Case Study – Small Business Looking for Fulfillment

by Will Schneider

Sure, large firms can find a fulfillment company that will meet their every need! But what about a small business that only ships a small amount of orders per month? Where should these companies turn in order to find a fulfillment company that will give them the same level of quality and provide high caliber customer service?

The Problem

This is the same question that Chris S. asked himself when looking for a small business fulfillment company. Chris owns a small business that sells cells phone accessories. His business is based in southern California and needed to find a fulfillment company close by so that he could drop in and check on his product from time to time.

“I started looking in the Yellow Pages online and searching for warehousing and fulfillment companies on the search engines. There are so many out there, and I’ve heard of a lot of horror stories. Then I stumbled on,” said Chris.

The Solution

Chris turned to He filled out a quote request form in only a couple of minutes, and within an hour he was contacted by fulfillment companies that specialize in small business fulfillment in the area he requested. “It was good to know that the companies were pre-screened,” said Chris. “I spoke with one of the employees from and he knew what he was talking about. That made me feel comfortable about the companies they put me into contact with.”

“They did a really good job of connecting me with companies that specialize in small business fulfillment. I chose one of the fulfillment companies and am very pleased with the service I receive. I don’t feel like I’m lost in a 1 million square foot warehouse. I actually get attention!”

Find a small business fulfillment company today that can meet your needs. Fill out a quote request now!

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