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Draco Logistics Reviews & Ratings

Since opening for business in 2010, Draco Logistics is proving to be a successful warehousing and fulfillment operation. With its location strategically placed in Indianapolis, Indiana, management takes pride in its reachability to 80% of its customers’ destinations across the United States and Canada within 24 hours. The Draco team welcomes clients from the East and West Coasts and everywhere in between.


At Draco, they have an exceptional teamwork mentality with a cross-trained workforce, allowing them to maintain their commitment to excellence. The diversity of businesses partnering with Draco Logistics for warehousing and fulfillment is also a good indication that they are delivering what they promise across varying industries: Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Musical Instruments, Retail & Consumer Goods, and Online/Ecommerce/Amazon, and Manufacturing & Industrial.

Draco Pricing

With a dedicated and knowledgeable staff, Draco’s team welcomes prospective clients to contact them with the information they will need to offer fair and competitive pricing for the specific services to get the job done on time, every time. No matter the size or complexity of your warehousing and fulfillment needs, they want to be the partner that gives the best return on investment.

Draco Facilities

With Draco Logistics’ emergence in an era of exciting advanced technology, their leadership is using the latest innovative solutions to their advantage. Committing to a new breed of 3PL, Draco’s management commits to efficient warehousing, fulfillment, distribution, and contract packaging processes, aiming to reduce their clients’ warehousing and shipping overhead.

Draco LLC in Indianapolis IN

Draco Logistics Services

Efficiently divided into four divisions, the leadership at Draco Logistics is committed to cultivating their partnerships with their excellent service, noticed in every category.

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Inclusive of different storage needs: rack, bulk, shelf, case, and oversize pallets, Draco’s warehousing solutions give their customers cost-effective flexibility with their inventory, adjusting costs to the space needed.

Inventory Management at Draco Logistics offers a suite of services that allow their customers to follow the factors that have impacts on their business: Lot number and Exp tracking, FIFO/FEFO Driven Systems, Batch and Serial Tracking, Real-time Inventory Levels, Transaction History Reporting, Custom Systems Integration, Direct Client Access, Reverse Logistics and Return Management, and Product Recalls.

Co-Packing & Contract Packing

With a 3-shift operation, Draco is comfortable committing to a vast array of contract packaging services. Not only do they turn out an impressive number of packaged products, but they also work to elevate their customers’ brand reputations. The final appearance of the assembled product is a priority to Draco, as it is to its customers’ satisfaction.

Completely retail packaging compliant, Draco’s Co-Packing & Contract Packing Division offers everything their clients may need to serve their customers with superior results: Co-Packing, Labeling and Relabeling, Repacking and Reworks, Retail Kitting Services, Assembly, POP Displays, Shrink Wrapping & Bundling, Gluing, Complex Corrugated Packs, Gift Sets, Promotional Items, Reverse Logistics and Return Management, and Product Recalls.

Fulfillment & Distribution

Their technology-engineered processes allow Draco Logistics to maximize output and lower expenses with their services: Pick and Pack, Full Case and Each Picks, Pallet Picks and Partials, B2C Fulfillment, B2B Fulfillment, Order Integration, Complex Multi-Line Orders, UPS / FedEx / USPS Shipping Integrations, Reverse Logistics and Returns Management, and Product Recalls & Management.

Ecommerce Distribution

Draco’s invaluable team is committed to excellent customer service with their flexibility to accommodate their clients’ time-sensitive deliveries, seasonal demand, and specialty products that require more time and resources.

Draco Software

Draco’s confidence in delivering accuracy and speed proves their utilization of the latest technologies to build and maintain their reputable business operations. Not to mention, they offer a customer-centric warehouse management system with modern-day technological features for real-time data management.

Pros of Using Draco Logistics

Draco Logistics has a lot of positive momentum with a diverse mix of clients and impressive retention.

Exceptional Staffing Dedication and Flexibility
Prime Location for Fast Delivery Across the United States and Canada
Latest Technological Solutions for Efficient Results
Well-Organized Services
Well-Maintained Website
95% Customer Retention Rate

Cons of Using Draco Logistics

It’s hard to say anything negative about Draco Logistics. The only negative rating did not provide a review to substantiate the grade.

Draco Reviews

Draco Logistics’ reviews prove the company is making a positive impact on the industry.

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Draco Webstie…..AR=5.0, QR=15/15 (each rating with a review) NR=5
Facebook:……………AR=n/a, QR=0/2 (only 2 likes, no reviews), NR=0

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