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If you’re searching online to try to find a 3PL, there are a few options you’ll stumble upon. Each of these 3PL finder methods has a unique vantage point and methodology for helping you choose a 3PL.

Searching 3PL by 3PL

There are tens of thousands of 3PLs in North America, so implementing a 3PL finder approach of searching website by website is a slow and tedious process that doesn’t leverage the power of the Web. It does give you the most control – as there are no third-party influences in the equation other than you and the 3PL website. You will have to trust everything that they say or do your own research to determine if their claims are accurate. Validating claims in this industry is extremely difficult, as most 3PLs have little to no reviews. And, finally, searching each 3PL website doesn’t guarantee that you will stumble upon the “ideal fit”.

Scouring over 3PL Review Websites

There are so many 3PL review websites that they almost can’t be counted anymore. The amazing thing is that these sites are absolutely no different than what the Yellow Pages used to be for searches – a simple listing of companies. Sure, some of them have a fancy looking website, and may offer pictures to look at or videos to watch. But it is nothing more than what the 3PL wants you to see. If you don’t believe us, look for yourself. We have yet to find a review site that lists companies that aren’t good – they all have great reviews!

More troubling, however, is the inherent financial bias that litters these websites. At least with Yellow Pages, they are listed by area and in alphabetical order. Not so with online review sites – the companies at the top pay the highest fee to be listed there! It’s that simple. So you will have to do a ton of due diligence on each company to properly vet them, and there is absolutely no guarantee that you’ll stumble upon companies that truly are a match for your business.

Using a 3PL Finder like ours (but beware – ours if VERY unique!)

There are a few 3PL finders that help match you with 3PLs. These sites, like ours, find out everything that you need in a 3PL and then match you with companies that are a “best fit.” We’ve reviewed them all, and our site is the only one that doesn’t cost you an ongoing fee to use. Furthermore, ours isn’t affiliated, biased towards, or otherwise playing favorites with any 3PLs, which is also unique.

3PL Warehouse Finder is the best choice for a 3PL Warehouse Finder because:

First, you pay us nothing and there is no fee for using our service. The few warehouses we match you with pay us a one-time $30 fee to get connected to you. There are no hidden fees or commissions that cost your company. On the other hand, competitive “3PL finder” sites earn a commission from the 3PLs they match you with, which means you end up paying a higher rate! Here’s how it works:

  • They find a group of 3PLs that join their service
  • They negotiate an ongoing commission that they get paid if the 3PL closes the business after they refer them to you, which is hidden to you and otherwise unknown unless you know to ask
  • The rate you pay the 3PL is more than what you would pay them if you found them directly without the 3PL finder

Don’t make a huge mistake by paying more for a 3PL each month by using these services.

Second, we don’t rank the highest bidders, nor do we play favorites. We aren’t associated with any of the 3PLs, so we don’t refer you to someone that is going to pay us more. You only allow 3PLs on our platform that are high quality, and we maintain complete independence from them so there is no inherent bias.

The Only 3PL Business Finder You’ll Need is the only 3PL finder that you need. We hope this is the only place you must go to find the 3PL that is best for your business. There’s truly no cost to use our service and you get hand-picked, vetted, unbiased 3PL matches that meet your exact needs.

Fill out a quote today and we’ll find your company the right 3PL for your business!

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