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Box In Box Out Reviews and Ratings

Box In Box Out is a full-scale order fulfillment and distribution company, serving both small and growing customers as well as well-established large brands. Their customer base is extremely diverse, with products ranging from small items like cosmetics and books to large items such as furniture products. As a full-scale provider, Box In Box Out has expertise in both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) order fulfillment, and is well versed in helping both US based companies as well as international customers from countries such as Japan, Norway, England, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Box In Box Out Charlottesville Virginia

Box In Box Out Pricing

Box In Box Out does not specify its pricing structure on its website. The company does have some monthly minimums but is known to work with small startups and newer brands with more modest monthly order volumes. Pricing can be obtained by either calling them via their toll-free number, emailing them, or filling out a brief form on their website.

Box In Box Out Facilities

Box In Box Out operates a 95,000 square foot facility in Charlottesville, VA. Through this strategic east coast location, the company can ship to 65% of the United States population within 2 days ground shipping. With a location just off Route 29, multiple ports are within a direct shot of the facility for inbound container shipments from overseas. The port of Baltimore, Maryland is only 3 hours away, and the port of Norfolk, VA is even closer at a drive of about 2 hours and 40 minutes. Both ports are highly accessible, with less traffic than the port of Newark, New Jersey, which provides a potentially safer set of options during peak inbound freight periods.

Box In Box Out Services

While the company does not offer services outside of the standard set of fulfillment and shipping subset, Box In Box Out is able to perform all typical fulfillment functions at a high level. In fact, the company was named a 2020 top 3PL Provider by Multichannel Merchant.

B2B and B2C Order Fulfillment

Box In Box Out provides pick, pack and ship services for manufacturers and merchants alike. Of note is that they try to provide customized solutions for each of their clients, which adds a level of flexibility that you will not see at larger fulfillment providers such as Fulfillment by Amazon. The company employs bar code inventory scanning and radio frequency (RF) order picking to minimize picking and shipping errors. Box In Box Out integrates with all major e-commerce shopping carts online, and also offers B2B retail fulfillment and EDI integrations for more complex routing guide scenarios.

Hazardous (Hazmat) Warehousing

Unlike most order fulfillment companies, Box In Box Out also handles various hazardous products. Only a small fraction of fulfillment providers can handle hazmat items. The company can process most ORMD (other regulated materials for domestic transport only) oriented items. These are products that are considered to have limited quantities of hazardous materials.

Kitting and Assembly, Gift Wrapping, Returns Processing, and Product Refurbishing

In order to support custom fulfillment solutions, Box In Box Out offers a number of value added services. The company can kit and assemble packages for shipments, can gift wrap packages for special occasions or during the holiday season, can provide full-scale returns management for returned shipments, and even offers product refurbishing. Box In Box Out has been know to provide repackaging or relabeling, as well as replacing broken or missing parts.

Box In Box Out Software

Box In Box Out uses two customized inventory and order management systems that are fully web based. This customizable warehouse management system (WMS) integrates with most major e-commerce shopping carts (such as Magento and Shopify), provides EDI integration, allows for rate shopping, and has a robust set of shipping features that integrates with various shipping platforms such as ShipStation and Shipping Easy. Not only does their system integrate with most shopping carts, but it also integrates with enterprise management systems like QuickBooks, JD Edwards, and Great Plains. Their technology systems provide real-time inventory and order and shipping reporting, with flexibility of creating ad hoc reports.

Pros of Box In Box Out

If what you need is B2B or B2B fulfillment services, and you want it done well with a high level of touch, Box In Box Out may well be the place for you. One of the greatest perks of working with them is that you will be able to get in touch with a customer service rep or even a member of their executive team, rather than relying upon chat and email support. For east coast order fulfillment and shipping, and for European customers that wish to gain entry into the United States, Box In Box Out is a great solution with its location on the east coast near two quality ports.

Cons of Box In Box Out

On the downside, Box In Box Out is a smaller fulfillment house, so there could potentially be limitations when it comes to high volume processing of orders. Furthermore, while the company is a great option for eastern shipping, orders getting sent to the west coast will take quite a bit longer and will cost more to ship from their Charlottesville location.

Box In Box Out Reviews

As a smaller, regional fulfillment provider, Box In Box Out does not have a great deal of reviews online. In fact, our search only unearthed 7 Google reviews. However, the reviews were positive and netted a Google review rating of 4.1.

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