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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about outsourced fulfillment in general:

What do fulfillment companies charge?

Answer: Read our page about fulfillment pricing to learn more about what companies charge.

How do fulfillment companies receive orders?

Answer: This will depend upon the fulfillment company. Some companies accept email and fax orders, while others use more sophisticated methods such as EDI and shopping cart integration with real time order exchange.

What are the advantages of outsourcing fulfillment?

Answer: The main advantage of fulfillment outsourcing is that it saves you time, so you can focus on other, more important things. A second advantage is that it can potentially save you money.

How can I tell if a 3PL is good?

Answer: We highly recommend that you do your due diligence on any potential provider. This can include visiting their facility, talking with customers, researching them online, asking for details about their performance, and other awards or accomplishments.

What services do fulfillment and warehousing firms provide?

Answer: there are numerous services that these companies provide. Please see our listing of different fulfillment services and warehousing services for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Service

Here are some of the frequently asked questions received since 2005:

How much do you get paid?

Answer: You pay us nothing. Fulfillment companies pay us $30 each time we connect them to you. We aren’t a broker and don’t accept commissions.

Who is the best fulfillment company?

Answer: There are many great fulfillment companies out there…and a lot of them specialize in different areas. We take down your information and then intelligently match you with the best fit.

What geographic areas do you cover?

Answer: We have pre-screened vendors all throughout the U.S., Canada, and the UK.

Are you a fulfillment company?

Answer: No, we are not in the fulfillment business. Instead, we connect you with the best fulfillment companies for your unique needs.

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