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Fulfyld Reviews and Ratings

Founded in 2016, Huntsville, Alabama-based Fulfyld is an outsourced logistics service that only serves the e-commerce marketplace. Focusing solely on the e-commerce market has allowed Fulfyld to become experts in many facets of e-commerce logistics, passing that expertise along to their customers.


Fully integrated across many major ecommerce marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Walmart Marketplace, Fulfyld offers your business personalized support with your very own dedicated account manager. Dedicated account managers are available via telephone and email support. Because your account manager is your single point of contact, he or she is always current on your individual business needs, saving you the time and frustration of having to repeat your account query each time you call.

With the simple guiding principle that ‘when you grow, we grow’, Fulfyld prides itself in keeping costs down and quality up to help their clients expand seamlessly.

Fulfyld Pricing

Fulfyld prides itself on offering flat rate pricing with no hidden fees. From rush shipping to custom packaging, there is no additional charge once you select your flat-rate shipping service. Fulfyld offers solutions to fit your budget as well as your individual business needs.

Fulfyld also has no onboarding or startup fees, nor do they charge for additional items per order.

Fulfyld Facilities

Fulfyld is based in Huntsville, Alabama but their warehouse location doesn’t change their ability to get your product into your customers hands in a timely manner. With all products shipping same business day, Fulfyld offers packages with two-day shipping on par with Amazon prime, as well as packages which ship at slower speeds. Packages shipped through their two-day shipping package are shipped via one flat fee and arrive in your customers hands within two days.

Fulfyld Services

When it comes to services, Fulfyld offers plenty of solutions for your e-commerce business – all trackable through their site and their own convenient tracking app.  Their proprietary software allows Fulfyld customers to view inventory and integrate all their e-commerce channels into one queue, so you always know where your inventory stands.

When it comes to shipping your product, Fulfyld ships your order with the packaging of your choice, which can include custom packaging you provide or packaging they obtain through their own business sources. Furthermore, Fulfyld has their own on-staff packaging designer who can help you craft a custom logo and packaging design to make your brand stand out. They can even include marketing materials with your outgoing orders.

Amazon Fulfillment

For business customers looking to send product to Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program, Fulfyld has the expertise to package your inventory so it is FBA compliant – from kitting to shrink wrapping, labeling and bagging, Fulfyld can handle it all with the help of your dedicated account manager. Just notify your manager when special services are needed, and Fulfyld will handle the rest.

Subscription Services

A growing trend in the ecommerce hemisphere is subscription fulfillment services. These services ship weekly or monthly to customers who join the subscription service. Fulfyld will not only assemble and ship out your subscription service packages, but they will keep track of which products were sent in previous shipments on your behalf, so your customer never gets the same products twice. This value-added service keeps your customer engaged, so they are more likely to continue subscribing to your service.


Crowdfunded products can be overwhelming to ship out, especially for new and growing businesses. Fulfyld can handle crowdfunding fulfillment services – the shipment of merchandise to backers, and track which backers should get which products – all by the date promised in your crowdfunding campaign.

B2B Shipments

In addition to direct to customer (D2C) shipments, Fulfyld can help your business with business-to-business shipments of all sizes.

With Fulfyld, large scale order fulfillment is no big deal. You generate the sales; Fulfyld will handle everything else. From packing to shipping, Fulfyld can handle large scale orders to less than truckload (LTL) shipments to large bulk orders.


This is where Fulfyld really stands out from the crowd. Need a new manufacturer for your product? Looking to manufacture a brand-new product? Fulfyld can help you source new manufacturers from their database of trusted, global manufacturing contacts, saving you time and money. With manufacturing contacts in overseas locations, Fulfyld can help ensure that you’re sourcing your product from the best manufacturer at the best price.


Fulfyld has its own proprietary tracking software that is constantly updated and easily accessible by you and your account manager. The same data is also available on a convenient, easy to use app, so you can access your data from anywhere you go.

Pros of Fulfyld

With their dedicated customer account managers and flat rate fee system, Fulfyld simplifies e-commerce logistics for everyone from the beginner business owner to the seasoned pros. Their same-day service and expert custom packaging ensures that your product will arrive on your customer’s doorstep in a safe and timely fashion. Plus, with custom packaging solutions, Fulfyld enables businesses of all sizes to put their best foot forward so they can focus on growing their business and reputation. Because they want to see your business grow, Fulfyld will lower your shipping rates based on increased volume, passing along bulk savings to you. Finally, manufacturing contacts allows Fulfyld to assist in a way that 99% of fulfillment companies can’t.

Cons of Fulfyld

Though having one point of contact assigned to your account can be easier to manage during regular business hours, Fulfyld doesn’t say what happens if your representative is unavailable. It could be hard to track down someone else familiar with your account in a pinch.

If a more centralized location or multiple locations is imperative to your shipping and fulfillment model, Fulfyld’s Alabama location may not be ideal.

Flat rate fees simplify things for everyone, but you could pay more for custom packaging and special projects outside of your package.

Fulfyld Reviews

The reviews for Fulfyld are overwhelmingly positive. Business owners like the dedicated customer support model and flat rate fee model. They also appreciate the overall value of the services they receive. Reviewers are also grateful that Fulfyld is willing to customize shipment solutions for businesses of all sizes and support them as their businesses scale up.

Negative reviews state that tracking numbers can be slow to update, and it can be difficult to track claims and inevitable lost inventory.

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