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  • If you’re looking for a qualified Pick and Pack company, then you’ve found the right place. Members of our management team used to work in the industry, so we know what to look for. We’ve pre-screened hundreds of vendors so that you can get multiple quotes from reliable firms.

    Not All Pick and Pack Companies are Created Equal

    The internet is a great place to find information on logistics solutions, but you have to be careful what information you use in your decision making process. Everyone can advertise on the search engines by simply bidding higher, and many firms will tell you that they are the answer to your every need. We know better! No one firm can provide every type of service in this vast industry. We understand that there are some organizations that don’t do a great job. We also understand that you can always choose to keep all of the storage and distribution in house. That’s why we’re particular about the companies that we allow onto our network. We connect you with the right types of warehousing companies that specialize in the areas you need and will do a great job of processing orders for you. All of the vendors in our network pass through a three step approval process to ensure quality. Many vendors that contact us don’t pass through this screening process.

    Key Points to Consider About Pricing

    When you’re analyzing competitive prices from companies that can perform all of your warehousing services for you, make sure to keep a couple of key points in mind. First, compare the costs of outsourcing with your in house rates. Second, don’t forget to add any significant opportunity costs to your internal costs, so that you can get a true picture of any benefits of outsourcing. Finally, always remember that prices are not the only determining factor in making an outsourcing decision. While it’s important to outsource your Pick and Pack services for the right price, giving up quality for a low cost is a very serious risk. If your orders aren’t going out on time, aren’t being correctly prepared, and aren’t being sent the appropriate freight service levels, then your customers won’t be happy and you will lose money in the long run.

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