Integrating On-Demand Print with Just-In-Time Fulfillment

One of the most common dilemmas for small business is price vs. quantity.  Getting a good price can result in ordering more product than you need.  With the advances in digital printing technologies over the last 5 years and the increased flexibility of fulfillment companies, the benefits of on-demand printing along with just-in-time fulfillment outweigh the disadvantages.

Ordering large quantities of print can result in companies having to purchase more than they need, and this can lead to having outdated materials taking up costly warehouse space. It also leads to higher costs for companies as they are purchasing items that they do not need. Even though it costs more per piece to print smaller quantities, the savings from eliminating obsolete inventory, reducing warehouse space and increasing flexibility can make it more economical.

More and more fulfillment companies are now offering a one-stop-shop for print-on-demand, kitting and assembly and just-in-time fulfillment.  This means that you can print just the quantity you need on a regular basis and have it delivered to the end user/customer all from the same provider.  The pick, pack and ship fees may be a bit higher but overall you could be paying less simply from eliminating the transportation costs from the printer to the kitting and assembly facility and finally to the fulfillment center.

The value and flexibility of digital print on demand make it a valuable service, but print on demand truly shines as a business option when it is fully integrated with fulfillment.

Guest post by Mike Nelson of Xipix Logistix.

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