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Quickbooks Warehousing and Fulfillment Integration

Many small to mid sized companies use QuickBooks for their financial and accounting software. There’s a good reason why companies do this – QuickBooks is a very robust and inexpensive software program, making it one of the most widely used options. But as many business owners find out, finding an outsourced pick and pack provider that can integrate with QuickBooks is challenging. In fact, QuickBooks itself isn’t necessarily configured so that it can communicate easily with many of the standard shopping cart solutions. So here are a few tips for making the best software and outsourced service provider decisions for your small business.

  • Research which shopping cart companies have “out of the box” integration with QuickBooks. For example, take a look at the major web stores like Volusion, Magento, and Shopify and make sure that they integrate with QuickBooks. When you find a shopping cart solution that links directly with QuickBooks, you save a lot of additional work, and therefore, a lot of additional costs by choosing a solution that already integrates.
  • When researching pick and pack alternatives, ask each provider if they have pre-established integration with both the shopping cart that you choose as well as QuickBooks. Many pick and pack companies will tell you that they “can” integrate, but haven’t done so yet. Be very careful when presented this option, as making a connection with these different software programs is time consuming and costly. It’s a much better alternative to find a company that has already built a solution.

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