Will They Find You the Best Fulfillment Company?

There are other companies out there like ours. But be careful…you may not know what you’re getting!

  • Ranking Websites: Many so called “ranking” sites proclaim that they’ve found the best fulfillment companies. But the truth is often that the company that pays the highest fee gets the #1 ranking!
  • Other Lead Sites: There are other sites that connect you with vendors like us, but there are a couple of key differences. First, we’re unaware of any other companies that offer the legitimate screening process that we offer. Most companies will sell your information to whoever will buy it. Second, once you get into their database, you’ll be on their email list forever…and maybe even other email lists that you never signed up for. Third, we connect you with a maximum of 5 vendors. The other companies have been known to send your information to as many as 10 or more companies. If you use one of these services, best of luck with fielding all of those calls! We promise the we won’t SPAM you…guaranteed!
  • Directories: Directories are as good as looking at a fulfillment company’s website – they’re going to tell you everything you want to hear. We cut to the chase and get the truth – can they do a good job of processing your storage and distribution?
  • Fulfillment Company Websites: Remember, don’t take what a fulfillment company says on their website as absolute truth. It’s so easy to say anything you want to say on a website. Dig deeper…and ask a lot of questions to find out the truth!