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Overflow Agency Reviews and Ratings

Overflow Agency is a new company with less than a year of history that started out as a PPC (pay per click) agency for the fulfillment industry in June of 2021 – and in the first few months of 2022 branched out into a lead generation company for companies looking for outsourced fulfillment services (just like As further background, this company is owned and run by Joe Spisak, the former founder and owner of ShipDaddy, a fulfillment company. He is also the founder of OK Boomer, a family trivia game and CMO of Soapbox – but more on these roles later.


Unbiased Fulfillment Matchmaking Without Friction?

Of particular interest is that Overflow decided just recently to jump into the online matchmaking industry. We at, the only truly unbiased online matchmaking service for the fulfillment industry, find it curious when we see a new competitor enter the mix – so let’s explore the unbiased nature of Overflow’s offering. This is an important component for shoppers of fulfillment services, determining if there are any conflicts of interest or if the matchmaking service is truly “free”. In other words, can you truly “trust” the company’s role and pitch? After all, we’re all only as good as our Word!

The Largest Network of 3PL Fulfillment Centers for Ecommerce?

To begin with, somehow within a period of only a few months, Overflow has managed to do what took our company years – to provide the largest network of 3PL centers for e-commerce (see below marketing messaging from their site):


You got that right – they now have the largest network of 3PL warehouses in the world! This is a curious claim, considering that there are companies like Flexe that have raised well north of $100 million in venture funds. All done in a record time – just a mere few months!

A Marketing Machine for 3PL’s

Overflow started as a marketing machine for 3PL’s, which means they largely manage the advertising spend for their 3PL clients. In other words, the sole goal for Overflow is to get new clients for its 3PL clients. Think about that for a moment. The company’s main objective and primary goal throughout its less than 1 year history has been to help its 3PL client’s sales by adding new customers. This puts Overflow in a very precarious position in terms of balancing the fiduciary and moral obligations of offering the best advice for businesses with its new matchmaking service. In what way do you ask? Let’s explore this further…

When a company is searching for a fulfillment center, Overflow will be matching them with “the largest network of 3PL’s” that pays them to generate sales by managing their PPC accounts. Will Overflow Agency match companies because they are the right 3PL, or because they are a client that pays them money to generate more sales? In order to be unbiased, Overflow will no doubt have to exercise the character of a Supreme Court judge.

It’s extremely challenging when you take a steep revenue stream from 3PLs, most likely also generate some sort of fee when you match businesses with the 3PLs, and still also maintain an unbiased stance for the business looking to outsource. The only way we found we could make that work for our business was to not take ANY outside revenue streams from 3PL clients (because this will bias you!), but rather to simply charge a very, very low lead fee for the 3PLs so that we can “stay afloat” but also maintain independence. Money causes people to do strange things – and when you take a large revenue stream from 3PLs, it’s next to impossible to be unbiased – these highest payers will more than likely be the 3PLs that get matched up! There’s nothing wrong with making money, however, making professional recommendations requires a very tight control over the decision-maker’s influence.

Who Have They Helped?

With the world’s largest network of 3PL’s, a longstanding track record of matchmaking of a few months, and a visually appealing set of juicy case studies on their website, it’s important to delve into the treasure trove of testimonials and claims on their website to see if that adds to the level of trust. And what we find is an interesting mix of clever marketing and downright inbreeding. While there is nothing wrong with being a smaller company, or not having a longstanding track record or history, the trust factors that a company does choose to present tell a story. Here are just a few of the “trust factors” from their website:

Joe’s former business that he co-founded, ShipDaddy, appears to be a member of the largest 3PL network at Overflow Agency. Yes, you got that right – Overflow is asking you to believe they will help you find the best 3PL by providing a testimonial from one of their 3PL customers that pays them to grow their sales – and no doubt the very company that Overflow previously started and owned?!? Now, if this were the only questionable testimonial, it would be understandable. One could certainly understand how a newly started company might be able to convince a previously owned company to become a client. So, it makes sense to examine other testimonials…


And it gets better! The next “testimonial” is from OK Boomer, yes, the same OK Boomer that Joe himself started! So, the proverbial question to ask is should someone use Overflow to help match them with the right 3PL because OK Boomer (Joe’s company) used Overflow to find a 3PL?


On to the next testimonial – Did the Mission. Overflow Agency helped Did the Mission find a 3PL as well. Who, you might ask? Well, ShipDaddy, of course:


A matchmaking service is only as good, qualified, and unbiased as its matches, and Overflow doesn’t disappoint. On its list of the best Los Angeles fulfillment centers blog post, it lists Soapbox as its top company! Out of the hundreds and hundreds of fulfillment centers in Los Angeles, Soapbox is listed as the best of them ALL! In case you forgot, Soapbox employs Joe as its CMO. Is there any conflict of interest there?


I know what you’re thinking – this is extremely interesting, but could it get any more interesting? And, of course, the answer is an astounding “YES!” While browsing their site one fun evening our staff even found that Overflow Agency, the agency you can “Trust” to match you with the largest network of 3PLs in the world had stolen, word for word, copy from lowly’s website. No, we’re not making this up:


Of course, at the time of this publication, after a swift cease and desist, Overflow was kind enough to pull the content down and pay their own attorney for a Terms and Conditions section to their website (which isn’t an inexpensive endeavor when done right).


So, ultimately, we leave it up to you to determine whether you can trust Overflow for sourcing your next 3PL.

  • Claims to have a massive network of fulfillment companies in its network when they started just a short time ago?
  • Testimonials from almost all companies that they either owned, previously owned, are a part of the executive team, or referred to a company they already owned?

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