How Bad Can Fulfillment Be Anyway?

We cringe every time we hear someone say, “I found this really cheap fulfillment company and I’m going to use them because they have the lowest costs.” Now, don’t get us wrong, getting great rates is fantastic, but usually cheap means disaster. And that’s only one of the many things that can go wrong when you choose a BAD Fulfillment company.

  1. Errors, errors, errors. When shipments go out incorrectly, it can cause a tidal wave of damage to your business. Bad fulfillment companies usually don’t have proper systems in place to do a great job.
  2. Don’t have it your way. You all know the Burger King slogan, “Have it Your Way,” right? Top notch companies offer service that fits your unique needs. Bad fulfillment companies fit you into a box and don’t give you options. If you need any kind of customization, it can be a huge issue.
  3. How much inventory do I have on hand, anyway? Believe it or not, some fulfillment companies still operate with rudimentary inventory systems and in some cases even spreadsheets! The best companies use the latest in technology to delivery results and reports that help you make timely decisions.
  4. Price issues galore. The fulfillment industry is synonymous with hidden fees, lack of transparency, and long invoices that are very difficult to understand. Be aware that there are some bad fulfillment pricing practices out there.
  5. Poor service and untimely responses. Many Fulfillment companies are notorious for being unresponsive and offering poor customer service, which makes interacting with them extremely difficult.

There’s a lot to considering when making the very important decision to outsource. How will you know a company will perform well for you?