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GOLD3PL Reviews and Ratings

GOLD3PL prides itself on being the ‘gold’ standard in third-party logistics. With its home base in Dallas, Texas, this family-owned and operated logistics company is just a short commute from DFW International Airport and only miles from downtown Dallas. GOLD3PL offers logistics services within a 500-mile radius of the Dallas metroplex. GOLD3PL also has a location in Houston, Texas.

Gold 3PL


As for their customer service, GOLD3PL strives to excel at that, too. With dedicated 24/7 365-days-a-year senior management access and a dedicated customer service account representative assigned to each account, GOLD3PL offers their clients unprecedented access to the right people to address all their customer support needs.

GOLD3PL’s customer support isn’t just there when there’s a problem, either.  GOL3PL customer support works tirelessly to help improve their clients’ business. They are constantly analyzing their clients’ metrics to ensure seamless services at all times.

GOLD3PL Pricing

Though Gold3PL does not publish their pricing on their website, they do include an easy to use contact request form to recieve a quote for all your specific business needs. With a long list of value-added services and round-the-clock customer service, GOLD3PL lets customers get their money’s worth at a fair price.

GOLD3PL Facilities

With their main warehousing operation based in Irving, Texas, Gold3PL owns and operates its own fleet of trucks which enables them to get your goods from the warehouse and into your customers hands with ease. Offering expedited service options, GOLD3PL serves customers near their Dallas, Texas and Houston, Texas home bases, but also service customer all across the globe.

Furthermore, because GOLD3PL owns its own fleet of asset-based trucks they can get their customers goods to market faster than other outsourced logistics companies, and because of their smaller size, GOLD3PL can often be more flexible than larger 3PL’s.

GOLD3PL Services

GOLD3PL offers your business a broad array of value-added services, including returns processing, bar code processing, labeling and ticketing, kitting and assembly, garment on hanger (GOH) processing and both B2B and B2C fulfillment.

Furthermore, they also offer document verification, direct to consumer shipping, call center services and much more. These value-added services make it easier for you to focus on generating new business growing your business, and less time focusing on logistics.

GOLD3PL Software

GOLD3PL’s proprietary distribution center management system (DCPS) enables the client to seamlessly map their inventory and sales across all versions of mapping. GOLD3PL also provides their customers real time reports and order allocation over their secure VPN connections.

Additionally, GOLD3PL has full back office systems and compatibility as well as full-service scan and pack modules.

Pros of GOLD3PL

At GOLD3PL, your products get to where they need to go with quick turnaround thanks to the company’s own fleet of trucks. Their customer-service-oriented focus helps put customers minds at ease and inventory control at the tip of their fingers. The company’s proximity to major markets and DFW International Airport means less delays getting your merchandise into the hands of your customers, and their packing services ensure that your customers only see the products you sell the way you want them presented.

GOLD3PL is a small, family owned business, so you can feel good about doing business with them. Because of their small size, they can offer a more personalized touch to their business interactions. This makes them ideal partners for small and start-up businesses, which is their area of expertise.

An example of GOLD3PL’s commitment to their customers shows just how much this company cares. Recently, GOLD3PL purchased a commercial freezer to allow one of their current clients to expand their business into frozen fulfillment and shipping. In another instance, the company helped avert a major disaster by researching and helping resolve a valued client’s customs issue that would have meant a hefty penalty the client.

A rarity in the warehousing and logistics industry, GOLD3PL is also able to offer full coverage for their fulfillment services. They may be smaller in stature, but that small size allows GOLD3PL the ability to offer more personalized services that their larger competitors may not be able to. These services include benefits such as marketing, branding, strategy, consulting and even small business startup funding and accounting services. If you own a small and growing company, GOLD3PL will not only handle your fulfillment, but they will also serve as a partner to help you grow your company and sales, which is very rare in the industry.


The GOLD3PL website is lacking a lot of information about their processes and services, making it hard for prospective businesses to get the information they need about the company. Potential clients must request a quote from the business directly without knowing even a ballpark estimate of the rates they can expect to pay.

Because they operate from a single location, they are not the best match for businesses that need multiple locations to draw inventory from on a regular basis.

Finally, there are not many published reviews of the company, so prospective clients have no way to know what to expect from GOLD3PL- good or bad.

GOLD 3PL Reviews

Though there are no published reviews for GOLD3PL online, the company has two recommendations on the site from two trusted users.

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