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EcomBlvd - Reviews and Ratings

EcomBlvd Overview and Highlights

EcomBlvd is a brand new matchmaking services offering price quotes for warehousing, fulfillment, logistics and marketing services. Interestingly enough, most of the website is very similar to – keep reading to find out more why this is the case. They don’t disclose what they charge to use their service anymore. At one point, they did have a pricing page that indicated that they charged companies $30 per lead to get connected to e-commerce online merchants (the exact same price as ours). This may not be the case at this point, however, as the pricing is no longer listed on their website.

In addition to charging a $30 per lead fee (which is all that we charge – we don’t have any other fees in order to keep make sure it’s a free service to you), they also offered different charges for different levels of service – from $99 to $899 per month in additional fees. These charges are to show up to a certain number of reviews (we show you all of the reviews that are placed in our system free of charge!), to provide a custom landing page (we have an online portal page for each warehouse as well, but again don’t charge them anything extra for it), to show pictures of their warehouse (we have this feature as well, but you guessed it – we don’t charge for it), and to perform “community engagements”, otherwise known as participation in the email blasts and sponsored website posts. We don’t do sponsored posts, as per search engine guidelines, and in fact we solicit, free of charge, industry insights from membership companies to provide useful information on our site.

They claim to match companies based upon Average Square Foot per Location, Employee Utilization Ratio, Order Volume Throughput & SKU Range, Warehouse Space Utilization Ratio, as well as a list of other factors, including:

  • Industry Accreditations
  • EDI
  • Import Duties and Sales Taxes
  • KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • SLAs (service level agreements)
  • Insurance Compliance
  • Wholesale vs. E-commerce Volume
  • Lead Times
  • IT Integration
  • Shipping Carriers Used
  • Cross Docking Capabilities
  • Inventory Accuracy

Is EcomBlvd Really Independent and Unbiased?

EcomBlvd is co-founded by Paul Banasik, who was the marketing associate for Simple Global – a fulfillment company. EcomBlvd is also co-founded by Darius Banasik, who was also a co-founder and CEO with Simple Global.

Simple Global used to be a client of’s. Don’t worry though, as we’ve been through this before. Since we’ve been around since 2005, a few times in our past we’ve had former clients start a competing business, create a website that says almost exactly the same things as ours, use our pricing – we’ve even had former clients steal our very contract agreement down to the T!

You can read Simple Global’s review here to get more of a full picture. This doesn’t mean that they will necessarily refer you to Simple Global, but care should be taken in terms of who their “trusted network” is comprised of. For example, are they sending you to companies that just started within the last year and are run by people that recently came from Simple Global? Do they sell your data to companies that aren’t fulfillment providers so they can earn extra revenue? Or are they sending you to stable, truly vetted fulfillment companies that have a proven track record of performing fulfillment services well for companies?

EcomBlvd References

In the most recent search results, EcomBlvd had 2 reviews.

The Final Verdict on EcomBlvd

There isn’t a wealth of information to uncover about EcomBlvd at this point.

Here’s a few ways we differentiate ourselves from our completion at

  • We aren’t a fulfillment company, nor are we associated with any fulfillment company – we’re truly unbiased.
  • We came up with the idea ourselves back in 2005! And we came up with the pricing and wording…actually come to think of it we feel pretty good that others think our ideas are so great as to copy them!
  • We truly care about helping you find a fulfillment center to call home.
  • We aren’t sending you to companies that we own/previously owned, operated, companies that former co-workers started, nor are we sending you to companies that provide us with any “kickbacks”.

And we encourage you to check out anyone that may help you in your search for a fulfillment home – see if they are really everything that they claim. We do care about your business and wish that you truly get matched by companies that don’t have skin in the game, as this is a huge pitfall. Best of luck to you all and let us know if we can help you in any way!

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