and supply chain management, including:

  • Secure warehousing
  • Pick and pack fulfillment
  • Bulk fulfillment
  • Inventory management
  • Assembly and packaging
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Receiving and inspections

What Software Does Landis Logistics Utilize?

Landis Logistics offers customers access to the Landis Warehouse Management System. Their software suite includes a dashboard designed with inventory management in mind. Customers get real-time information on all their business-critical processes, including:

  • Inventory status
  • Order status
  • Transaction information
  • Customizable data analytics

The Pros of Partnering With Landis

Landis Logistics is a growing company focused on expanding both its service offerings and its service footprint. Under Robert F. Tompkins, the company has steadily expanded and flourished in terms of regional and extra-regional warehousing and supply chain management.

Landis Logistics’ biggest advantage by far is its location. Located in Reading Pennsylvania, which is in close proximity to Philadelphia, Landis gives customers a sense of choice and adaptability. Boasting a large facility with over 8,000 pallet locations, Landis is an ideally positioned regional leader in the 3PL arena.

Of particular note is the level of employee satisfaction at Landis. A quick review of major job boards shows a high employee retention rate with favorable job reviews, making for optimized warehouse staff.

The Cons of Partnering With Landis

Landis Logistics is designed to maximize each client’s ROI, but the facility, unfortunately, lacks amenities such as bathrooms for the drivers. Drivers also report that the facility is difficult to access, as the approach to the loading docks is tight and difficult to navigate.

One particular concern is the lack of meaningful feedback for such a long-standing company. A comprehensive web search found few reviews on any of the major venues such as Yelp or ShipBob, with only a handful of mixed reviews via local forums.

Aggregate Reviews for Landis

Yelp: No ratings available
Google: 3.1/5 stars, 24 reviews and overall the ratings were average, with the majority of negative reviews geared towards tight loading areas for trucks
Indeed: 3.7/5 stars, employee reviews ranging from extremely positive to negative

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