Christmas Shipping Nightmares

by Will Schneider

It’s that time of year – last minute online purchases for your loved ones with the youthful anticipation of smiles on their faces Christmas morning. In particular, the great joy of giving the perfect gift to a child and watching their face light up when the wrapping paper is torn through like a vulture devours its prey. And the sigh of relief when it’s all over, knowing you pulled it all off without a hitch.

If only it were this simple…

All too often, the Christmas dream is turned upside down by a mis-shipment – whether the shipment arrives late or missing parts. And finally, it happened to us this Christmas…well more specifically to my 5 year old son.

Our parents bought our son a super duper all in one basketball, hockey, soccer set. Of course, no sooner than the wrapping paper had been ripped off of the box did he beg and plead for us to start setting it up so he could enjoy it. And within minutes of stumbling through the 100 step set up process, I realized that two critical parts were missing.

What were we to do? The toy was bought online. We could send it back and wait for the return and severely disappoint our son. Or we could get creative. With little choice in the matter, his grandpa quickly drove to the nearest Home Depot, looking for some PVC pipe and a saw. Within 5 minutes of getting back, we had the entire set back up and running and averted a huge Christmas disaster.

But we know that many of you either couldn’t replace a part as easily or flat out didn’t receive the present in time. With another Christmas behind us, we thought it would be an opportune time for us to gather up some of this year’s Christmas shipping nightmares.

Send us a note explaining your disaster and you may find your way to our top 10 Christmas shipping nightmares list for 2012. Send notes to [email protected].


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