Education and Training

We’ve compiled some of the best resources for warehousing professionals, including the best education and training programs available.

Forklift and Aerial Work Platform Training

Forklift Training Systems, a leading provider of forklift training in the US, can:

  1. Audit a warehouse anywhere in the U.S. to determine the level of safety for their forklift operations, equipment and training.
  2. Train in house trainers how to train their operators and equipment them with the knowledge and materials to do it on their own.
  3. Supply forklift safety products of all types, including devices that monitor the forklifts, tell them who is on them every second of the day, ensure they are certified, electronically complete pre shift inspections and email management and shut the truck down if an accident occurs.
  4. Offer FREE advice to ANY warehouse manager or safety person. We know more about forklift and aerial lift safety than almost anyone else in the country and we are always happy to help people out, even if they just need an answer. We know that type of service brings people back when it comes time to need a paid service.

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