Why is Fulfillment Pricing so Complicated?

Find out the truth about fulfillment pricing and get price quotes from the best fulfillment companies!

In the world of fulfillment and warehousing, up-front pricing is NOT the NORM.

There is No "Standard" Fulfillment Pricing

One of the biggest challenges in comparing warehousing companies is that every company uses their own pricing models. Most companies have a laundry list of potential charges that you can incur each month - and none of them are the same from company to company. So comparing pricing is like comparing apples to oranges. The best way to perform an adequate analysis is to have each organization provide you with a "what if" analysis - what would your total costs with them be if you were to have a certain number of orders and storage per month. This will help you get to the bottom of actual costs. However, you still need to be aware of these other potential pitfalls to avoid.

The Shell Game with Fulfillment Costs

One thing that many firms do is to lure you in with low order fees, only to charge you higher receiving, storage, or other service fees. At first, the pricing may seem better than others, but after everything is included, you could be footing a much larger bill. Make sure that you fully compare each option.

Is This Everything...Or are There Other Fulfillment Fees?

We help many companies each month that ended up choosing a fulfillment company only to find that once they starting using the services, their bill was much higher than anticipated. Come to find out, they weren't shown every price they might potentially incur. So when they got their invoice, which was a mile long, all of these miscellaneous charges added up to a hefty bill. Make sure that you have each company provide you a complete listing of all potential charges.

Take Away the Guesswork of Getting the Best Fulfillment Rates

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